Antrim Roots?

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Maureen Carter - 04:59am Aug 14, 2008 Irish (#191 of 522)

I am looking for MARQUIS family in Antrim, in Carrickfergus and Ballyclare. John Marquis was born c1826 in Antrim, believe possibly Carrickfergus/Ballyclare area. He married Catherine LAIRD in 1846 at Ballyeaston. Witnesses to marriage Jane McGee and James Laird. Catherine Laird daughter of Gardner and Sarah Laird. Catherine born in Malta as Gardner was based there in the Royal Artillery. John Marquis also joined Royal Artillery and based in various parts of Ireland and England.His father's name was also John according to his marriage cert. Any info most appreciated Thanks, Maureen


Robert Gardner - 12:28pm Aug 15, 2008 Irish (#192 of 522)

I am looking for any descendants of a line of Mitchells that emigrated from Antrim, Northern Ireland sometime between 1890-1915. Earliest name is Burton Mitchel(l), born ca. 1800. He had a son Robert, born 1836 in Ireland, married Matilda Scott. Robert died at age 106. The following is his obituary, published in the local paper in Antrim, Ireland: Headline: Buried Nov. 7, 1942 Co. Antrim Patriarch Rec. W.M. Handman, Officiated at funeral service

"The funeral took place to Drumreagh Presbyterian burying ground, Ballymoney, on Saturday of Mr. Robert Mitchell, formerly of Eden, Ballymoney, who passed away at the age of 106 at the residence of his grandson, Mr. Mitchell, Antrim Road, Belfast. Born on 21st March, 1836, Mr. Mitchell was one of twins in a family of 14. His twin sister only survived until she was three years old. His father was one of a family of twenty-one, and Mr. Mitchell himself the father of seven children, five of whom are still alive. By trade Mr. Mitchell was a carpenter and engineer, having served his apprenticeship with the well-known Ballymoney firm owned by the late Mr. Robert Young. When Drumreagh Presbyterian church was being built he did the carpentry work along with his father, while his late father-in-law, the late Mr. Scott had the contract for carting the stones. He was the first communicant in Drumreagh Church after it was completed and his aunt, Miss Nancy M'Michael, was the first to be laid to rest in Drumreagh burying ground. A less melancholy association arose from the fact that two of his sisters, who like himself were intensely musical, were for many years members of the church choir. These sisters, like his other brothers and sisters, pre-deceased him. When he was one hundred and one his wife died, and at that time her age was eighty-seven. His surviving children are Mr. John Mitchell, 66, residing in San Francisco, Robert Mitchell, Philadelphia, David Mitchell, his youngest son, residing in Susanville(California), Mrs. Matilda Green, Toledo, Ohio, and Elizabeth Mitchell, Cabra, Ballymoney. Mr. Mitchell decided to leave the Ballymoney district and try his fortunes on Scotland, where he obtained employment with the Orchard Sugarhouse company, Greenock with which firm he remained for thirty-nine years. When in Scotland he built up for himself a high reputation as a designer and painter of flags and banners, supplying many prominent Orange lodges with the emblems. On returning to the Ballymoney area, he resided for a time at Glenstall, working as a farm labourer until a few years ago. Then he removed to Eden, not far from his birthplace Bendooragh, and from Eden he was accustomed at the age of 105, to make the trip on foot to Ballymoney and back, a total distance of about 10 miles, without showing very great signs of fatigue. At this age he made a practice of walking once a week to Bendooragh Post Office and back, a distance of about seven miles, to draw his old-age pension. At the age of 105 his eyesight began to fail, and he had to discontinue reading. His daughter, Miss Mitchell, who has suffered from defective eyesight from birth, was unable to look after him, and he had to leave his native district and go and live with his grandson in Belfast, where, except for the trouble with his eyes, he continued to enjoy remarkably good health and was actually ill for only three days before his death. Despite his advanced years he remained astonishingly alert mentally until the end. Among the episodes of local history which he could recall was the stirring revival campaign of 1859, the details of which vividly clung in his memory. He had deep knowledge of the Scriptures, and was able to repeat a great many of the Psalms without making a mistake. He was a lifelong teetotaler, but he was very fond of his pipe. Several members of his family set up remarkable records of longevity; a second cousin, for instance, having lived until he was 100. He was Mr. Alexander Mitchell Ree, who died about a year ago. Not only was his family remarkable for longevity, also for its birthrate. In his father's family of fourteen there were three sets of twins and this tendency had been repeated by his descendants of the fourth and fifth generations."

I am interested in corresponding with any descendants of this man, especially those of his daughter Matilda who married George William Green. They had a son Robert Burton Green who lived in Toledo Ohio. You can e-mail me at katsfan44@yahoo.com

Bob Gardner


Rosemary Altimas - 07:41pm Aug 18, 2008 Irish (#193 of 522)

I am looking for any relatives I may have in Doagh co Antrim, My grandmother Rose Mullholland came from there I know she had three brothers who died young though I do not know their names.She had two sisters Liz and Mary.She married my grandfather George Grego and moved to Belfast where she went on to have six children including my mum Rose.I live in England and .I am trying to reserch my family tree.You can e-mail me at rosemary.altimas@ntlworld.com


Kay Allen - 02:16am Aug 21, 2008 Irish (#194 of 522)

I am looking for any records on Joseph Patterson Greenlee who was born in Lisburn. His Father was Hugh Greenlee and Mother was Isabella McGowan. Does any one know how to find information on them?


peter marshall - 06:17pm Aug 21, 2008 Irish (#195 of 522)

looking for any records for DanielMcNeill born 1813 northern Ireland parents DanielMcNeill a famer and MaryLuke. Daniel left Ireland 1846/49 for Scotland with his wife Mary maiden surname Darroch and five children they settled in Glasgow does anyone have any info about them


Jacki O'Neill - 07:56pm Aug 21, 2008 Irish (#196 of 522)

I am looking for info on the family of Hugh Kilpatrick, born in Antrim around 1925. His father, Samuel, was a farmer. He left Antrim around 1850 and settled in Greenock, Scotland. He married a Mary Irvine (also from Antrim,born around 1833, father James) in 1852 in Scotland. He was a stonemason on Greenock.


Frances Steele - 05:35pm Aug 24, 2008 Irish (#197 of 522)

I am researching the WILLIAM TURNER family who sailed on the "Snow James and Mary" from Larne and arrived in the Port of Charleston in 1767. They were Presbyterians. He was born approximately 1718, married Margaret "unknown" in 1745, in Ireland. The three children were: Alexander Turner, b 1747 (Deputy Surveyor for the Crown) John Turner, born 1750 James Turner, born 1755


valletmelanie - 08:02pm Aug 27, 2008 Irish (#198 of 522)

SHERRY francis born 1843 ANTRIM (father John?). i am looking to find out information that precedes francis - more info on john or his father and mother? any help would be welcome. thanks, mel - an ancestor!


Susan Davies - 07:08am Aug 28, 2008 Irish (#199 of 522)

I am looking for ancestors hat orginally came to England from Belfast. They are Robert Conley B1830 and Rachel McCurdy B1830. They married and settled in Manchester. Rachel also has two cousins Sarah B1826 and Elizabeth McCurdy B1828 also born in Ireland. I would be grateful for any information.


Catherine MacDonald - 02:01am Aug 30, 2008 Irish (#200 of 522)

Searching for new stuff about John Martin, who married Jane Hutchinson. They emigrated to America in 1767 from Belfast.


Ruth Kidd - 08:02pm Sep 3, 2008 Irish (#201 of 522)

MCNEILLY ancestors/descendants Thomas McNeilly born before 1854 married to Margaret Kidd (born before 1854) at Randalstown OC Presbyterian Church 26 March 1875. Children Margaret born Dec 1875 Mary Jane born 1881 and Sandy(Alexander) b ? Sandy married Blanche? and they had son also Sandy who married Shirley ?. Sandy was killed in an accident about 1986/90. They had 2 sons. Will be pleased to hear from anyone who can help. Thanks


Ruth Kidd - 08:09pm Sep 3, 2008 Irish (#202 of 522)

KIDD ancestors/descendants Alexander KIDD born 1809 died 1869 Randalstown - married to Isabella NIMMONS. Children were Alexander born 1848 - William and Hugh Baptised 1873 Randalstown - William known to have lived at Fernagh Cottage Whiteabbey 1912 and beyond 1916. Williamd married Margaret ? and had at least 1 son - Frank in 1895 who died in 1916. Joseph born Dec 1864 Randalstown died March 1930 Scotland. Joseph was married to Margaret McNeilly born Dec 1875 Carnmoney died April 1946 Scotland. Pleased to hear from anyone who can add to our family. Thanks


RobinSimmons - 01:53pm Sep 17, 2008 Irish (#203 of 522)

Hello! I am looking for any information about my ancestor, Andrew McKown. His son, Gilbert, was born in Antrim in 1736. Gilbert came to America, then sent for his father. Andrew died in American in 1799. I have been unable to find any information about Andrew before the time he came to America. Any help would be most appreciated.


Dave Hall - 02:30pm Sep 18, 2008 Irish (#204 of 522)

LIDDLE - GIBSON - WEIR Searching for any further information on THOMAS LIDDLE & MARY CRIGHTON GIBSON married 27/12/1850 Presbyterian church Ballymena. They went to Australia soon after marriage. No idea how or when. Thomas' father was JAMES LIDDLE. Mary's parents ROBERT GIBSON & ISABELLA WEIR.


johnsavagej - 06:45pm Sep 23, 2008 Irish (#205 of 522)

SAVAGE JOHN. My sister Lila and I are the only surving members of the family of James Savage of Belfast and Gertrude Teer of Balindery who moved to Kilcurry near Dundalk.I have not seen Ireland in sixty years and I wonder if I have outlived everyone.


Margie (Neeson) Jackson - 10:26pm Sep 23, 2008 Irish (#206 of 522)

Neeson's of Ballybollen?? Son John married a Jane Mulholland of Watercloney(parents were Charles & Rose)at St. Mary's RC in Ahoghill 1, Oct 1887. John/Jane had a daughter Rose born 1888, family then emigrated to U.S. approx 1889. Looking for any info on this family they were my Gr Grandparents. With thanks Margie


johnsavagej - 09:37pm Sep 24, 2008 Irish (#207 of 522)

RE #312 TOCatherine Anderson From JohnSavage. I came upon your message whilst looking for names which might be connected to the name Savage.My father James a cooper,was born in Belfast.My grandfather,also a cooper,was born and had a business there.My father had five brothers,though they may all be deceased as my father is.there is no reason to believe that there is any connection but it might be of some use to you in your search. Yours faithfully J savage emailjohnsvg33@googlemaIL.COM


jean old - 04:48am Sep 25, 2008 Irish (#208 of 522)

Hi I am not sure if this the correct way to do this .I have Mary Jane lafferty she married a Robert Walls 1910 in Scotland her mother was Catherine Foster her father William Lafferty . Kind regards jean


patrick darling - 11:26am Sep 26, 2008 Irish (#209 of 522)

Great grandfather, Patrick Darling, from Belfast, originally Lisbelaw, I think. Soldier died 1916


coleen o'farrell - 09:02am Oct 5, 2008 Irish (#210 of 522)

I'm looking for relations to Clare O'farrell she is buried in Cloonmorris, She Died 23rd May 1924.


Raewyn Weston - 03:06am Oct 14, 2008 Irish (#211 of 522)

I am researching margaret/margeret Fittis before she headed to Australia. Margaret was born in the county of Antrim in the early 1800s. If anyone has any information regarding the Fittis family line please reply :) Thankyou


kathy vesely - 04:58pm Oct 20, 2008 Irish (#212 of 522)

I'm looking for John Robinson born antrim county born abt 1790 married to Anne Nickols they had 11 children one died young they immigrated to Canada then onto the state of Minnesota where several of them died.


Elspeth Muldoon - 05:45pm Oct 23, 2008 Irish (#213 of 522)

Mary Ann McCourt(nee McWilliams) b.1872, d.1903 in Co Antrim . Anyone know where she was born and lived her married life with husband Daniel McCourt.Her son Joseph is paternal grandfather who was married and lived in Scotland from 1897. Does anyone have any of these names in their Family Tree?Joseph states in Census that he came from Cookston Co Tyrone but I've not had any joy tracing him so far.Be grateful if any family connections out their.


Michael Miller - 12:52pm Oct 27, 2008 Irish (#214 of 522)

looking for information on Patrick Fagin born around 1735-1740?


virginia fitzhugh - 05:07am Nov 2, 2008 Irish (#215 of 522)

looking for any lessley leslie lsely ect. also lacky as my grand father was james m lessley and married carolina r lackey his family came to u.s. to virginia first then south carolina. am tring to find a william lessley that was born in antrim ireland. would be greatful for any and all infro. no matter how small. his wife s name was leminda i think.thanks. virginia lessley fitzhugh.


Dewoody Jennifer - 08:25pm Nov 2, 2008 Irish (#216 of 522)

Looking for information on William Dewoody born around 1754 County Antrim Ireland. Left Ireland to go to America with brothers around 1796.


Joanne Harper - 12:09am Nov 5, 2008 Irish (#217 of 522)

Seeking information regarding William Harper born 1704 Antrim and his wife Margaret Knox born 1711 Antrim. They left with their family for South Carolina 1772. Wd be interested in finding names of their parents and ancestors. Thank you.


Lisa Mechan - 05:49pm Nov 7, 2008 Irish (#218 of 522)

My name is Lisa Mechan, i'm researching my family history and I would like to find any Information on Robert Mechan Born 1826, carnmoney, Antrim. he married a Mary also from Ireland but not sure on any other details of her yet. Robert moved to scotland then to england Homle westmorland where he died april 1893.

please could any one help me find some details on these people.


Stanley Nickerson - 07:57pm Nov 9, 2008 Irish (#219 of 522)

Looking for info on John Johnston (Father, b. Scotland) and Charles Johnston (Son, born in Antrim - 1751) emigrated to what is now southern New England in U.S. in 1753.



Ed McConnell - 09:48pm Nov 11, 2008 Irish (#220 of 522)

Ed McConnell

I'm searching for information on my McConnell Family that left Belfast Ireland in the 1850s. Members that immigrated to United States were, John and Mary McConnell, there sons, Edward E McConnell, George H. McConnell, Arthur McConnell, and a nephew James McConnell. Family may have settled in Ohio for a short time, then moved to Springfield, Illinois in mid 1850s and remained there through the civil war.After the Civil War they moved to Coffeyville, Kansas. My Great Grandfather Was Edward E McConnell married to Emma Barrett. Edward and Emma McConnell left Coffeyville, Kansas in the 1890s,moving to Washington State and settling in Okanogan County near Carlton, WA where they raised horses on there ranch east of Carlton on Texas Creek.

Ed McConnell PO Box 83 Spokane Valley, WA. 99037


Cathy Erickson - 03:28am Nov 12, 2008 Irish (#221 of 522)

Re: #216 I am Matthew McKenzie and Sarah Bells granddaughter. How do you know them? I would love to share some of the family tree history with you. Please get in touch with me at:



Jan Brown - 11:59am Nov 18, 2008 Irish (#222 of 522)

I am Thomas McClure and Margaret McMeekin's great granddaughter. If anyone can give me any information about them and their families past and present, I would love to hear from you. Also does anyone know if Hugh McClure from Larne, who was married to Maude, and who died in Belgium in 1816 was part of this family.


Rosemarie Ratas - 08:09pm Nov 28, 2008 Irish (#223 of 522)

I am looking for information regarding my great great grandfather David Montgomery. He was born in Carnmoney Parish, Antrim County about 1836. He emigrated to America leaving the port of Liverpool, England and arrived in New York 6/9/1856. He eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland, marrying Mary Vickers. I would love to hear from anyone who could give me more information about his Irish roots. Thank you.


maureen sandcraft - 02:19pm Dec 3, 2008 Irish (#224 of 522)

From: Maureen Sandcraft

I am looking for information regarding Lindsay Shaw, born 1873, married Anne Magee 1892.


martin taylor - 02:05pm Dec 8, 2008 Irish (#225 of 522)

Hi, I'm looking for any information on members of my family tree. They come from Coleraine-Portrush-Co.Derry. Also other members from Co.Antrim- Bushmills-Parish of Billy-Parish of Dunluce. Derry family are Taylor, Mitchell,Law, McCandless. Areas associated with those names are Millburn Cottages, Coleraine and Taylor's Row/Chapel Square, Coleraine and Glenmanus, Portrush. The other family members in Co.Antrim-Bushmills are Taylor and Mitchell. Taylor from the parish of Billy. Mitchell from the parish of Dunluce. These names would be in around and before 1800's. I would be grateful of any information on any of the names.


Shirley Loffhagen - 06:25am Dec 16, 2008 Irish (#226 of 522)

I am looking for any information on JOHN BAIRD b c1770 m ANN WALLACE.Son Samuel b c1798 Glenavy County Antrim m Jane Kinsley and immigrated to New Zealand 1865 with family 4 sons and one daughter.Samuel was tenant farmer Ballynacoy according to Griffiths Valuation 1847.Any information or family contacts would be greatly appreciated.ctc loffhagen@paradise.net.nz


Nancy Nicklin - 07:43pm Dec 20, 2008 Irish (#227 of 522)

I,m trying to trace my Father,s natural parents,for medical reasons.He was born in Belfast on 9thSeptember 1922, adopted by Willian Connor and Elizabeth nee Hamilton. Connor. His name John Hamilton Connor, He married Ellen Thompson on the 17th May 1944.My Mothers parents Samuel and Agnes nee Wallace,Thompson.They lived in Belfast My Grandfather Thompson was manager of Millhouse Mill my email address is cashjob@hotmail.com any help would be wonderful


mary Hart - 05:24am Dec 30, 2008 Irish (#228 of 522)

LYNAS/LYNASS/LYNESS. I am looking for information on Joseph LYNAS (my great grandfather) born c1860 possibly Toombridge. Father's name Thomas. Joseph was living in Stockton, County Durham England in England 1881 census and married Bridget GRANT in the same year. I would love to know if Joseph had siblings, where he was born, his mother's name - in fact ANYTHING about my Irish connection. Kind Regards Mary, Australia


Kerry Kilpatrick - 06:23pm Jan 9, 2009 Irish (#229 of 522)

ALEXANDER KILPATRICK b. 1847 Antrim County. His father was John Kilpatrick and mother was Agnes Scott. Alexander Kilpatrick emigrated to United States in about 1854. He settled in Blenheim, Kent, Ontario, Canada and married Sarah Edwards, daughter of James Edwards and Elizabeth Slaines in 1877. Their marriage record states that Alexander was Presbyterian.

Any more information on birth date and birth place of Alexander Kilpatrick or his parents would be appeciated.


Cassie Brewer - 08:47pm Jan 9, 2009 Irish (#230 of 522)

I am looking for my ancestors on the Kelley,Kelly side. All relations on my dad's side are gone or so old they cant remember..My dad's dad was Albert Lindsey Kelley. He was born 8 May 1871 and died 14 May 1948,we were told that he was originally from Ireland and his parents also..I believe I have found my great grandpa and his name is William-born abt. 1835, Margaret-born abt. 1845 They married abt 1863+/- 1 yr. most likely in Co. Antrim. The children are Sarah born 1864-baptized at St Patricks, Belfast. Miller born abt. 1867. Amanda born abt. 1870, Albert born 1871-baptized at St Patricks, Belfast. Georgia born 1875. And John born 15 Feb 1885..And there is also a Richard mentioned born abt 1878. I am hoping that this is my great grandfather and his family,,we were told years ago that Albert had one brother but I did some checking and found out that there was a Miller and a John and that there was also some sisters. So I do hope that someone somewhere can help me run down my ancestry, so that I can have it to pass down to my two little grandsons and my son. It would mean so much to me to hear from some relations..You all take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie


Robin Robinson - 05:34pm Jan 13, 2009 Irish (#231 of 522)

I am looking for my Irish Ancestors. My Great Great Grandmother was Margaret Ann Hazlett, born in 1814 in Ireland. Her husband was William Ditto, and her fathers name was Hood Hazlett. I have not yet found any kind of birth, immigrant, or ships records on her yet. She is burried in Morgan County, Alabama. Her daughter was my Great Greandmother Mary Jane Ditto, who married Charles Amos Hughes of Morgan County, Alabama. If anyone has any information on Margaret Ann Haslett, and her parents, please email me at: robinr3072@yahoo.com


dave marsh - 07:13pm Jan 13, 2009 Irish (#232 of 522)

I am looking for my Irish Ancestors. My GGG Grandfather was born in County Antrim on 2 June 1796. His name was Alexander Henna. He moved to England early in his youth and married Temperance Hill on 6 November 1819 in Cornwall. Soon after marrying Temperance they changed there surname to Hannah. Their children have this surname. They had 5 sons and 3 daughters. After moving around Cornwall and Somerset for a few years they went north and settled in Derby. Alexander was a paper maker, a profession he continued until his death in Derby on 13 Jan 1869. I would really like to discover more of Alexander, to date I have struggled to unearth anything about his birth/parents. If anyone recognises these details and feels they could help I would be so pleased. Many thanks, Dave Marsh.


Cyn ward - 06:32pm Jan 17, 2009 Irish (#233 of 522)

I am looking for any information on the McHenry family in Ballymony Antrim Ireland. My ancestor left with his fiance in 1819, They were married in Dublin. They emigrated to Canada immediately after marriage.


Ed OBrien - 11:54pm Jan 26, 2009 Irish (#234 of 522)

I think that I am a descendant of David Peek, born 1681 in Antrim through his son John Peek born 1707 in Antrim and baptism at Millrow Pres Ch. John had brothers Robert, William and Andrew. This per LDS Family Search site. The Peek family emigrated to America and are found in Virginia later in the 1700s. I would like to find any information that I can about this family.


valerie price-currer - 10:12pm Jan 27, 2009 Irish (#235 of 522)


William Falconbridge married Mary Glenholme Antrim around 1800-1815 approx. (William may have been born in Antrim too, about 1786).

Son John Kennedy Falconbridge born Articlave Antrim 1819. Can anyone please suggest where I could look for both of these dates please. I believe there were other children born in Antrim before the family moved to Donegal.

Other towns mentioned Larne and Lisburn.


Deborah West - 05:21am Jan 30, 2009 Irish (#236 of 522)

I am looking for info on my 4th great grandfather and grandmother - William & Anne McFadden. William was born in Antrim Co., Ireland approx. 1745. Received a land grant from King George III in 1770 for 200 acres in Old Craven Co. Fishing Creek, SC. His application and survey completed in 1767. William is suspected brother to John, Edward, Robert and Mary McFadden. William may be kin to Candour McFadden born same county approx. 1710-27. Do not know Anne's maiden name. William was a friend, neighbor or kin to James Blair, Thomas Muse, Richard Campbell, Robert Martin, John Smith, John Morrison, Dennis Burns Jr., and James Seale. If you know anything on the above mentioned persons please contact me. William was connected to Rev. William Martin, Presbyterian Covenantor Pastor from Antrim Co.,Ireland and Rev. John Simpson, Presbyterian Pastor in Chester Co, SC. William died in Fairfield Co., Sc in 1790 and Anne died in 1794. Please email with any info on William or Anne McFadden to: ddwest2489@bellsouth.net


Janice Carty - 10:05pm Feb 15, 2009 Irish (#237 of 522)

I am looking for any information about my ancestor William Blair,a weaver, son of Robert Blair a butcher. Living at 2 Watson St. Belfast. Married Ellen Moody in 1866 at St. Anne's Cathedral,Belfast, and had 4 children before leaving from Belfast on the Dover Castle for New Zealand in 1875. He also was a soldier in India 1854-1858. Any information especially of brothers or sisters appreciated. Please e-mail at jan.carty@paradise.net.nz


djcarnegie - 06:34pm Feb 16, 2009 Irish (#238 of 522)

Looking for info on Alexander McAllister born 1847, Arboley???married Jane McClure of GlenArm, Antrim County. Alexander's parents were John McAllister and Jane Rooney who were married in 1838 Carrickfergus, Antrim.


Leslie Enderby - 11:52pm Feb 17, 2009 Irish (#239 of 522)

Looking for any info on my great great grandmother Sarah Helena Wright born in Belfast,. married an englishman Frederick Smith in 1910.Moved to Australia in 1920.


margaretadams - 06:56pm Feb 23, 2009 Irish (#240 of 522)

John Magee, looking for info on Magee's. John born 1883-5 Belfast, may have grown up in USA before returning to Belfast. Changed name and settled in England 1920s If anyone has a John Magee/ McGee that disapeared from tree about 1920, or known to have fled Ireland, would like to know.


Christine Cox - 01:14pm Feb 24, 2009 Irish (#241 of 522)

Looking for Bridget Sween(e)y born c1830 Co.Antrim married John Snape, possibly in India c1848. There could be a Sween(e)y / Underwood connection, likely to be Bridget's mother's maiden name.


Graham Porter - 10:21am Feb 25, 2009 Irish (#242 of 522)

My Gt Grandfather Robert Coulter( or Colter) married Helen (or Ellen) Burnside 24/09/1864 and at the time of their marriage lived in Slievenagh in the parish of Ballymena before moving the family to Scotland in late 1890's.They had at least 8 children between 1865 - 1884 being Mary Ann : Maria: : Hugh :Charles : Robert : Maggie : Joseph and my Grandfather John William Coulter who was born on 16/01/1871 in Casheltown,Portglenone. I know that Helen's parents were a William Burnside and a Molly (or Nellie) Miller but my Gr Grandfather's Scottish death cert. does not show who his parents were.I have since found out that his father was a Charles Colter. If anybody has any information about either the Coulter or Burnside families I would be very grateful. Thank you


ED Cook - 09:55pm Feb 25, 2009 Irish (#243 of 522)

Looking for Baird roots in Ballintoy, Antrim. Robert Baird II, was to have come from there.

Email cookve2002@yahoo.com

ED Cook


KELLY MCEVILLY - 11:06am Mar 2, 2009 Irish (#244 of 522)

MCLIDDY/MCLADY/MILADY/MULLEADY I am looking for information on the Mcliddy family although I have come across several family records with the above variations. My great grandfather was a Patrick Mcliddy who married Mary ( minnie? ) thompson in 1911. From the birth records i have obtained he was one of eight children although I can only find any futher records on one of these - Mary jane mcliddy who married Edward Mckernan in 1821.


Michael L. McNeely - 12:29am Mar 4, 2009 Irish (#245 of 522)

McNeely; I am looking for some help on my Irish family that stayed in Ireland!!! I have been working on my McNeely line since 1991 and with the help of many other McNeely's in the states have amassed quite a bit of info., but thanks to a big fire in Washington D.C. in the early 1800's, I have not been able to tie all the way back to EIRE... The fire burned the 1790 and 1800 census!! We all over here believe that our Patriarch was, GEORGE MCNEELY, from County, Antrim. We think his sons were, Robert,Adam,George and John. They were in Pa., in the beginning(1700-1750) but migrated all over the states. I have found records from Ireland of McNeely's , sometimes spelled, Maneely, in Co. Antrim. I was wondering if anyone could help me to put together a family group of McNeely's in Co. Antrim between, 1700 and 1750. Maybe a ships list from that time frame. Anything on my family would be so greatly appreciated and I will gladly trade info., or compensate you all for your help..

Thanks so much for your time, Michael McNeely( mlmcneely@cox.net)


Janet S. Lautenschlager - 02:26pm Mar 16, 2009 Irish (#246 of 522)

I am looking for ancestors who were from Ballymena James Anderson who married Mary Armour. Came to America and lived in Buffalo, New York Ring any bells? Thanks for any information Janet Lautenschlager ljan247@aol.com


Jennifer McBride - 03:01pm Mar 17, 2009 Irish (#247 of 522)

I am looking for McBride's or McCafferty's of County Antrim. My grndfather was Bernard McBride and My grandmother was Anne. My Aunt Nan stayed in Ireland with relatives who owned a bed and breakfast/farm in Antrim until the age of 14 while the rest of her family were living in the United States. I have little information about my Irish heritage and am looking to learn more as I will be visiting Ireland in 2010.


Sally Fletcher - 08:25am Mar 18, 2009 Irish (#248 of 522)

My father, William Crawford married my mother, Joan Elsie Sanderson in Durban South Africa in 1944. My paternal Grandfather, William Edmund Crawford married Maud Mason in 1900 and worked at LK Jacobs, I presume in Belfast. paternal Greatgrandfather, William Crawford, was married to Selina Augusta Woods. He was a School Superintendent and at the time of their son, William's birth, they resided at 38 Eglington Street. I would love to know more about my ancestors, so if anyone out there knows anything, please contact me at fletchers@eastcoastweb.co.za


jreed - 05:27pm Mar 31, 2009 Irish (#249 of 522)

I'm looking for ancestors from Ireland? We had the name of Gillihan in the US but I don't know how it would be spelled in IR. The name first showed up in the Delaware area in about 1700-1750. Anyone have any ancestors who migrated to the US during that time. I have landed in Arkansas USA and that's where I will probably die, but would like to know where "I" started from. An "old" Arkie Jreed


Barbara Woodside - 11:18pm Apr 5, 2009 Irish (#250 of 522)


I'm looking for any information about my great grandmother, Margaret Jane Frazer who married William Woodside on March 22, 1878. They were married at Ballycastle Pres. Church. I'd love to know who her parents were, siblings, where she was born and when -- any info would be great.




Leslie R Neal - 06:04pm Apr 6, 2009 Irish (#251 of 522)

Looking for any information on William Neal (NIEL) (1736)who married a Mary Catherine Reynolds (1732-1735?)both of Ulster Ireland. Mary Reynolds father was John. I am unsure of where in Ulster...but would appreciate any leads whatsoever.


Leslie R Neal - 06:08pm Apr 6, 2009 Irish (#252 of 522)

Immigrated to the United States...some information says they were in Maryland for a while...but finally ended up in Indiana County PA.


Carolyn F Mills - 07:31pm Apr 7, 2009 Irish (#253 of 522)

Looking for information on John or Alexander MacMurtrie/McMurtry. All information leans toward his coming from County Antrim to the US before 1776. Any information will be appreciated. Carolyn Mills bcmills2003@yahoo.com


Jean Bowden - 10:41pm Apr 22, 2009 Irish (#254 of 522)

HENRY BRANIGAN married JANET DUNN 9 July 1849 in KIRKINRIOLA, ANTRIM. They had 5 chilgren Elizabeth, William, Margaret, Sarah, & James Stewart. and brought them to AUSTRALIA in 1861. I would like to have more information. Janet was born in Bally mena c.1825; and Henry in Antrim c.1821. They were my G.G.Grandparents. Gratefully, Jean Bowden, Australia.


Rosanna Dodge - 02:08am Apr 24, 2009 Irish (#255 of 522)

James B Coleman b. 1797 in Donegore, Antrim m. Hannah Sarsfield b. 1816 Waterford. Hannah and her children left Waterford in 1830 and immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada. They were my ggg grandparents. I am trying to find their ancesters to complete my families genealogy. Any assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you


Barb Canton - 01:46pm Apr 26, 2009 Irish (#256 of 522)

LAMONT / MCCONNELL - Looking for information on g-grandfather George Lamont (b. 09 Sept 1854). Married Mary Anne McConnell (b.29 Jan 1860) and both were born in Larne, Northern Ireland (not confirmed). Their children (8 that I'm aware of) are Jean, John, Mary (Sis), Sarah (Sadie), George, Isabel, James, Robert. I do have Isabel's birth certificate (born in Dublin) and information on many of the children and down the line. Children were sent first to Canada between 1906 and 1916. George & Mary followed in 1920.

According to oral history, George was the Superintendent or Grist Mill Manager of the Bolands Mill in Dublin. He was there at the time of the Easter Uprising and his name ended up on a plaque along with Eamon de Valera at the Mill (my cousin saw this back in 1983 when he visited).

Any knowledge/stories on George or Mary would be greatly appreciated. barbcanton@eastlink.ca


Paula Mills - 02:20am May 1, 2009 Irish (#257 of 522)

I have a John Gray born in 1695 near Larne, His wife's name is Agnus...I have a lot of info in Va, USA... but I have not been able to trace him before that time . He came to USA in about 1737 to the port of Philly. PA...... Paula Mills....paulaag@yahoo.com


judylove - 10:05pm May 10, 2009 Irish (#258 of 522)

I am looking for the Love surname. they lived in Ballymoney Antrim. I believe that Robert was the oldest ancestor I have found. Adam, his grandson, came to New England about 1730 along with his brother Gabriel. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Joanne Ervine - 03:40pm May 19, 2009 Irish (#259 of 522)

Looking for information on families with the following names;- MCCULLOUGH, BATESON, TATE, BILL. They lived in the Shankill area of Belfast.


Joann Shonk - 04:43pm May 20, 2009 Irish (#260 of 522)

Researching the families of ELLIOTT, THOMPSON.

James L Thompson, bn abt 1804, Tyrone, Ulster,Ire. Married abt 1829, Ulster,Ire to Rebecca Lindsey, bn abt 1805 Ulster,Ire. Their son, John Lindsay Thompson bn abt 1831 Tyrone, Ireland. Married 1 Sep 1853, Cass County, Illinois to Nancy Elliott, bn 5 Sep 1833, Antrim, Ireland. Both died in Hume, Bates County, Missouri. Nancy's parents were John Elliott bn abt 1800 and Nancy Agnes (maiden name unknown) bn abt 1810 in Antrim, Providence, Ulster, Ire. I am trying to find Nancy Agnes's family. I would also like to find James and Rebecca Lindsey Thompson's families. Thank you for your time and assitance. Joann Uttley Shonk <jushonk@cox.net>


cherie craddock - 03:08am May 27, 2009 Irish (#261 of 522)

I'm looking for any Rayhill, Rahill, Rahilly, or O' Rahilly last name. County Antrim Giants causway. Names Mathew and a possible brother named Samuel Rayhill (as I know it but may be any variation listed above) both from there. Mathew was born 1760 in Ireland. Mathew Rayhill was a draftee of the British Army, sent to the united states during the American Revolution to fight the colonists. After the war was lost, he could not find a ship to return him to Ireland. I would love to know the family we have lost due to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! email - cherie@permacut.com


Karl Blixt - 12:15am May 28, 2009 Irish (#262 of 522)

I'm looking for William Faulkner family of County Antrim. Married Ann Holmes also of Antrim. Had 4 children: William II, Adam b. 31 Oct 1836/37, George, and Ann. Adam entered U.S at New York on 16 May 1857. Do not know if siblings also came to U.S. Any help would be appreciated. email: blixt@verizon.net


Dot Paul - 09:48pm Jun 2, 2009 Irish (#263 of 522)

looking for info on Moses Paul b 1806 in Antrim county, Ireland d 13 Dec 1897 in Dalhousie, Lanark county, ontario. He married Sarah McAulay in 25 Sept 1877.But had several children prior to that date. William, Daniel, Agnes, and James. First wife?? Any info of the parents of Moses and about their life before Canada. Any others searching for same?? Thank you for any info you can share. Dot Paul at gonskiin@shaw.ca


Hopkins Karen - 07:34pm Jun 6, 2009 Irish (#264 of 522)

Archibald Hopkins b around 1700, had 3 sons, William, John and Archibald Jr. Emmigrated to Albany, NY around 1735. Came from Antrim, Ireland. We are trying to find info on Archibald Sr. and 1st and 2nd wives. The sons settled in Virginia. We have not been able to find our Irish connection. If you have information email me at karhops@hotmail.com. Thanks


Lyn Harris - 01:47am Jun 18, 2009 Irish (#265 of 522)

Searching for decendents/possible relatives of Leo Mullan who last letter dated August 1946 resided at 6 North Queen St., Belfast. Was employed at Coal company Harcourts for 14 yrs at that date and mentioned a sister and brother surviving. Am visiting Ireland October 09 and would like to investigate further. Contact jnlharris@bigpond.com and would greatly appreciate it should you have any information.


Clare Gibson - 10:42pm Jun 23, 2009 Irish (#266 of 522)

Hi, I am researching two families from Antrim. My gggrandfather emigrated to Australia where he married Sarah Taylor, who was born in Armagh in 1838. David was born in Antrim in 1821 to Thomas Mairs (b.1895) and Mary Ireland (b.1799). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact at claregibson@bigpond.com. Thank you. Clare


josephine marley - 10:19pm Jun 27, 2009 Irish (#267 of 522)

josephine marley 12:15 june 09 looking for the name sutters fathers name was bernard. His son Alexander married Sarah Best 1861. There children was Sarah, James and Alexander. From Ballymena church of Ireland community. No further information have been looking for the family for at least two years.


paddyanne - 04:44pm Jun 28, 2009 Irish (#268 of 522)

looking for any info on James Docherty married Frances Mclaughlin Co.Antrim c1850 Family stories have it she was a relation of Joseph Locke James came to Scotland where he lived with his son Patrick Cairns Docherty in Irvine Patrick married Maria Rainey who was my g grandmother


D. Bond - 05:01am Jun 29, 2009 Irish (#269 of 522)

Looking for James Erskine also known as James Askin b c 1805 .Married Agnes Macready. Issue Robert, William to New York married ellen Curry, Thomas , Master Mariner to Adelaide, South Australia married Annie Howell. Lived Magheramorne, hearsay he was a factor on McGarrell estate Magheramorne, near Larne. Dell Bond- askind@optusnet.com.au


Irene McDowall Hansen - 10:20am Jul 4, 2009 Irish (#270 of 522)

I have traced my ancestors back to Ireland and now I'm stuck.....anyone out there know of farmer John McDowall married to Elizabeth Jackson who had a son called William Henry McDowall born about 1856? William came to Scotland and there he married Agnes Symington in Govan, Scotland 1888. Any information would be much appreciated. My mail address is mcdowall@post.tele.dk


Ann Boland - 05:38pm Jul 13, 2009 Irish (#271 of 522)

Hello, I am trying to find a lady who was a Miss Maura/ Mary Drumm who lived in Dulwich London/ Surrey in 1947/8. She would be in her 80's now. A childrens nurse and Irish. I would be so grateful for any info. Thank you. Ann Boland


carriganpat - 10:17pm Jul 21, 2009 Irish (#272 of 522)

I am looking for information on John Moore. He belonged to the Orange Lodge in Newtownards. He came to Canada in 1818


Bruce Beck - 10:12pm Jul 22, 2009 Irish (#273 of 522)

Looking for family of Alexander Cochran b abt 1786 Antrim County; Emmigrated to USA abt 1801.


Deborah West - 01:40am Jul 29, 2009 Irish (#274 of 522)

I am looking for info on my 4th great grandfather William McFadden possibly born in Antrim Co., Ireland approx. 1745. Came to America with older brother Candour McFadden in 1767 or before. Application for land grant & survey in Dec. 1767 from King George III. Secured land and moved onto 200 acres in Fishing Creek, Chester County, SC in 1770. Anyone with information please contact Debbie West @ ddwest2489@bellsouth.net


Bonnie Bramer - 12:08pm Jul 30, 2009 Irish (#275 of 522)

Bonnie Bramer-8:50AM July 30,2009

Looking for information regarding my grandparents or their descendents. My grandparents were Robert and Ellen (Buchanan) Darragh. They were married in the Ballyweaney Presbyterian Church-Co Antrim, July 11. 1902. My grandfathers' mothers' maiden name was Margaret Baird. They emigrated to New York State-USA in 1905 or 1906. Any information would be appreciated. My e-mail address is; jbramer4@rochester.rr.com


Margie Israel - 02:38am Jul 31, 2009 Irish (#276 of 522)

Hello. I am Marge Israel. I live in California, USA. My great-great-great-grandfather was William Huston. I am not sure about the name of his Father. I think it was John H'o'uston (change of spelling here). William came to the United States of America when he was about fifteen years of age, it was back around 1730/35. From all I have studied about him, William was only a young man. Thus, I believe he would have had to come across with a parent (or parents).

When William was grown up, he married Agnes Nancy Hinman. Both, William and Agnes Nancy came here from County Antrim, Ireland. If you know anything about these families, please contact me at: margeisrael@aol.com

Thank you for your time and attention. - Marge


David Clement - 11:08am Jul 31, 2009 Irish (#277 of 522)

JOHN MCNALLY/Mcanally Married a Catherine, probably 1804-1811, and baptised a John in 1811 in NSW and then went to Tasmnia 1816. Any help welcome David davclem@hotmail.com


Coral Horley - 01:10pm Aug 4, 2009 Irish (#278 of 522)

I am looking for any information on the Dawson family all I know is Patrick or John was born around 1861 in Co Antrim his father was George and he may have been a Shoemaker. Not sure when they left Ireland but Patrick was in England at least by 1881.


Jan Powell - 01:45pm Aug 5, 2009 Irish (#279 of 522)

I would be grateful for any information regarding my great, great grandfather James Thompson, who was born in around 1805 in Antrim Town, Antrim. He ended up in Australia and married Mary Ann McInerney in 1836 in Maitland, NSW. My e-mail contact is janicepowell@bigpond.com


Shirley Holland - 11:55am Aug 6, 2009 Irish (#280 of 522)

Holland family in County Antrim: Anyone researching the Holland Surname would like to very much to have contact with you. Thanks in advance for a contact. sdholland@mindspring.com


joseph junkin - 03:39pm Aug 11, 2009 Irish (#281 of 522)

Looking for the ancestors and history of Joseph Junkin, a Covenanter, who emigrated from Antrim (the town I believe)in the 1740's and settled in southern Pennsylvania, USA. His US neighbors were Cochrans, Robinsons, McCords and Mckinneys.He married Elizabeth Wallas whose mother was present at the battle of Derry in 1688. Joseph S.Junkin (jsjunkin@yahoo.com)


Tracy Moreland - 02:22pm Aug 12, 2009 Irish (#282 of 522)

looking to find ancestors and History of Archibald Moreland married to Margaret Ralston 1872 in Antrim, as far as i can find they had 3 childen James, Mary Ellen, and Thomas, they lived in Glasgow, scotland after this.


lily winny brandon - 10:05pm Aug 13, 2009 Irish (#283 of 522)

hi my name is vikki maybe known as winny brandon. i'm looking for my brothers n sisters, julie, linda, iris, kenny and robert. all originate from antrim. mothers name isobel. would love to get in touch and catch up. any info greatly recieved.


ethel burridge - 06:27am Aug 15, 2009 Irish (#284 of 522)

looking for ancestors on my maternal side. mygreat grandmother was born in antrim belfast in 1852 her name was elizabeth keane & my great great grandmother was born in 1832. my granfathers name was john thomas keane; he was born on oct.30th 1872.my great great grandmother's name was mary do not know her maiden name. any news please.


sharon hoy - 08:02am Aug 17, 2009 Irish (#285 of 522)

lokking for any hoys out there my husband is a hoy his dad came from ireland co antrim his name was a william guy craig hoy who lived with his parents he was born in 1925 all i know his dad wad callled a robert hoy lived at 4 fleet st larne in 1951 william hoy was a marine engineer he married a catherine mary scothern over in manchester dont know any thing else please help anyone with information please contact me on sharon.hoy@sjafilmtech.com my husband has never known his dad or the hoy side he may have half sister or brothers out there thank you


Khris Stewart - 06:13am Aug 19, 2009 Irish (#286 of 522)

My Great Grandfather William Alexander McCONNELL born 24th April 1866 in Antrim, Ireland came to Australia in the late 1800’s as did my Great Grandmother Martha Ann TENNYSON. They married on the 16th March 1901 in Perth, Western Australia. William’s father was James McConnell , a farmer, born 1823, James second wife Helena (nee SHERLOCK) is my great great grandmother. James’ father was a John McConnell born in 1787 and died on 23rd June 1878 in Thistleborough, Antrim. John married a Margaret Ann THURST who was born about 1804 and died 1893. William my grandfather was the 6th child of 7 siblings of James and Helena. Matilda b.1859, John and James b.1860, Isabella and Robert b. 1862, and then William Alexander and Samuel Joseph b.1869. John, Isabella, William and Samuel apparently immigrated to Australia between 1887 and 1894. Samuel married an Ellen BAXTER in Western Australia. Robert may have immigrated to America. William’s death certificate states that he spent some time in Victoria and New South Wales before arriving in Western Australia. William died on 22nd August 1921 and his death certificate states that he had been in Australia or Western Australia 23 years. Martha was born in Crumlin, Antrim, Ireland although she came from Tyrone, Ireland and her father Joseph TENNYSON is listed as a farmer on Martha and William’s marriage certificate. Martha’s mother was Margaret GRIMES. Both Martha and William were buried in the Presbyterian section at Karrakatta cemetery in Perth, Western Australia. If you think you have anything that may help me find more about my family especially the Tennyson/Grimes side I would be most grateful.


John Kerr - 09:18pm Aug 23, 2009 Irish (#287 of 522)

Looking for any information on a Rev. Samuel Kerr. from Ballymena,who i have heard was a missionary in India, prior to the ww2.H e had a brother called William Alexander John KERR,Who moved to and lived in Glasgow,Scotland. this William kerr was my grandfather. and my father was called James Logan Kerr. who also stayed in Glasgow,all relatives have now passed on, and i would like to no if any of the family are still with us.yours sincerely John Kerr.


Courtney Tumibay-Hayes - 08:32am Aug 25, 2009 Irish (#288 of 522)

Looking for any information on the hayes family in belfast. My father was norman hayes b1938 county antrim belfast.i think his parents were Margaret Davidson and Thomas Hayes. He had 7 brothers and 1 sister. Please contact me.


Barbara Stollsteimer - 07:57pm Aug 27, 2009 Irish (#289 of 522)

I am looking for a Maria (or Mary) MCCAULEY born in Antrim 22 June 1854. She left Antrim and arrived in Quebec in 1874. In 1877 she married Zotique Beauvais in Peterborough Ontario and in 1881 they moved to Muskegon Michigan USA. Family lore states that she left Ireland as an indentured servant. I would love to find her lineage. I seem to get stuck as soon as I try to cross the pond. Thank you


anita wood - 03:09pm Aug 30, 2009 Irish (#290 of 522)

my new e mail address is as follows:


Thank you


Dorothy Sharog - 11:05pm Sep 4, 2009 Irish (#291 of 522)

Cully/Crooks, Antrim , married 22 jan 1903. Looking for William Crooks' family. Know that he had a previous marriage and several children. I'm across the Pond and don't have a lot of information. Thank you!


Ann Beck - 08:15am Sep 6, 2009 Irish (#292 of 522)

Ann Beck looking for Stevenson Relatives. My great grandfather Stewart/Stuart Stevenson came to New Zealand in 1864. His death certificate states that he was born in Belfast. His parents were John and Mary (no maiden name for Mary). My search for marriages indicate that Mary could have been Waugh, Ramsay or Herbison - or none of these. They were presbyterians and the marriages took place at First Presbyterian Church Donegore and Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast. I am interested to know more about my gg father's family and wonder if he has any relatives still living in Ireland or anywhere else in the world.


Carol Harper Grissom - 03:45am Sep 11, 2009 Irish (#293 of 522)

I am looking for Matthew Alexander Harper born in Antrim on April 1, 1761. He came to America around 1831 and died in York County, South Carolina in the Bethel Community on January 15, 1841. If you could help me, I would sincerley appreciate it.


Judithe Richardson - 01:56am Sep 13, 2009 Irish (#294 of 522)

White Abbey, Concrete Row, Mary Kane born 1896 is said to have lived here with Jim Skillen and family. Her mother died when Mary was born. Mary McCullogh featured somewhere in her life. Also Ligoneil? Married at St Anne's Church about 1919. Any confirmation welcome.


NTh - 12:20pm Sep 24, 2009 Irish (#295 of 522)


I require information for the following families from Killead, Ballymacihoyle, Antrim. My main source is Kathleen Genevieve McConnell. Born Killead in 1897 to John and Ellen (Bollan). Kathleen married in London in 1922 and stayed in London until her death in 1955. The recently released 1911 Irish census shows the only possible suspect to be lodging in Shankhill. The only likely John McConnell in Ballymacihoyle has been married to Kate Mullholland for only one year. He has two other children of his own James and John. If this is the correct John McC then I need to know what happened to his wife Ellen (Bollan). This John was born 1864 which would be about right.

Any possibly related info re McConnell, Bollan, Mullholland would be appreciated.




schlosser susan - 01:15am Sep 25, 2009 Irish (#296 of 522)

I am researching the McAllister and McKinley families. John McAllister was born in 1844 in Ireland (village unknown). He came to USA by 1868 and married Rose McKinley. They lived in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. By 1880 however they had moved to Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey. In the 1900 census Rose is widowed and living in Greenpoint/Brooklyn/Kings County, New York. She and John had four children. In the 1930 census it indicates that Rose and John had come from Northern Ireland but that their parents were from Scotland. Please email me if you have any advice how to find the village or city they came from to USA or if you have more questions. Thank you. csds2625@comcast.net


Keith Mc Afee - 05:32pm Sep 28, 2009 Irish (#297 of 522)

Looking for any information, birth, marriage,father,mother etc. on one George McAfee Dob.2Feb.1830, Antrim. N.I.Emigrated to Montreal,Quebec Can. in 1849-50,arrived in Montreal 1850. Left Ireland accompanied by his two younger brothers, names unknown. one of whom stayed in Montreal the other left for Philidelphia USA, soon after his arrival in Can.George McAfee married one Elizabeth Callaghan Dob. Ca.1832, supposedly from Moville,Co.Donegal.She later joined him in Montreal,married and had their first child, john in 1857. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely' Keith McAfee


Kirsten Macmillan - 07:57pm Sep 28, 2009 Irish (#298 of 522)

Looking for information on John McAllister born approx 1870. Lived in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim with wife Sarah nee. White. If anyone has any information on these people could you please email me - kirsten.macmillan@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks.


Marcia Armstrong - 06:57pm Oct 1, 2009 Irish (#299 of 522)

My father's great great grandmother was Elizabeth Jane Harper (1830). Her father was James Harper They were from Randalstown and were Presbyterians. Harper was a farmer and rented land from the O'Neill Estates. At the age of 17, she was married to Samuel Wilson (father Hugh - a weaver.) She had 3 much younger sisters, Mary Ann (1853) , Sarah May (1856) and Margaret May (1858). They all lived at Magheralane in Randalstown. (I would hazard a guess that James remarried.) She migrated to America in about 1850. Wilson died soon after and she re-married Schneider.


Terry Adderley - 03:15pm Oct 3, 2009 Irish (#300 of 522)

Terry Adderley I am looking for information about my great grandfather who came from Belfast.He was born about 1840.He emigrated to England (date unknown) He married Emma Ward of Oswestry when he was 19, and they lived in Liverpool.He had 3 Children MARY,RUTH and ROBERT HENRY.Please contact me on bbrose.cott@talk21 if you have any information


Karen Nabours - 05:26am Oct 10, 2009 Irish (#301 of 522)

I am looking for information on the CONNOR family in County Antrim Ireland. They left Ireland in 1772 for America. Three brothers Charles, James, and Henry Connor left for America. Their parents have thought to be Henry Connor and Ms. Workman Connor. A 4th son, William Connor/Conner came to America latter. Their brother John Connor stayed in County Antrim. I am looking for Cemetery or marriage records. When they came to America they belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Thanks for any help. K. H. Nabours


douglas McAllister - 11:58am Oct 10, 2009 Irish (#302 of 522)

Hi Folks, I am searching for a William McAllister born about 1765 Northern Ireland, perhaps County Antrim. His John son born about 1795 moved to Canada approx 1825.John was married to a Jane Armstrong 1824. Not sure what Williams wife was. These were my great .... grandada. If you have any ifo or suggestions contact me at


Thank you Doug Mc


Dave Dunlop - 06:05pm Oct 19, 2009 Irish (#303 of 522)

I have been researching me family tree and my gggggg granfather lived in ahoghill, Ballymena his name was Alexander Dunlop (I dont have any more details about spouse etc), I know he had one child (maybe more) - William Dunlop b 1843 who married Rose Dougan/Duggan b 1847 any help in tracing more relatives would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance - Dave


opal1025118 - 01:02pm Oct 20, 2009 Irish (#304 of 522)

I am looking for any information on my great grandmother Margaret "Mollie" Floyd, b. 1835 and d. before 1900...she married my great grandfather William M. Kelley, Kelly,,who was b. 9-1831 and d. after 1900,,any information would be greatly appreciated as to her mother was and if she had any siblings and so on,,thank you for your time and kindness..take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie


Dale Moggy - 10:40pm Oct 29, 2009 Irish (#305 of 522)

Looking for Mogey,Moggie,Moggy surname in Antrim Co. I have a Joseph born 1822, Isabella born 1822, William born 1831 and John (my GGrandfather) born 1834. Joseph shows up on the 1851 census in Ontario, Canada. The other siblings show up on the 1861 census in Ontario, Canada. Joseph married Margaret McCauley, Isabella married William Donnelly, William married Mary Ann Donnelly & John married Barbara Murdock. Looking to contact any Mogey's, Moggie, Moggy in the Ballymena and Belfast area. My e-mail address is campeight@yahoo.com


schlosser susan - 12:10am Nov 2, 2009 Irish (#306 of 522)

Searching for information about James and Sarah McAllister. They were from County Antrim. They were born about 1822. Married about 1844. Had three children born in Ireland; John who married Rose McKinley, James never married, Mary married Alexander McGugan. The elder James died and Sarah married a Clark.. dont have his first name. They had a daughter named Sarah. All of them ended up in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.


hugh allen - 11:09pm Nov 3, 2009 Irish (#307 of 522)

hi there my name is hugh allen i from dublin but live in co.kerry my grandad was matthew allen he was from co.sligo but moved to dublin he had a brother called john allen but i know my grandad had loads of brothers and sisters that moved to the ststes but im not able to find out anything id loved to find someone to help me..im on hughallen2010@hotmail.com..thanks


joanne preece - 11:45am May 15, 2006 Irish (#308 of 522)



Catherine Houston Hughes - 08:55am Nov 9, 2009 Irish (#309 of 522)

Searching for information on Robert Houston from County Antrim, N. Ireland. Robert married Helen McLellan abt. 1836. They had one Son that I know of...John Houston, b. abt. 1840-43. John married Catherine McErlane. These are my Gt.Gt.Grandparents, and my Gt.Grandparents. Any information regarding this inquiry, will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at..... highlandheart@email.com Thank you!

Catherine HOUSTON Hughes


Xerox McManus - 12:19am Nov 16, 2009 Irish (#310 of 522)

I am looking for anyone with connections to James McManus, born around 1808 who was a gardener at Shane's Castle near Randalstowne. Also his son, John Mcmanus, born in 1830. John enlisted in The Madras Army in Ballymena in 1850 and sailed to India the same year. Any information about this family would be fabulous. Cheers Anne


Larry Soper - 01:25am Nov 19, 2009 Irish (#311 of 522)

Looking for connections with my great great grandparents Neil and Mary (McClarty) McElheron both born in Antrim County. Neil was born in 1803 and Mary was born 1815. Their two sons, John and Daniel were born in Antrim before moving to Ontario, Canada about 1942. Contact Larry Soper at lys12225@yahoo.com. Larry Soper


Libby Hart - 03:08am Nov 26, 2009 Irish (#312 of 522)

Hi, I am writing from Australia and trying to trace my HARVEY relatives who lived in Antrim. William Harvey 1856-1919 and his wife Grace Watson 1859-1943 came to Australia in 1882. Their first child was born at Hamiltons Row Carrick Fergus in 1878. William's father was Robert Harvey possibly know as John and his mother was Catherine, surname unknown. If anyone could assist with my search ar make some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thankyou, Libby


Sue Kara - 03:08pm Nov 26, 2009 Irish (#313 of 522)

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN DEMPSEY & NANCY nee WORKMAN DESCENDANTS OF CHARLES DEMPSEY & MARGARET ?nee WEIR[all of Antrim:Portglenone/Ballymena areas] Sue, Western Australia


Scott Moore - 01:48am Nov 27, 2009 Irish (#314 of 522)

Looking for decendants of Samual Hazlet Moore...Antrim Ireland, 1779


Anthony Hartwell - 10:33am Dec 2, 2009 Irish (#315 of 522)

Ross Rodgers b 1793 married Elizabeth ? abt 1826 she was born 1806. Both are believed to come from Antrim. They left and went to Scotland and are shown in the 1841 census as living in York Street, Newton On Ayre where they had 7 children. Any information about their parentage would be very welcome.


Tracy-Lee Maher - 05:15am Dec 5, 2009 Irish (#316 of 522)

Hi , I am looking for anyone related to William Hugh Johnstone and his wife Mary(Campbell) . I believe William was a blacksmith in connor ,antrim born maybe 1879 married mary in 1901 in Camelon stirling Scotland and then in 1911 emigrated to australia where my granmother was born on the ship on the way here , making a family of five with another three born in aussie. love to hear from anyone who may be able to help , thankyou for reading my querie , cheers Tracy-Lee


a beyeler - 07:07pm Dec 6, 2009 Irish (#317 of 522)

Hello, I am looking for information on Henry Molloy born 23DEC 1847. He emigrated to Quebec, Canada (possibly via Liverpool or Glasgow) and married Hannah Hamilton. Their first child, Jane, was born 20JAN 1871. I have hit a dead end trying trace his Irish origins further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lynda McCleary - 08:47pm Dec 6, 2009 Irish (#318 of 522)

I am looking for any info on Eliza Wilson, father John Wilson, born abt 1833--she married William McCleary on 6 Aug 1855 at St Annes Church , Shankill, Belfast


Georgina Pimlatt - 01:30pm Dec 10, 2009 Irish (#319 of 522)

Can anyone tell me how to find the Baptism records for Jane Blair, born abt 1855, or her sister Martha, born about 1860 in or near Ahoghill, Ballymena, County Antrim? I am trying to find the maiden name of their mother Sarah, and am hoping it may be on the Baptism record. Thanks for any and all help. Georgina, pimlatt@rogers.com


schlosser susan - 02:02am Dec 11, 2009 Irish (#320 of 522)

Looking for information about Mary McAllister who married Alexander Mcgugan. she was born 10 August 1850 in Ballycastle, Antrim Co, Ireland and died 31 December 1929 in Titusville, Pennsylvania.


Forster - 12:46am Dec 15, 2009 Irish (#321 of 522)

Looking for Information on Cornelious Connolly, married to Elizabeth Carey. They are parents to Elizabeth Ann Connolly (Birth about 1864) Eugene Connolly (March 25,1899) and Maria (mariah) Connolly. There may be additional siblings, but I just don't know of any. Elizabeth Ann, Eugene, and Maria all immigrated to New York. The family may be from Bantry Bay Cork Ireland.

Also looking for Eugene Jr. son to Eugene Connolly and Mary McCabe.

Thanks so much,

Annie Forster email: asforster@verizon.net


Irwen Burns - 08:46pm Dec 15, 2009 Irish (#322 of 522)

Am looking for any relatives in the Co. Mayo area of Ireland with the name Bourne


Chris Allman - 06:14pm Jan 2, 2010 Irish (#323 of 522)

I would be very grateful for any information on an Ellen Campbell born approx 1879/80.

In 1910/11 she was in domestic service in Liverpool. She had a brother Thomas living in Dundalk and a sister, first name unknown, with surname McCaughan living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She also had an Aunt living in New York.

Ellen travelled to Halifax and New York in 1911. Any information on her would be great.

Thank you


Chris Allman - 11:17am Jan 3, 2010 Irish (#324 of 522)

Further to the above re Ellen Campbell - I have now found out that Ellens sister was called Elizabeth and that her first marriage was to a man called Dunlop. She had four children in the marriage - Margot, William, John and Edeline. When her husband died, Elizabeth married a Robert McCaughin who had land in Nova Scotia, Canada and they left soon after the marriage in Ireland in 1911 or thereabouts to live there.

I have also found out that Ellen also had another brother called John, and the family home was given as being in Antrim.

Hope someone can help - many thanks

Chris Allman.


shielda vanscyoc - 05:09am Jan 7, 2010 Irish (#325 of 522)

Looking for information on Ezra Williams born 1776 in Ireland,don't know where,want to know who his parents were,the only link is the first born son's were named James Alvin Williams,that name came down the line four 5 generations.know where Ezra lived in the us,and died.emai svanscyoc1@verizon.net


Michelle McNeil - 09:28pm Jan 13, 2010 Irish (#326 of 522)

Hello, I am searching for any information on David and Isabella McNeill of Carnlough and Glenarm County Antrim around the 17-1800's. Specifically, I'm looking for information on their children. I'm trying to connect Hugh McNeill b. abt. 1791 in Antrim county married Margaret McGavock and had one son born in Antrim Hugh abt. 1815. Then left for Canada in 1818. Settled in Avoca Canada in 1827 till his death in 1867. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Michelle McNeil


Pat Lackey - 03:41pm Jan 16, 2010 Irish (#327 of 522)

Looking for information on the McDowell Family of Belfast or Carrickfergus. They were linen merchants. Also the Cobourne Family in the Linen Business. Jane Anne daughter of Robert Cobourne and Nancy Ann McDowall married Johnston Neilson of Rademon Parish and emigrated to Canada


shielda vanscyoc - 06:13am Jan 22, 2010 Irish (#328 of 522)

Ezra Williams born in Ireland in the year 1776,Married Amelia Clark in America,there children names were ,John,James,Ratchel,Beth,Martha,Nancy,Jane,Sis,Mary,Amanda


Hazel George - 01:47am Feb 1, 2010 Irish (#329 of 522)

I am trying to trace any history of my grandfather's family. His name was James Norman Anderson, born October 22, 1885 (died August 28 1931) and emigrated to Canada--first to Brandon, Manitoba and then to Regina, Saskatchewan. I only know that he came from County Antrim; he apparently was one of 12 children--6 boys and 6 girls. He apparently had a brother who moved to Australia.


Catherine Ruth McLernon - 11:49am Feb 1, 2010 Irish (#330 of 522)

I have previously posted a message #5 on 4 Jan 2002 regarding looking for family of Henry McLarnon [b. C 1890] who emigrated from Cranfield, Country Antrim to America.

I have a new email and cannot remember the password to log on and change the entry. The new email is catherines.singing@gmail.com



Mary Bradford - 10:57pm Feb 2, 2010 Irish (#331 of 522)

Looking for information on Samuel Hazlett Moore Born 1779 Antrim County Ireland. Emigrated to America around 1802. Married to Sarah Cornelius.


Catherine Ruth McLernon - 01:36pm Feb 5, 2010 Irish (#332 of 522)

re post #903 Henry McLarnon departed Londerry for new York on 18 March 1911 on the Caledonia. Looking for his family. catherines.singing@gmail.com



Diane McAllister - 12:09am Feb 7, 2010 Irish (#333 of 522)

McAlister, John b:29Nov1829 Balleymena,Antrim. Mother may be Mabel Campbell. John Married Margaret Hopkins b:July 1832 County of Antrim parents were William Hopkins & Katherine McMaster she may have had a brother 'Jim". John & Margaret immigrated to Canada in 1862 with four children Mabel,Kate,William & Robert. I would like any info on this family while in Ireland. How do I get this information?


yvonne Watkin - 08:03pm Feb 12, 2010 Irish (#334 of 522)

Looking for Patterson and Weir families who left Ireland for USA in approx. 1755-75 Archibald Patterson b. ca. 1750 married Anna Weir b. ca. 1752 in or near Coleraine, emigrated to the USA and lived in Pa., Ky and In. Also looking for Robert Weir who was going to college in Scotland and ran off to Amer. Do not know if he was a brother or Father of Anna. Thanks, Yvonne Patterson Watkkin Peoria, Az.


Cath Saunders - 06:32pm Feb 13, 2010 Irish (#335 of 522)

Looking for any information on Alexander McCaughey born Antrim 1840. Married Catherine Boyd born in 1844 also of Antrim in 1865. Their daughter Isabella [my great grandmother] was born on 10th june 1866. Also any info on Henry Boyd -catherines father- born 1809 Tickmacrevan, Antrim. Thanks.


JUNE COOPER - 04:23pm Feb 18, 2010 Irish (#336 of 522)



Catherine Semken - 12:33am Feb 20, 2010 Irish (#337 of 522)

KERR James Kerr married Jane McAlister (her parents Robert McAlister and mother Jane Whiteford) Ballynure Church 1851. Possible parentage John Kerr/Jane McGranahan married circa 1832 (Fintona).Any info greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Catherine (Kerr) email - csemken@gmail.com


Susan Ramsay - 08:45pm Feb 21, 2010 Irish (#338 of 522)

SARAH ARNOW OR PINKERTON is my great grandmother.

Alexander Pinkerton, her husband, was "lost at sea" in 1874. Sarah had a son in Edinburgh in 1882 (Daniel Lamond Arnow) who is my grandfather. His birth certificate states she was domiciled in Ballymena. I'm guessing she was born there. Any info on Sarah or Alexander would be greatly appreciated.


jack g. maynard - 09:38pm Feb 22, 2010 Irish (#339 of 522)

Fr. Jack G. Maynard . I am Looking for any information on James S. Murphy, the first recordedMurphy relativeof mine who came over from Ireland. he was born in 1720 in Ireland and died in 1794 in York Co. South Carolina, USA sadly I have no way of knowing where he came from in Ireland. many of his descendents lived in eastern Ky. USA Shamrock3@columbus.rr.com


Wanda Corn - 01:23am Feb 28, 2010 Irish (#340 of 522)

I am searching for information on John Arthur from Antrim County, Cullybackey Ireland born around 1709. He also had a brother named William and a brother named Thomas Arthur. They migrated to Virginia from Ireland sometime around 1725. Any and all leads would be appreciated. I have a lot of maybe's but several Arthur's migrated around that time and I need to find the right John Arthur.


debbie booth - 01:12pm Mar 13, 2010 Irish (#341 of 522)

Looking for info on John Henry Flynn born 1821 Belfast Antrim Ireland came to America New York abt 1840's any info appreciated


Terri Stephenson - 12:05am Mar 17, 2010 Irish (#342 of 522)

I am looking for any info on McMaster family from Antrim in 1600's. I think George McMaster and James McMaster were merchants in Antrim. I have been told via internet that James McMaster married Barbary McCloirie in Co Antrim in 1689. Any lead on where I could find additional info would be greatly appreciated.


susan lavery - 12:28pm Mar 25, 2010 Irish (#343 of 522)

LAVERY, im trying to contact any relatives of a Patrick Lavery who left Co Antrim to work in Liverpool at a rough guess around 1905 and then went off to the mines in the North East, he met and married Matilda Hughes (think they met in Liverpool) and had a son called Thomas Lavery in 1917 (my grandfather who was born in the North East)and a daughter called Annie in 1906. My grandfather can recollect spending time on a farm in Ireland but we are not sure if this was when he was born or after.


Dave Robinson - 02:37pm Mar 25, 2010 Irish (#344 of 522)

I am interested in tracing any Fultons who emigrated to Allegheny County , Pennsylvania in the early to mid 1800s from County Antrim,specifically Carnmoney Townland.


amanda gaskin - 01:19am Mar 31, 2010 Irish (#345 of 522)

am searching my ancesters my grandfather henry joseph robb was born in county anrtim in 1908 to patrick joseph robb & mary jame mclaughlan who married in 1905 if yo have any information that would help me please dont hesitate


Catherine Harris - 01:04am Apr 11, 2010 Irish (#346 of 522)

Looking for info on ancestors John Alison born about 1752 Co Antrim married Eliza Morrow 1785


Catherine Harris - 01:15am Apr 11, 2010 Irish (#347 of 522)

McCabe Family - Looking for details re Martin born about 1800 who married Mary Ann


Cheryl Abihanna - 07:41am Apr 13, 2010 Irish (#348 of 522)

Robinson Family - I am looking for any information on my great grandfather Robert Robinson born in Ballycastle in 1878, married in London in 1905 and finally died in Sydney in 1911. His parents were William James Robinson born 1849c and Ellen McQuilkin born 1844c. He had a brother John Robinson born 1881 died in 1956 in Sydney; and a sister Elizabeth born 1883. William was a fisherman/boatman and possibly married again in 1902 to Clara Boyd, they lived in North St according to the 1911 census.


Jeanne Ferris Versweyveld - 09:51pm Apr 15, 2010 Irish (#349 of 522)

Fulton Killyless Antrim. Have information on this line.


Vicki Jackson - 02:33pm May 3, 2010 Irish (#350 of 522)

My paternal grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Reynolds Scales, was born in Belfast in 1907 but came to England when she was a matter of a few weeks old. Her mother, Mary Jane, died at the age of 36 shortly after my grandmother was born. Mary was married to Arthur Scales who was a soldier from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Previously, Mary had been married at the age of 14 (!) to a Michael Kennedy and had two sons, John (born 1886) and Francis (1891). Mary's father was David Brown (born 1843) and her mother was Bridget ? (1843). I would love to be able to trace any more Browns and Kennedy's.


geraldine mooney - 04:19pm May 9, 2010 Irish (#351 of 522)

hi im looking for any information on my great great grand mother elizabeth lavery she died 1942 belfast i believe she worked in conwaymill in belfast along with her daughter my grandmother ellen lavery married name ellen o'reilly that lived at 74 st james road belfast my grand fathers name was thomas o'reilly he died 1956 or 1966 he worked as a brush maker they had four children maryjane , paddy,willy and hugh sadly all passed away any information would be great


Leslie R Neal - 06:24pm May 10, 2010 Irish (#352 of 522)

Looking for information on William Neal born about 1736. Father possibly John. William came over to the US in Pennsylvania with his mother Margaret before 1745. I have seen the name spelled Niel and Neil also. Would love to visit the home of my ancestors. Any information would be wonderful.


Marianne Lowe - 03:51pm May 15, 2010 Irish (#353 of 522)

I am looking for information about my great, great grandmother Margaret Ann Hazlett, born 1814 in Ireland, but I don't know where, and her parents Hood and Elizabeth Hazlett. I know that at least Margaret and Hood ended up in the US.


Mary Lucas - 05:06pm May 24, 2010 Irish (#354 of 522)

I am looking for my ggrandfather, John Gribbin, who was born about 1850 in Portglenone, county Antrim. His parents were Margaret McWhinney and his father was William Gribbin. The father died when John was about 12 and the mother married a Anderson man and had two other sons I cannot find. He was in some military or police unit before immigrating to the US about 1870. I know about his life in the US.


Johanna Rees - 08:20am May 28, 2010 Irish (#355 of 522)

Does anyone out there know about a William Mcglennon, born about 1850, occupation - shoemaker. His father, listed on his (second) marriage to my g.grandmother (Maria O'Hara in Leeds England) was Charles McGlennon, also a shoemaker. William travelled to Scotland where his first son, also called William was born in 1872. He then moved onto Leeds where he presumably met Maria. He died in 1888 in Leeds but I would like to know where he came from. I can't find birth records for his son, nor any records for his first wife's death. The name McGlennon was spelt McGlennan on the marriage certificate but McGlennon on the death cert. Regards Johanna Rees


Nina Harrison - 11:08am May 29, 2010 Irish (#356 of 522)

I am looking for members of the Dobbin famiy at Shanes castle who are descended from the marriage of James Dobbin to Saeah ONeill of Shanes castle . She was the daugeter of Brian and sister of "French John"


RM Dailey - 02:09am Jun 17, 2010 Irish (#357 of 522)

Richard Dailey - I am trying to verify my 5th great-grandfather coming from Ireland. Hugh Dailey born between 1700 and 1715 supposedly in Belfast. I can find no records to confirm this. He (according to the family story) married Eleanor O'Brien in the mid 1700's. Can anyone help me?


Sue Carlson - 05:58pm Jun 20, 2010 Irish (#358 of 522)

Searchingfor a Thomas Devine, b. Nov.1847 in Ireland. Possible parents may be James and Sarah Devine. Thomas came to the U.S. around 1863, eventually becoming a farmer in the state of Iowa. Married a Sarah McGinnis and they had 10 children. Any info/help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sue


Kathie Carter - 06:52pm Jun 22, 2010 Irish (#359 of 522)

Looking for anything about Arthur Baxter b. late 1700's. Married Rebecca McArthur b. ca. 1797. Children were William 1827, Isabella 1836, Mary1840, Henry 1843, & possibly James 1820. They came to Canada ca. 1846 but don't show up until 1861 in the census. They may have gone to Boston first but can't prove it. Arthur may not have made it to North America as every one of his children named their first son Arthur. William & all his children packed up & left New Brunswick,Canada for Everett,Mass.,USA in 1891 where he died in 1898. Anything would be appreciated. They seem to be invisible before 1861!(birth years are approximate)


Pat W. McCabe - 12:41am Jun 25, 2010 Irish (#360 of 522)

I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Margaret Love. Margaret was probably born about 1840 in County Antrim. She married Thomas Bulmer - probably in England. They had one daughter, Louise, before Thomas died. Margaret then married my great-grandfather, James Alanson Young, probably in Connecticut or New York. She and James had 4 children. Their youngest, William, was my maternal grandfather. Any information leading to information on Margaret's parents would be helpful. - Pat McCabe


J. Kirk Wiebe - 02:56am Jun 29, 2010 Irish (#361 of 522)

I am looking for Kirkpatrick's. Specifically, my great grandfather William John Morrison's wife Sarah Kirkpatrick. I have a possible lead on her family, with a Joseph and Isabella Kirkpatrick of Larne with two children - Sarah (born 1839 which matches my birth information for her), and John Kirkpatrick, born 1846.

Any help will be most appreciated.

- Kirk Wiebe


Randy Pace - 01:13am Jun 30, 2010 Irish (#362 of 522)

MARSHALL - ROWAN - FITZPATRICK - FULTON - ASHCROFT - PALMER - MORROW -CARNMONEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - am interested in the Marshall family of Carnmoney, Antrim County, Ireland, and they attended Carnmoney Presbyterian Church but may have lived in Carntall - not sure. My ancestor, Gilbert Marshall, married at Carnmoney church on June 1, 1748 to Martha Rowan, daughter of William Rowan and Jane Marshall, whose marriage is listed in the Carnmoney church records as being married on April 2, 1717 by Rev. Andrew Crawford. Family lore says Gilbert Marshall was a son of Sir Gilbert Marshall and wife, Catherine Fitzpatrick. Sir Gilbert Marshall supposedly was born in Belfast and died in 1783 and is buried at Carnmoney graveyard. However, in the Baptismal and death records there is a John Marshall who would be the right age to be the father of my Gilbert Marshall. This John Marshall was buried at Carnmoney and died January 10, 1772 (age 90 years) and was born about 1682 - therefore he would have married about 1705. His grave is number G164 and is a low stone with crest.

There are some Marshall baptismal records as follows: all children of John Marshall being an unnamed son Marshall - bapt. Feb 1, 1712; Jenat Marshall bapt. July 28, 1714; William Marshall bapt. March 25, 1717; John Marshall bapt. Dec 20, 1719 and Mary Marshall bapt. Decemeber 9, 1722 - all listed as children of John Marshall (who appears to be the John Marshall who died 1772 above). Could the unnamed son of John Marshall, who was bapt. Feb 1, 1712, be my Gilbert Marshall? Also the John Marhsall who was bapt. 1719 married Margaret Fulton circa 1751 ? and this John Marshall is buried at Carnmoney and died on April 5, 1777 (age 58 years) . His wife, Margaret Fulton Marshall died on July 29, 1769 age 37 years. They are grave number G163 and is a low stone with crest.

My ancestor Gilbert Marshall and wife Martha Rowan had their first child baptised at Carnmoney who was Jane Marshall (my ancestor) who was bapt. there April 22, 1750 then the family came to Pennsylvania in the United States where the rest of their children were born.

The church historian at Carnmoney sent me a copy of page 287 of a book by Francis Joseph Bigger (c. 1900) and it says - 1777 - Marshall family is extinct in the parish but there are representatives through the female line. They formerly held considerable lands near Carnmoney Meeting house. The Rev. Futt Marshall of Ballyclare, was a member of this family. and the present Master of the Rolls, Andrew Marshall Porter, is also of the same extraction. The Marshall arms are: Three rose leaves, two and one. Surmounting the shield an esquire's helmet with mantling. Crest: A cross patted. There are two yellow sandstones similar in all respects with the Marshall arms engraved in panels upon the faces in the church graveyard - which must refer to the headstones of John Marshall (died 1777) and John Marshall who died 1772 mentioned above and thus connect them somehow to Sir Gilbert Marshall.

There is one other burial recorded in the records of Carnmoney - Isabella Marshall, elder daughter of W. J. C. Allen, born December 13, 1845 and died February 2, 1900 - who must have married a Marshall descendant of the above.

There are other Rowan Marriages recorded at Carnmoney: William Rowan and Agnes Ashcroft were married June 16, 1748; John Rowan and Agnes Palmer were married 1750/1751; a Morrow married Margrat Rowan circa 1752 - pages are damaged and unable to read.

Thanks - Randy - grandypace at aol.com


austinfamily - 11:58am Jul 24, 2010 Irish (#363 of 522)


There is someone on Genesforum www.genesforum.com doing look ups for Co. Antrim.

hope this is of use.

Best ~ Ken


june swanson - 01:20am Jul 28, 2010 Irish (#364 of 522)

Keen to find any information of ARCHIE TWADDLE, born 1st.October 1889, in Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland, to Anna Hill and Robert Twaddle. My father, also named Archie, a close relative, was born in Glasgow Scotland, in 1910. Grateful for any knowledge received. juneswanson@hotmail.co.uk


J. Kirk Wiebe - 02:01am Jul 28, 2010 Irish (#365 of 522)

My earlier message of June of this year (2010) was in error. Joseph and Isabella Kirkpatrick may be relatives, but Sarah Kirkpatrick's father is known to be Samuel Kirkpatrick, who was born around 1800, married Mary Wilson in Belfast, County Antrim on 7 October 1825, and died in Coleraine on 17 December 1873.

Any information on this Kirkpatrick family would be most appreciated.

Kirk Wiebe


Elaine McLaren - 01:29pm Aug 5, 2010 Irish (#366 of 522)

Looking for any information/help in tracing my family line back. The furthest I have got so far is to a Bernard McKeever born around 1813 who married a Mary McLernon also born around this time. They were married in Randalstown RC Chuch and had a son called Arthur before moving to Jarrow, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I have all information leading up to this but having difficulty in tracing them further back, ie. parents, siblings, etc.


Gail Gill - 05:12pm Aug 11, 2010 Irish (#367 of 522)

looking for any information on the Horner Family we think they lived in belfast around 1905. Only name we've got is a Roberta Horner born 1907, who gave birth to a son 15/01/1928 in Belfast workhouse desperate for any info


Janie - 02:25am Aug 15, 2010 Irish (#368 of 522)


John Blaney Born about 1843 in Cushendall country Antrim Ireland M in Dunedin NZ to Bridget Hannegan 4 children look for family back in Ireland


Betty - 05:53pm Aug 21, 2010 Irish (#369 of 522)

John Wylie b.ca 1808 - 1810 d.29 Jun 1881 (71 yrs of age) m. Sara (Sarah) Hughes b. ca 1819 Belfast, County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland d. 27 Aug 1894 (82 years of age)Buckingham Quebec? internment with John and family St-Eugène-de-Prescott Ontario. John was not born or raised Roman Catholic (RC)He converted at 56 years of age. Sara appears to have been RC. They probably brought their first two childrn Elizabeth and James with them to Canada during or just prior to 1844. They settled first at Ste-Marthe Vaudreuil Quebec then moved on to St-Eugène-de-Prescott where they farmed and raised their family. The family headstone is at this parish cemetery. Early in my research before I started documenting my resources, I found some indication that John's father's name was Nathaniel. Any information re: John, Sara, or children born in Ireland would be greatly appreciated. As they are my 3rd great grandparents. I have considerable information on their family and will be pleased to share. There are many non RC Wylie, and "sounds like" in Prescott County. I hope to find that John was a brother/related to these family groups.


adele mcmullan - 07:34pm Aug 26, 2010 Irish (#370 of 522)

Looking for enyone who knows mary mclernon who lived in dervock co-antrim married ronnie mclernon had 12chidren names off chidren fank,norman,paul,danny,marshell,colin,ronnie,john,donna,katie Ann,margret I'm mary grandchild and would like to know abit more about my grandmother


Alice Scammell - 05:14am Sep 1, 2010 Irish (#371 of 522)

I need information on a Margaret (Maggie) Hamill that married James Mullan of Ballymena, County Antrim, N. Ireland. James was born 1880/died 1934, Margaret died before James. They had a big family: Bob, Mary, Sissie, Jim, Annie, William and Harry. Any information would be appreciated. Scammellalice@yahoo.com


alexander reynolds - 09:42pm Sep 5, 2010 Irish (#372 of 522)

Hello from Scotland. I'm trying to find out any info on my following ancestors (unfortunately I have hit a dead end, temporarily I'm sure):

Hugh Reynolds (date/place of birth/death not known but at a guess born c1805, County Antrim) married to Janet White (again date/place of birth not known but probably similar to Hugh except dead before 24/11/1862).

They had two sons:

1. Hugh Reynolds born Co. Antrim (1827, died aged 41 on 02/01/1867 at Riddens, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland; married to Anne Kane on 31/12/1857 at Dalry; they had 5 children), and

2. William Reynolds born 1834, Ireland, married Ann Calderwood on 24/11/1862 at Dalry, Ayrshire.

Unfortunately I have nomore info than this and would be very grateful to anyone who can help. Thanks in anticipation.


owen scally - 01:17pm Sep 7, 2010 Irish (#373 of 522)

my name is owen scally.im trying to find my "lost" ancesters in county antrim.in particular,michael scally/scully and his wife mary kennedy ,ive no dates for either of them but i imagine them to be married sometime around 1780,s.they had one son i know of named james scally born in antrim in 1814.he was married to mary gribben born in antrim in 1816 they married in 1834 .from there they had 9 children the 1st 7 born in antrim and the last 2 born after they caught the boat for glasgow scotland where he came to work in the newly discovered coal pits of lanarkshire.any and all information would be very gratefully recieved.thanks in advance to any and all who can help.my email address is tonyscally292@hotmail.com.


Sharon Lumley - 08:54pm Sep 7, 2010 Irish (#374 of 522)

Looking for relatives of Robert Francis Shaw who lived on Bromley Street, Shankill in 1911 with brothers and sisters including Alexander and Elizabeth. He was born about 1901. Also Relatives of George Mckee who lived on Finley Street Shankill in 1901, he was born about 1895, he lived with his mother Sarah Mckee. Any information would be great. My email is sharon_lumley@sky.com


Janet Symington - 06:50am Sep 10, 2010 Irish (#375 of 522)

Looking for information on Daniel Kelly born Belfast c1852 father Jasper Kelly.Daniel died 1915 in Hull Yorkshire


Alice Scammell - 08:10pm Oct 3, 2010 Irish (#376 of 522)

I am looking for any information on the SCULLION - MULLAN family. Mary Mullan born 5/8/1906, married Sammy Scullion 7/1/1944, died 1939. A daughter Jean/Jane was a war bride and returned to the USA with husband. Mary was the daughter of James Mullan and Margaret (Maggie) Hamill and had 6 siblings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alice Scammell


Kathleen Gordon - 07:53am Oct 7, 2010 Irish (#377 of 522)

I am looking for related family members of William James White (father-John White, mother Matilda White) born 15/10/1873, registered in Calgern, district of Ballymena, in the county of Antrim


howard mcmeekin - 09:20pm Oct 8, 2010 Irish (#378 of 522)

I am able to go back to Baxter McMeekin b. 1748 married Mary Ann Ford b.1752

can anyone help me go back futher?

Thanks, Howard Mcmeekin hmcmeekin@sc.rr.com


roy cameron - 09:08pm Oct 15, 2010 Irish (#379 of 522)

searching for decendants of james finlay born about 1833/elizabeth mcgowan i believe wed around 1850+ in millrow presb.,antrim and their son james b about 1855 wed eliz robinson around 1870 parents of my grandmother margaret b 1873 and married to my grandfather wm cameron in joymount presbyterian carrickfergus 1898 wm was born in ballycarry/ islandmagee where after their marriage set up home and reared their family


kaye bray - 04:52pm Oct 26, 2010 Irish (#380 of 522)


please post your request and any information



susan muldoon - 06:59pm Nov 2, 2010 Irish (#381 of 522)

I'm looking for anything about my g g grandmother, Eliza McIlwaine, b. Carrickfergus. She and my gg grandfather, George McConnell (b. Scotland) were married in Ballycarry April 22, 1861. They settled in Stranraer and had several children, including my great grandfather, Alexander McConnell.


tatteredrose - 03:23am Nov 4, 2010 Irish (#382 of 522)

Allan Family. Mildred. Any knowledge of?


marilynmons - 04:26am Nov 7, 2010 Irish (#383 of 522)

Hello, I am descended from James Nicol born in Ireland abt. 1832. He married Mary Brown (yes I know), born in Ballymena abt 1820. They had and Elizabeth born abt 1861 in Ballymena. James took his family to Glasgow and Elizabeth married in Glasgow in 1884.


john waddington - 05:00pm Nov 20, 2010 Irish (#384 of 522)

anyone have info on the mc cruddons or blaneys from castle gardens ballymeena antrim


MaySmith75 - 02:41am Dec 8, 2010 Irish (#385 of 522)

Re Bridget McCann of County Antrim

I saw where you were wanting information on Bridget McCann (Layden). I don't know if it is the same Bridget but I will give you my information anyway.

John McCann married Bridget Wall in Randallstown County Antrim.They had several children two of which migrated to Australia in the 1800s. These were John and Bridget who were 17 and 14 years old at the time. John Married Margaret Atkinson from Ireland and had two children, one of which was my grandmother, Mary Jane. John died at 41 when Mary was just 8 years old. Mary Jane married William Upton and I was born to Patrick her son but he was killed when I was only 10 months old. Bridget McCann married Patrick Layden and she signed my great grandmother's death notice (Margaret McCann nee Atkinson as her sister-in-law. Both Margaret and John died at 39 and 41 respectively leaving Mary Jane and another daughter Anastasia Bridget who were only little children 5 and 9 years old.

May Smith (nee Upton). to <Send email to jg21@burnett.net.au>


Linette Harrah Cox - 06:43pm Jan 17, 2011 Irish (#386 of 522)

I am looking for information about Sr. Daniel O'Hara and wife Elizabeth Ramsey from Antrim Ireland. This would be where I came from! My email: duttoncreek@hotmail.com Linette Harrah Cox


donna aderson harris - 01:43pm Jan 19, 2011 Irish (#387 of 522)

I am looking for any relatives of David Anderson of coleraine who moved to canada in 1920-1921. he was the son of Joseph Anderson and Maria Tosh(sister of Annie) Joseph was the son of Alexander anderson and Martha McPherson brother of margaret and william anderson. My grandfathers siblings were:Minnie,Meta, Jean, Violet, Robert and Samuel who was a policeman. Also looking for any of the Tosh family Maria and Annie Tosh were the children of James Tosh and Jane Wilson m.1868 in First Kilraughts. James Tosh is the son of Stephenson Tosh of Crumpa(dunboe parish)who married Jane Campbell. If anyone has any information please let me know as I would be interested in corresponding with you Thank you so much, Donna Anderson Harris


Judy McCutcheon - 09:25pm Jan 27, 2011 Irish (#388 of 522)

Looking for Thomas Michael Sullivan, b 1822, married Lyndsey - possibly Emily Lyndsey - son, Patrick Thomas Sullivan, born Belfast 10 June 1860 - emigrated to Australia; may have gone via Canada.

Any help most appreciated.

Judy judymcc@aapt.net.au


Clark Hecker - 03:49am Jan 30, 2011 Irish (#389 of 522)

Looking for info about the ancestry of one William Fleming who lived in C. Antrim in the 18th century; his wife was Catherine Henry and his daughter was named Martha. He must be disambiguated from several (and possibly numerous) other William Flemings who lived in the same area at about the same time.


Janet Martin - 09:50pm Jan 31, 2011 Irish (#390 of 522)

DEMPSTER I am looking for a James Dempster, born in County Antrim around 1837-1838. He moved to Scotland shortly after. I believe he had a brother named John born around 1827-1828. I am trying to locate their parentage. Thank you.


Melanie - 02:27am Feb 7, 2011 Irish (#391 of 522)

Hello, I am looking for details on my great-great grand parents William McVeigh of Co Antrim born about 1853. His wife was Mary Ann McVeigh formally Georghaw (might be a spelling mistake on the Census form) born about 1854 in Co Down. I would love information on these family members as I live in Australia and am finding it very hard to obtain information. Cheers Mel


Kathleen Wilson - 10:29am Feb 10, 2011 Irish (#392 of 522)

looking for any info on my g grandparents John and Agnes McAleese, chidren Ellen Lizzie John and William living in Dervock 1901. Agnes still living there in 1911, Ellen died 1901 leaving my father George Herbert Emmett aged 5


william crawford - 03:47pm Feb 10, 2011 Irish (#393 of 522)

crawford family from donegal i live in england and iam trying to trace any of my ancesters from back in the 1880 1990 any help would be verry great thank you from william crawford my e/mail is billcrawford@fsmail.net 10-01- 2011


Renelle Seaton - 06:13am Feb 27, 2011 Irish (#394 of 522)

Hi I'm trying to trace my family tree and I want to go back further than the 1901 census. it shows my Great grand parents Mary aged 28 and Archibald Barr aged 30 with son George Barr age 1. they lived at 22 Ballymoney St Ballymena he was a flesher(butcher) and their religion were church of Ireland.(Episcopalian). I want to know who his parents were and what Marys maiden name was. There are quite a few Barr's in the Ballymoney st region, wondering if there is a connection, did Arcibald have brothers. (Keep in mind that he was 30 in 1911 as there are quiet a few with same names.) Wondering if he was brother to Geroge and William Barr found on the 1901 census at 6 Balleymoney st these guys were also fleshers(butchers). coming to Ireland in May and would love to have a conection with ansesters.Thanks Renelle email renelle1@optusnet.com.au


Renelle Seaton - 06:19am Feb 27, 2011 Irish (#395 of 522)

Any information on Jane (54)and David (55)Holmes shown on the 1911 census at 47 Moat Rd Ballymena. they lost 2 sons David and Arthur to the war, their twin daughters stayed and died in Ballymena. aged 16 on census. My grandmother married George Barr and came to Australia and she had a couple of sisters go to canada any info would be helpful. thanks Renelle email renelle1@optusnet.com.au


Anna Anderson - 09:36pm Mar 2, 2011 Irish (#396 of 522)

Hello, I'm looking for information on my Gr-Grandparents. James Kernohan and Sarah Stewart born about 1861. They lived in Ballymena, Co. Antrim for many years. They attended High Kirk Presbyterian Church and are buried in Conner New Cemetery. Any informtion would be greatly appreciated. Relatives still living in Ireland would be a bonus.


Edward McConnell - 12:10am Mar 3, 2011 Irish (#397 of 522)

Searching for information on John and Mary McConnell and there 3 sons Edward E. McConnell, George H McConnell, and Arthur McConnell. I'm also searching for info on James McConnell an nephew that came to the U.S.A. with my family in the 1850s. My family may have settled in Ohio for a short time and then moved to Springfield Illinois where they lived from 1855 thru the U.S. Civil War. After the civil war they moved to Coffeyville, Kansas in the 1870s and remained there until 1890s when my great grandfathere Edward E McConnell moved to Silver, Washington, later Carlton, Washington where they operated a horse ranch on Texas Creek east of Carlton, Washington State until the early 1920s.


Karyn Wairoa - 08:39am Mar 14, 2011 Irish (#398 of 522)

I am searching for Margaret McMullans & her family. She was born abt 1854 Co. Antrim Ireland, migrated to NZ and married an englishman James Roberts 1878. I have no other info on her so I really do need help. Hoping someone can help me, much appreciated.


brian mcferron - 09:05pm Mar 23, 2011 Irish (#399 of 522)

Interested in information on Joseph McFerron (possibly of Antrim Co.). Came to America in c. 1800. Trying to find the town in Antrim or Down Counties.

Much help would be sincerely appreciated.


margaret bedford - 03:49pm Mar 29, 2011 Irish (#400 of 522)

am looking for my fathers family he was born and married in irland then left for scotland i believe he had children, born before first world warhe served in gorden highlenders then met my mother in glasgow anyone help his name was charles mulholland he had a sister who left for the states in 1809


Elizabeth Smith - 11:39pm Mar 29, 2011 Irish (#401 of 522)

BEATTIE IN BELFAST I would like to make a connection with anyone who has information on John Beattie b. about 1871 in Belfast. Lived in Legmore Street, Shankill in 1911. Married to Ellen Isbella b. about 1870 in Belfast. Ten children from the marriage: Mary Jane, Sarah, John James, Robert, Joseph, Matilda, William, Annie, Thos Errington, Henry. Please email me on e.smith784@btinternet.com if you can help. Many thanks.


Dale Moggy - 05:55pm Apr 3, 2011 Irish (#402 of 522)

Looking for contact with anyone connected to the Moggy's or Mogey's in the Belfast or Ballymena area.


kerry sayers - 11:55pm Apr 4, 2011 Irish (#403 of 522)

looking for info on thomas mc cloy of mallusk near belfast,around the 1939-1940s.Had a relationship with a teresa o reilly of ballymena late-1930-early 1940.any info would be great.Thanks


Patti Hucks - 01:41pm Apr 14, 2011 Irish (#404 of 522)

I am looking for the families of Robert Barr and Mary Walkinshaw of Ballymena. Son John and daughter Agnes left for Philadelphia PA in 1850's after being orphaned.


Patti Hucks - 01:44pm Apr 14, 2011 Irish (#405 of 522)

I am looking for the families of Henderson McCay (McKay, McCaughey) and Hetty Patterson of Antrim. Left in 1844 for Philadelphia Pa.


Carol McRobb - 03:48am Apr 15, 2011 Irish (#406 of 522)

Searching for information on Archibald McMullen born about 1780 in Antrim Ireland. He left Ireland in 1821 for NS Canada, with the Redmond's and McFetridge's. Archibald was married to Rachael, they had 5 sons James born 1799, William born 1806, Alexander born 1808 Joseph born 1809 and Hugh born 1812. Archibald had a brother named John who left ireland shortly after.


Rosemary Ireland - 10:27am Apr 15, 2011 Irish (#407 of 522)

Rosemary Ireland I trying to trace Mitchell connections of my grandfather Richard James Mitchell who resided in Greencastle, Belfast. He had two brothers,John and Bernard,and a sister Mary Ann who married a John Cauthers.His parents were James and Lucy(nee McDermott).The McDermott family were clothiers in the Smithfield area of Belfast.Any information would be appreciated


Joyce Foote - 01:44am Apr 16, 2011 Irish (#408 of 522)

Has anyone got information re McCaveney line from the Aghagallon area, county Antrim late 1700's +? Any infromation would help. Thanks


Ann Alexander - 11:06pm May 1, 2011 Irish (#409 of 522)

I am looking for the william & elizabeth alexander and there 10 children that went to America in 1821 does anyone know about them or there parents

wm was born around 1777 and elizabeth about 1783 one son Wm about 1805 Ann Alexander wecare@mohavebb.com


moira - 01:36pm May 8, 2011 Irish (#410 of 522)

I'm looking for details of the birth of my grt grandmother Eliza Jane )aka Jane, Jean, Jeanie)Finnegan born in Belfast about 1874. I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct spelling of her surname.

Her father was a soldier named Patrick Finnegan and her mother was Catherine Cochran. I got this from her death/marriage records - she died in Scotland.

I did try and find her death record with PRONI but they couldnt find it and I think there's a limit to the variations of surnames/dob that they are willing to search for.

So maybe if someone is going to the records office and has a few spare moments they might be kind enough to have a wee look for me.

Many thanks



Gillian Hawkins - 09:40pm May 19, 2011 Irish (#411 of 522)

I found a message on this website relating to people I think are related to me - unfortunately the message was from 2006 and a contact email won't deliver. The information relates to the Matthews family of Carrickfergus: Joseph Matthews born 1860 (m. Jane Mulryne)and their chidren Lizzie, b. 1885; John b. 1887; Joseph b. 1889; Charles b. 1890; Daisy b. 1892; Francis Albert b. 1898. My grandfather was Charles (died 1924) - I would appreciate any information about the Matthews family in Carrickfergus(about which I know little) or contact from any of their descendants.


roy cameron - 02:59am May 26, 2011 Irish (#412 of 522)

searching information regarding finlay/williamson finlay/robinson margaret finlay/wm cameron families from the antrim/bally/islandmagee areas of co antrim


Terry Simpson - 01:36am May 27, 2011 Irish (#413 of 522)

I am looking for information on Alexander Simpson who was born in Antrim (Belfast?)abt 1842. He migrated to NZ, married Sarah Sparrow(Baulch) in 1890. They had a son William Thomas who is my grandfather. Alexander's mother was Margaret Mooney. His father was also Alexander. I wonder whether they were actually from Tehorny (see 1851 census)


Lynda Millerd - 01:48am Jun 1, 2011 Irish (#414 of 522)

I am seeking information on my paternal ancestors who were born in Co. Antrim. The name is McAleese and they came from Dervock, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Ballycastle areas. They married girls with the maiden name of McDonald, Gallagher, Kame, McFadyen and Peel. Are there any local repositories that I can contact for birth, marriage and death information also immigration as some went to live in Scotland in the late 1800's.


Janet Marhefka - 07:05pm Jun 1, 2011 Irish (#415 of 522)


I am researching my gr-gr-gr-grandfather Arthur D. McCormick born in Antrim in 1804. His correct name may be Arthur Devlin but may have changed his name when he came to America when he was around 20 years of age. I would appreciate any connection from any of his descendants.


Anne Devereux - 11:44pm Jun 1, 2011 Irish (#416 of 522)

I am searching for any information about the Dysart family who came from Coshquin in Co Antrim. William Dysart m Margaret McDaid/McDade in Londonderry and then moved to New Zealand in the 1870s. Anne Devereux Dunedin New Zealand


ELIZABETH HARTLEY - 04:33pm Jun 2, 2011 Irish (#417 of 522)

magee from aghagallon went to live in belfast 1901 and thereafter, any news


ELIZABETH HARTLEY - 04:38pm Jun 2, 2011 Irish (#418 of 522)






ELIZABETH HARTLEY - 04:43pm Jun 2, 2011 Irish (#419 of 522)




Elizabeth Johnson - 10:31pm Jun 4, 2011 Irish (#420 of 522)

Looking for others who are ancestor's to the Brawley family from Antrim County Ireland. I am Yvonne "Elizabeth" Johnson. I live in Sacramento, CA. My paternal grandmother is Stella Agnes Brawley 1904 - 1930. Her father is Jahew Brawley. This Brawley line migrated to America in 1750, settled in North Carolina as tobacco farmers. Stella Brawley and her father (my father's mother and grandfather), ended up in Oregon County Missouri, where they were born and lived out their entire lives. My email address is Y_Elizabeth.Johnson@yahoo.com.


GB - 12:14am Jun 12, 2011 Irish (#421 of 522)

hi all I am looking for info on thomas and catherine mcconnell of ireland who came to nz . children are maryellen m bond ,bill, tom ,john and agnes . Mary ellen b abt 1872 is my gr grandmother. any help appreciated (sorry cant supply dates as I have none )they may have lived in waihi( or near there in) nz any help appreciated ..thanks any family reading this please get in touch , I would love to hear from you . buddys36@yahoo.com if anyone has info cheers G


Donna Shaw - 12:51am Jun 18, 2011 Irish (#422 of 522)

Im looking for info on Edward Mccann born abt 1807 he died in 1847 in Portland Maine. He was married to Sophronia Tyler. Any clues would be great! you can email me at dhsaw7@maine.rr.com


JAMES MILLER - 09:35pm Jun 20, 2011 Irish (#423 of 522)



Lawrence Wylie - 01:08pm Jun 23, 2011 Irish (#424 of 522)

John Dominic Wiley was born around 1804 -1808 in County Antrim and died on June 29th 1891 and buried in St. Eugène Ontario Canada. He married Sarah Hughes who was born in 1810 in Belfast county Antrim and died August 27th 1894 in Buckingham, Quebec and is buried in St.Eugène. On December 29 1832 John married Sarah Hughes in the Roman Catholic Church in Randalstown. On the church Marriage Record it gives their address as Ballygrooby. They had 2 children born in Ireland Sarah Elizabeth 1833-4 and James July 29th 1835 they then came to Canada sometime between August 1835 and September 1837. Records show that their 3rd child Mary was born in Prescott township on September 9th 1837 and died on July 15th 1917 in Ottawa, Ontario

I’m looking for information regarding John and Sarah's parents


odilie clarke - 09:05am Jun 24, 2011 Irish (#425 of 522)

Hi, looking for info on Macklin family. Found some in Presbyterian church in Rosemary St. Belfast. Any info would be great


Jan Polichino - 04:14pm Jun 24, 2011 Irish (#426 of 522)

VISITING DUBLIN and BELFAST 8-11 July 2011. I am looking for CLARKE and LAUGHLIN ancestors possibly from Belfast area around 1810-1848. My gr-gr-grandmother is Elizabeth Laughlin (per daughter’s death certificate) b. 1810-1818, m. William Henry Clarke (per daughter’s death certificate). They have twins born 5 Feb 1840 (per daughter’s death certificate), William Henry and Mary Ann. Elizabeth Clarke (noted as age 30,) and twins (noted as age 10) emigrated to NYC on 8 Jul 1848 on Eliza Morrison departing Belfast, Ireland. The Oct 1850 in Cincinnati, OH census notes her as 35 and the twins as 13. The June 1860 census notes her as 39 and the twins as 22. Any info on Elizabeth Clarke, nee Laughlin, bearing twins 1840 and on William Henry Clarke who married Elizabeth Laughlin around 1840 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jan Polichino (email: jdpolich@gmail.com)


Marie shaw - 12:18pm Jul 14, 2011 Irish (#427 of 522)

looking for info on John Mc Gukian born in cushendall 1833 married jane mc ilhern or McEleron they had a daughter jane, in 1868 she was born in Belfast, John Mc Gukian was a sea Captain so was is father before him and he was also born Cushendall in 1810, would appreciate any little snippet.

M Shaw


Margaret Cox - 04:53am Jul 18, 2011 Irish (#428 of 522)

Does anyone have the following names in their Family Tree?

Patrick Reilly b: c 1810-1812 married Mary McClure had a son John in 1837 in Rasharkin, Antrim.

John Reilly at some time left Ireland and married in Queensland, Australia in 1873. He and Bridget (nee O'Neill) lived in Glebe, Sydney from 1874/5.

Would love to hear anything at all, about these ancestors of mine.


Carole Nickels - 03:56pm Jul 24, 2011 Irish (#429 of 522)

Looking for family of Hugh Garret married to Elizabeth Ann Barclay March 13, 1858 in Bangor, Down, Irelnd. Family moved to Glasgow. I am the great grand dughter of Ellen born in 1859 and married to Arthur Millar in Glasgow, Scotland. Would like to exchange family information.


Erin Matla - 08:03am Jul 26, 2011 Irish (#430 of 522)

Hi, I am looking for my 4x great grandparents; Hugh WALKER marr Jane McCLURE 1816 in Templepatrick.

Hugh was born in Crumlin & Jane in Templepatrick. There are no children registered in Templepatrick... perhaps they went back to Crumlim??

I have only one child for them; Hugh McClure WALKER born 1831 Antrim...he came to New Zealand in 1865 and marr in 1867 to Mary STARK.

Any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks in advance...


david murray - 03:04pm Jul 26, 2011 Irish (#431 of 522)

hi there i,m looking for the ancesters of tyler.i belive willian tyler was born in the usa 1790,and immigrated to canada in the 1800 hundreds,he would have lived in sophiaburgh in upper canada on lake ontario,i belive he is related to the tylers of atrim county usa maybe michigan as his grandsons left canada to return to the states,,his son was philander tyler wife melinda chatterson,,both born in canada northumberland county...irish roots i have although the tyler name is not really of irish decent.this family lived with the mc donalds in canada,who were from dublin ireland arthur and wife mary would have left ireland before 1860s as they have 2 sons born in canada in 1861 1864,,arthurs death certificte says born in dublin ireland he says his name is mc donnell but its been crossed out and spelled mac donald,very common with that name...somehow i belive these family are related to each other,i would like to let people know that i live in canada ontario,right where all your irish ancestors would have come in northumberland county,its hard to look into the past of ancesters when you cant see there countrys...sometime its like hitting a wall..if your from ireland looking for mac donalds in canada,well more then likely i,m your ancester...and if anyone need search done here for this upper canada we have are own archives here...please feel free to contact me davidjasonmurray@hotmail.com.i will search here for you...does anyone from dublin have a arthur and mary in there tree..by the way william tyler is buried in sophiasburg ontario,,he is at rest with his wife under the tree,buried on his own land i have the papers to prove it.for the mystery around his wife her name was louise. had 4 sons richard oran orliff philander,,philander was the father of philip tyler from michigan usa artim county washburn and tyler family..i,m looking for someone from this family to contact me,i,m waiting to conect with them,as i would love to know why the tylers went to usa from canada.they are the first settlers of my area.feel free to ask me anything about this area.i may be the person you need to search your records here in ontario,and i will do it at no charge,just because i love doing it have a good day...lets add another leaf..


Richard Thomas McGee - 03:41pm Jul 27, 2011 Irish (#432 of 522)

Thomas Joseph McGee I am trying to trace the family tree of my grandfather. His name was Thomas Joseph Mcgee and he was from County Antrim, born 1889. He left Ireland for Wales, the date i'm not sure of. He married a welsh girl, and died on August 30th 1942 aged 53. That's all I know. Any detalis to rtmcgee@talktalk.net


Melissa Barr - 12:22pm Aug 5, 2011 Irish (#433 of 522)

Steele/Barr/Storey/McMaster I am looking to find information on Eliza Storey born 1850 who married James Barr born 1846 of Armoy in 1878 and her sister Ruth who married John Morris. I am also seeking the family of Emily Steele of Lisnahunchin who married my grandfather James Barr, son of James and Eliza, above. She had a cousin Janey or Jenny McMaster, who may have come from the Ahoghill area. If anyone is researching any of these families I would love to hear from you. Melissa Barr, Cambridgeshire. Email: barr181@btinternet.com


ELIZABETH HARTLEY - 06:44pm Aug 9, 2011 Irish (#434 of 522)


late jim james mulholland who died 1945 in aghagallon colane rd and he had a brother names, Henry and David a sister Elizabeth abd Sarah all now deceased



liz ryan - 09:58am Aug 10, 2011 Irish (#435 of 522)



Barrie Sharples - 07:23pm Aug 10, 2011 Irish (#436 of 522)

Now 10yrs & still no progress, John Joseph McKeesick on 1901, 1911.[Note my new email.} Back in 2001 I asked: Hi There, My problem is that I know of a Great Aunt Mabel Tempest who married a John McKeesick/McKeesig,(I think in Burnley,Lancs) they had at least one child, a girl called Angela. Around 1930 they went to live in Larne, N. Ireland. The only other info is that John went blind, and Angela suffered from a heart defect,but eventually married someone named Kane. This is probably a hopeless quest but there are no family members left on this my mothers side, so progress is proving very difficult. Any help/advice, would be most welcome. Barrie in North Yorkshire, England New Email: b.sharples@talktalk.net


Cheryl Tenbrink - 03:03am Aug 13, 2011 Irish (#437 of 522)

A lost, lost ancestor William Robinson married to Margaret McDonald or McDonough had a son James in 1811. Margaret and James end up in Lancashire, England in 1816 and Margaret marries James Cottam. Would love to find what happened to William. We believe they were in Cormoney, Antrim, Ireland.


Janet Vincent - 05:15am Aug 23, 2011 Irish (#438 of 522)

Trying to find info on William Eccles born 1826 in Antrim. Came to Australia on 'Marco Polo' 1852 with wife Ellen (Logan)aged b. 1828 and children William 5, James 3 and Elizabeth 1.

Thanks - Jan


Pam Arthur - 12:35pm Sep 12, 2011 Irish (#439 of 522)

Looking for info on the family of James and Maggie Crooks of The Curragh, Carnlough,Co.Antrim.They married in 1872 and had 11 children, 10 survived. We know a little about the sons/daughters who stayed in Ireland but would love to find out about those who emigrated to Canada, married names and what family they had. Thanks Pam


ELIZABETH HARTLEY - 03:40pm Sep 13, 2011 Irish (#440 of 522)

MAGEE FAMILY let aghagallon co antrim to live in Belfast around Little Patrick st AREA IN 1901 ALSO A BROTHER wentto live in PLYMOUTH ENGLAND


Catherine Haynes - 03:40pm Sep 25, 2011 Irish (#441 of 522)

Looking for info re Marie/Mary Agnew who married a McLeavy in County Antrim around 1830. Had 4 children: John b. 1834, Mary b 1842, Francis b. 1844, Bridget b. 1846. She died in Crosmaglen on Jan 6, 1847.


Louise Connor - 08:00pm Oct 1, 2011 Irish (#442 of 522)

Looking for information about my grandparents. My grandmother, Margaret Anderson lived in Coleraine and worked for the RHS Rogers Shirt and Collar Factory at least for the 1901 and 1911 census. She lived with her parents Hessie and James Anderson at Bell House Lane. She had 4 brothers. Two, Robert and Archie were killed in France in WWI. James and Thomas lived in Coleraine. She came to the US around 1912 and married William Connor who had also lived in Coleraine.


Sharron - 07:11pm Oct 16, 2011 Irish (#443 of 522)

Looking for any thing at all on my 3x great granddad .Shandley Adams 1808/1811 Antrim if any one at all can help me that would be just fantastic and thank you so very much,and if you can not thank you any way for taking the time to read this message,Sharron


edwardscolin36@gmail.com - 04:36am Oct 18, 2011 Irish (#444 of 522)

My wife's grandfather was a David Officer born 1874 in Belfast he married Margaret Gray born 1862 also of Belfast. The both came to Cape Town as missionaries from the Belfast Town Mission in 1894. David's parents were David Officer and Martha Lynn, Margaret's parents were James Gray and Jane Lawther any information on any of the family will be greatly appreciated as we have completely lost all contact. Margaret and Colin in Cape Town


Lloyd Russell - 02:36am Oct 31, 2011 Irish (#445 of 522)

ARMSTRONG, GEORGE married KENNEDY, MARY ANN. These were my gggrandparents, and lived in Belfast. George was a Brick Setter. They had 2 sons that I know of, both of whom were born in Belfast. JOHN Armstrong was born c1838 & JAMES in 1852. There must almost certainly have been other siblings. Both John and James moved to Lancashire, England, where they worked as coal miners, married & raised large families. I would greatly appreciate any further information on this family, particularly re the parents & siblings of these brothers. My email address: russelljl@hotmail.com


Bertha James - 11:32am Nov 6, 2011 Irish (#446 of 522)

I am looking for info. on Cornelius Legg b.1795 in Ireland who cme to London sometime during the 19th cent., he married Susanah Eden in London in 1823. witness Moses Legg.


Marie Grimm - 05:49am Nov 9, 2011 Irish (#447 of 522)

I am searching for information about WALKER Family. I believe my g-grandfather was christened on June 06, 1813. His name was Thomas Walker. His father was Thomas Walker and his mother was Margaret M'Camley Walker. I do not have birthdates. I do not know of any siblings. Our Thomas Walker emmigrated to the US, sailing on the Sarah Sheiffe out of Belfast, and arriving in New York, USA May 31, 1836. Thomas was a Major in the British Military. Thomas had a Son Robert Harrison Walker and Robert had a son Thomas Harrison Walker. Harrison may have been a family name.

ANYONE having any tips about the Walker Family, please contact me at fm_grimm@yahoo.com


marion griffin - 02:18pm Nov 10, 2011 Irish (#448 of 522)

am looking for any information regarding the crossan family from glenavy and lisburn as i am doing my family history my great great great grandfather was stafford crosssan am trying to find out his wifes name and information about my great great grandfather his son john you can email me at m.townsley732@btinternet.com


kay trezise - 05:28am Dec 18, 2011 Irish (#449 of 522)

Looking for imformation on John dempsey born 1844 Antrim. Can,'find anything on his parents James Dempsey and Mary McGee. I know John married Agnes Gibb in 1878,but his parents are a mystry Kay


Duke W Barnhill - 09:12pm Dec 19, 2011 Irish (#450 of 522)

Can anyone help?iam trying to locate the barnhill family coat of arms /family crest from ireland.My gerat grandfather 10 generations back name John Barnhill 1590 to 1629,who was a decendant of sir christopher barnewall,i just wanted to know if the barnhills started there own family crest or coat of arms i would truley appreciate the help.


Joanne Atanasio - 03:06pm Jan 4, 2012 Irish (#451 of 522)

Looking For any information on a Mathew Gillan who married Sarah Mcguire,in Ballymena Ireland? Have lots of information of Family afterwards,but nothing about these persons. Any contacts would be welcome @ atanasioj@hotmail.com


Roger E Smith - 05:46am Jan 10, 2012 Irish (#452 of 522)

looking for information on William and Margaret (Breckenridge) Allingham who immigrated to USA vis Canada


Phyllis Ball - 03:55pm Jan 18, 2012 Irish (#453 of 522)

Looking for information on John Tumilty born about July 19, 1865, Baptised in Belfast, parents listed as John Tumilty and Mary Magee. Married Alice Shields between April and June 1888 in Belfast. They emmigrated to the US in 1890 arriving June 30. Alice was pregnant when she left Ireland as the ship records records a Tumilty baby being born on ship on June 25. They settled in Patterson, Passaic, New Jersey and had 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls. They also had John's sister Ann living with them in 1890. She emmigrated in 1899. Any information on either one someone may have would be greatly appreciated, even just to crorrect anything I may have wrong. Contact me at globesnow@hotmail.com


Bob Caldwell - 02:43pm Jan 27, 2012 Irish (#454 of 522)

Hi Ireland Roots,

I am endeavoring to find the names of the parents of Robert & Sarah H. Caldwell, who were my g/g/g/g/g-parents.

Robert was b. 1735, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Nthn Ireland. I believe that Belfast at the time of his birth would have been in the Parish of Shankill and he most likely was raised in the Presbyterian faith.

As for Sarah H. Todd, she was b. 1745, also in Belfast. I have no other details to add.

I believe they were married in ca. 1760 and migrated to America, through New York in either 1761 (which I found in notes taken of the proceedings when Robert attempted to claim compensation for losing his farm on Turners Patent 1764 at White Ck/New Perth/now Salem, NYS, in the American War of Independence, or 1764 (as a Robert Caldwell was on the 'Head of the Household" List of Passengers who left from Newry as part of what is known as "The Cahan Exodus, led by the Rev. Clarke, who negotiated alottments for his parishioners on Turners Patent 1764 at Salem, NYS.

Could anyone give me a clue as to where I can research the above information I am seeking or is able to research it personally for me.

Thanking you in anticipation of receiving some feedback to my request.


Bob Caldwell (Bendigo, Australia)


Gerri Laundy - 01:15am Jan 28, 2012 Irish (#455 of 522)

Looking for information on Andrew Morrow. He emigrated from County Antrim about 1860 to Ontario, Canada. He may have married a Jane Rothwell or Annie ? .


Dorothy Leinhauser - 01:54am Feb 2, 2012 Irish (#456 of 522)

To Karl Blixt I believe we are related. My G grandfather was ADAM FAULKNER FROM COUNTY ANTRIM. His parents were wm. Faulkner and Ann Holmes.

Dot Leinhauser Pennsylvania


Liz Ridlington - 02:16pm Feb 29, 2012 Irish (#457 of 522)

My great great grandfather was Robert Adams of Ballynacoy, Antrim. He had a twin brother, Thomas, and another brother, John. Robert had several children: Johnston, Sarah Jane, Christina, Mary Elizabeth, William, and Thomas who went to Liverpool and married Annie McMahon. I want to know more about Annie as she was my great grandmother. Apparently Robert's brother, Thomas's sons also went to Liverpool and opened a grocery shop. I want to know about them, too. liz.ridlington@virgin.net


Joan Earls - 04:14pm Mar 2, 2012 Irish (#458 of 522)

Re: Daniel Mooney/Ellen Duffin. Hi I am seeking any information on the above. Daniel was born about 1800 in Portglenone Co Antrim. They had the following children, Jean, Mary, Catherine, Thomas, Jane and James. James emigrated with his wife Rose (Rosina) Law to Scotland and raised his family there. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation. Joan Earls


Suzanne Ryan - 01:04am Mar 15, 2012 Irish (#459 of 522)

Hood/O'Neill - looking for information on Margaret O'Neill who was born around 1795 in GlenArm Antrim and married James Hood around 1814. They emigrated to Australia around 1855 - wanting to find out Margaret's parents.


Hugh Fawcett - 06:32am Mar 22, 2012 Irish (#460 of 522)

Any Info on Powell Fawcett born 1801 in Grange Park,Antrim wife is unknown would love to know who she is and all the siblings and did they live any other place besides Grange Park, his parents were William Facit born abt 1770-1785 wife not sure of and would like to know all the siblings and who they were married to and where did they live and where was he born and his wife born and where are they buried? Who is Williams Parents and siblings and where did they live and what religion and where were they born and resided and passed on and who was there parents and siblings and what religion and what kind of work did they do and when were they born and resided and married and passed and where were they buried? I would like to take this Fawcett Line as far back as possible in time. Any help would be appreciated. Hughie lkyspgot57@aol.com and lkyspgot57@ancestry.com


Heidi Russell - 11:47pm Mar 27, 2012 Irish (#461 of 522)

I am looking for information on alexander Gibson born ca 1770 & his wife janet Moore born ca 1775,they had son john Gibson born 1795,they had son stuart Gibson born ca 1814, they had son james born 1800,they had daughter margaret born 1804.

john Gibson born ca 1795 married mary jane Johnson . stuart Gibson born ca 1814 married rebecca jane Evans . james Gibson born ca 1800 married mary Smith . margaret Gibson born ca 1804 married james john McConnell. These Gibson`s came to New Brunswick Canada about 1818.

Thankyou all in advance

Heidi hrussell@rogers.com


Carolyn Hagery Heier - 05:37pm Mar 28, 2012 Irish (#462 of 522)

Information is requested for William Heagerty (b 1792 in Tyrone Antrim IR) and wife, Mary (b 1806), and son, James Thomas (b 1826). The family immigrated to America in 1827 and settled in Hardin County, Tennessee, USA.

Will appreciate any and all information.


triena duffy - 01:48pm Apr 1, 2012 Irish (#463 of 522)

Henry loughran born about the 1850s marries to ellen mckernan from england was my great grandfather. I am looking for relatives in ireland or usa thankyou


ann cochrane - 06:01am Apr 9, 2012 Irish (#464 of 522)

Cochrane/taylor/williamson/saunderson. My great great grandfather was John Cochrane (originally from co. down) he married Mary Taylor in Ramoan parish church ballycastle and lived in craigs cullybackey. They had 9 children (Hugh, jack,thomas,emma,rosie,annie,sophie peggy and minnie) margaret died in 1901 (aged 49) and John moved to Cushendun(He worked for Lord and Lady Cushendun (edmund mcneill) John remarried Elizabeth Thirza Gilbert and they had a son Stephen and a daughter Loveday (Elizabeth was from Cornwall) My Great grandfather was Jack (John Harvey) Cochrane he died in WW 1 was married to Jeannie Saunderson and had 2 sons Harvey and Edwin (my grandfather) Edwin married mary (may) williamson in cullybackey Please contact me if any of this is familiar. Ann Cochrane (anncochrane71@hotmail.com)


Mary Brickner - 09:44pm Apr 14, 2012 Irish (#465 of 522)

Looking for any birth records or information on PATRICK McALEAR Born in Antrim, CO Antrim, August, 28th 1783 died 1870 or wife ANN McILRONE born in Antrim, CO Antrim 1784 died 1873. They both emigrated to Ontario Canada in the 1820's.

I will be in Antrim in May 2012 and would like to sprinkle my mothers ashes in the homeland of her great x3 grandparents. Thank you!!! Mary


patricia wood - 01:05pm Apr 18, 2012 Irish (#466 of 522)

patricia wood i am looking for william mcdowall and jane mcdowall nee mc.cottery or mccofferty unsure as so many spellings turn up their deaughter margaret was born in lambeg co.antrim on february 12th 1832 and eventually came to glasgow where margaret married andrew muir in the church of scotland in 1855 his parents were robert muir and rebecca maiden name brown but he was born in glasgow thanks for any help


patricia wood - 01:39pm Apr 18, 2012 Irish (#467 of 522)

looking for john mcdowall who married jane davies about 1760 to1799 they had a son called william born 1800 who married jane mc'cottery or mc.cofferty or anything that sounds like that as ithas been spelled different ways on records they were married in 1820 both 20 years old her father was samuel mc'cottery he was a farmer they had children john jane and elizabeth born in ireland also sarah margaret and samuel and were living in glasgow in 1841 thank you patricia wood


khakiberrie@hotmail.com - 03:05pm Apr 21, 2012 Irish (#468 of 522)

I am descended from John Anderson. I believe he had a sister named Eliza. They came to NY on a ship called the Mary Annah out of Londonderry in 1851. John would have been about 20 years old and Eliza about 28. They may have lived in Tyrone. Does anyone have any ideas on the family of John Anderson? He lived in New Jersey and briefly in Virginia. Thank you for your thoughts! khakiberrie@hotmail.com

Khaki Berry


jack barrett - 04:31am May 2, 2012 Irish (#469 of 522)

looking for information on my cousin Joseph Henry Barrett, born 25th. Sept. 1913 in Belfast. Lived at 34 Groo0msport St. Belfast then family moved to 147 Old Lodge Road, Belfast by 1935.Any help would be appreciated


sandy Buchanan - 06:44pm May 15, 2012 Irish (#470 of 522)

Robert Buchanan, born 1805 married Ellen Drummond (b.1813)in Ballyrickard, Larne,Antrim. I have a lot of the descendants, but cannot locate Robert's parents or siblings. I'd appreciate any help and will gladly share info. Sandy


Dawn Dobbs - 03:39am May 17, 2012 Irish (#471 of 522)

CASTLE DOBBS I am seeking information and photos of what is left of Castle Dobbs, I understand all that is left part of a wall and the old gate house. Can anyone help me?


rebecca moody - 01:21pm Jun 16, 2012 Irish (#472 of 522)

Hi all!!Im looking for any info on MY GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS James Moody (b1857) and Mary Loughridge,and any siblings my GREAT GRANDDAD William Thomas Moody (b1883)had..they were from the County Antrim..any help would be really appreciated,you can get me my email moodysmurf80@yahoo.com thanks everyone!!Rebecca Moody


gail leslie - 01:00am Jul 9, 2012 Irish (#473 of 522)



Ann Burgess - 03:26pm Jul 22, 2012 Irish (#474 of 522)

Hi, I am looking for the Melvin family, Nancy, Delia and Kathleen, thank you Ann Melvin


sharon miller - 07:42am Aug 2, 2012 Irish (#475 of 522)

Looking for descendants of Robert McDowell and Jane Boyd Children margaret 1868, agnes 1869, emily louise 1873, robert 1875, walter jamieson 1877,miriam (mariam) 1880, roert boyd 1882, alexander davis 1884, wilson wylie 1885, elizabeth 1891. i am the granddaughter of Alexander Davis who emigrated to Canada in 1906


Harry McLelland - 03:30am Aug 5, 2012 Irish (#476 of 522)

Hello, I'm looking for 2-3 generations back from my ancestor Charles McClelland born in 1826 Armagh, Ireland married Matilda Spence born 1823.They married in 1851 Mullabrack, Armagh, Ireland. Charles parents are Charles McClelland (possibly JOhn Charles McClelland) and Ann (Nancy) Lauderdale. Thank You, Harry


Laurie Hobbie - 11:05pm Aug 18, 2012 Irish (#477 of 522)

Looking for information on Robert Campbell married to Agnes McHenry Campbell B. 1801. Sons James H. b.1837 and William Robert b. 1840. Lived in Belfast County Antrim. James & Robert-and possibly Agnes-immigrated to Canada around 1852.


Maureen Baker - 06:18pm Sep 15, 2012 Irish (#478 of 522)

Looking for family of James Connolly and harriet Chambers James born Antrim 1835,Harriet born Armagh 1837.Went to glassgow Enlisted army 6/7/1853.


jan elder - 06:24am Sep 16, 2012 Irish (#479 of 522)

Fletcher Dale Message #745

I too am trying to find a connection between George Mellish and Anne Mellish who were convicted at the same time.

Did you find a connection?

Jan Elder


Bev Fairbrother - 08:50am Oct 6, 2012 Irish (#480 of 522)

Hi from New Zealand.I am trying to find more details about my family of RODGERS/ROGERS. John Rodgers b 1882 Lisburn d. NZ David Rodgers b 1855 Carnmoney m Sarah McCARTNEY John " b 1829 " m Elizabeth HENDERSON Alexander " b 1792 " m Ruth BARKLEY Alexander " b 1756-61 " m Jannet VINT William " b 1712 " m1 Mary BURNEY m2 Jennie WALKER * John " abt 1686 " m Agnes DICK Thomas " 1660 Cushum m1 * m2 Hannah LASCELLES George " abt 1634 Lisburn m Dorothea HULL Would love any info to fill in gaps and to learnm more about my family. Thankyou.


Sharon Mcm - 01:15pm Oct 15, 2012 Irish (#481 of 522)

Hi, I'm looking for information on the McConaghy family from Co.Antrim, My gg grandfather was Neal McConaghy born C 1840, he married Margaret Ann Williamson and had 6 children, Mary Ann, Ellen, Elizabeth, daniel , Margaret and James, I would like to find the Marriage record for Neal and Margaret Ann, or Birth/death records. any help would be greatly appreciated.. email is sharon.3231@gmail.com .. Thank you


Linda Devereux - 09:50am Nov 7, 2012 Irish (#482 of 522)

Looking for Meskimmon ancestors who I think were born in Antrim Ireland in the 1820's. They were soldiers and served in India. They are George, James & Joseph Meskimmon. ANy possible leads or information would be greatly approeciated.


ginny thompson - 10:58pm Nov 20, 2012 Irish (#483 of 522)

McKeown(McCune, McCuNE, McCeun) married Thompson (Thomson) Jane & John before 1832 prob. in County Antrim, prob in area of Seneril, Bushmills, Dunluce, County Antrim, Ireland. pls let me hear from you if you have a connection.


stuart - 06:52pm Jan 16, 2013 Irish (#484 of 522)

Hi does anyone have any info on: Philip Buchanan born 1801 philip married Mary buchanan ( mary born in 1803) in doagh County Antrim they had 3 children Cathrine William and Elizabeth

Any help is appreciated Kind regards Stuart Buchanan


John McCafferty - 05:01pm Jan 19, 2013 Irish (#485 of 522)

Hi my name is John McCafferty. My G/G/grandfather Dennis McCafferty married Ann Kelly in the R.C. church in Ballymoney County Antrim in 1839. Shortly after their marriage they moved to the Calton area in Glasgow,Scotland.In 1840 my G/grandfather James was born in the Calton area. Hoping to contact other members of this family tree. Thank,s for reading my family tree.


Colum Macready - 09:48pm Feb 1, 2013 Irish (#486 of 522)

I'm trying to locate the birthplace of my Great Grandfather William Macready which was somewhere in County Antrim - maybe Belfast.

William was born on October 17, 1834 and died on February 1, 1916 in El Reno, Oklahoma, USA. I'm also trying to find out the names of any other members of his family in Ireland and would be delighted to hear from you.


Laura B - 08:29pm Feb 3, 2013 Irish (#487 of 522)

I am looking for information on James Morrison, b1814 in Clogh Mills, Antrim; then moved to USA at around age 16.


roy cameron - 11:31am Feb 4, 2013 Irish (#488 of 522)

a while back i posted a message seeking help in tracing the family FINLAY, i know that JAMES born in 1833 in the templepatrick area and married to elizabeth williamson, JAMES would have been my g.g.grandfather,his son JAMES my g,grandfather wed elizabeth robinson in donegore(millrow)presbyterian antrim,their daughter MARGARET born 1873 although born in the antrim i think may have moved to either whitehead /islandmagee area when she met my grandfather WILLIAM CAMERON,they were married in joymount presbyterian church in 1898.


Jo Gilliland - 03:17am Feb 17, 2013 Irish (#489 of 522)

Looking for information on the James Gilliland family. They came from Antrim, Ireland and migrated to Flaggs Manor, W Chester PA. Jo Gilliland


Hugh Fawcett - 09:20pm Mar 3, 2013 Irish (#490 of 522)

Do you have any information on a Courtney Fawcett born in 1830's and married in March 8.1858 Duneane Parish ,Antrim or a Courtney Fawcett married in 1828 in Antrim County. Do you have any info on a Powell Fawcett born 1801 in Grange Park,Antrim County and who was his wife and all their siblings an what religion were they where were they born both born what Church did they attend and was Powell Fawcetts parents William Facit of Grange,Antrim and Joanna Facit of Grange,Antrim who was Williams parents and Joanna parents if they were related to Powell or Courtney Fawcett? Trying to Trace This Fawcett Line as far back as possible an thoroughly traced. Is there any information out there ??????? lkyspgot57@aol.com


jackie price - 10:03pm Mar 3, 2013 Irish (#491 of 522)

I am trying to find information on my g.g.grandparents, Patrick Monaghan and Ellen Hamill married 1864?? Also, Kathlean Monaghan abt 1905, but her parents died while she was young and she may have been raised by her stepfather, Peter McKenna. These family members were RC, and probably from the Belfast area. I can be contacted at mjprice@shaw.ca Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.... thank you :)


Susan Loughmiller - 04:32am Mar 29, 2013 Irish (#492 of 522)

I am looking for ancestors of David Cherry, born around 1690 in County Antrim, trying to find burial locations of those who came before him to pay respects while in Ireland.


kate lehman - 08:37pm Apr 3, 2013 Irish (#493 of 522)

Darragh's/Antrim/Ireland/1827 Looking for info and or relatives of Jane Darragh (1827). If you are in Ireland looking for Jane in America, I have that info. I am looking for Jane's family in Ireland.


patrick mc clements - 10:59pm Apr 5, 2013 Irish (#494 of 522)

l am wanting to know if there are people named adams in kells co antrim. my greatgranfather as far as we know came from there, his name being John Adams born around the 1800s. when he was a boy of about 14 he ran away from home because his mother had married again and he was,nt happy with this.his family dont know if he had any brothers or sisters.he settled near ballymoney.


Jay McAfee - 09:40pm Apr 6, 2013 Irish (#495 of 522)

Looking for more information on John McAfee (or McDuffee) born abt. 1730-34 in Islay, Scotland. Came with a friend, William McQuigg, from Scotland to Dunluce Parish, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland as young men. McQuiggs lived at Islandcarragh. McAfees in Ballymagarry. John's wife is unknown. John's son was William McAfee Sr. b. abt. 1777 Co. Antrim. William married Margaret "Martha" Taggart or Ray in 1802. They were Presbyterians and farmers. William & Margaret "Martha's" children are: Samuel McAfee b. 1804 m. Grace Stinson Sarah McAfee b. 1805 m. John McQuigg Sr. James McAfee b. 1809 m. Rachel Dinsmore John McAfee b. 1815 m. Ellen Dunlap William McAfee Jr. b. 1821 m. Rebecca Swigart Mathew McAfee b. 1822 m. Margaret McElhinney Robert McAfee b. 1823 who never married. Martha Jane McAfee b. 1825 m. David Orr

William McAfee Sr.'s wife and children left Co. Antrim for the USA on the ship "St. Andrew" arriving in New York City, New York on June 7th, 1838. Sarah McAfee & John McQuigg Sr. came later via the same route on the ship "New York" that arrived in July of 1843. Everyone went to Wayne County, Ohio. William McAfee Sr. died there in December of 1858. They were said to have descended from Scots Covenanters. McAfee and McDuffee are interchangeable surnames in Scotland and Northern Ireland. William Sr. sold his farm in Co. Antrim to Hugh Rankin. More info on the patriarch John McAfee (McDuffee) (William Sr.'s father) would be appreciated.


Morrow) Paul Quinn (O'Leary - 03:08pm Apr 10, 2013 Irish (#496 of 522)

I am looking for Information on May (Mary Morrow) born in Berwick On Tweed around 1894, and lived in West Lothian in 1901. She Moved to Antrim with her 2 sisters Robertina and Lena and had at least 1 daughter Veronica Morrow(my Grandmother). Veronica married a Cornelius O'Leary and Lived in Arizona street and later Turf Lodge, They had six children. They never knew much about their Grandmother (May Morrow) apart from that she was living when they grew up. Any information would be nice as My Mother Ann o'Leary would like to know.


bluebell brady - 06:08pm May 16, 2013 Irish (#497 of 522)

Looking for family anyone know of James Liniell or Linnie married Mary Brophy from Kildare 1920 believe they went to Scotland. if anyone knows of them,i would love to hear from you.

Regards Theresa.


Jan M. Carr - 04:27am May 21, 2013 Irish (#498 of 522)

I am looking for the family of my great-grandmother Margaret Jane MARK who was born in Co.Antrim abt 1848. The only information I have is that she embarked on the Clipper ship Matoaka, Gravesend, London on 13 Nov. 1868 and was listed as "single, age 20, Dairy Maid, from Co. Antrim". She arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand on 9 Feb 1869 along with 7 other passengers also single from Co. Antrim. She married Walter James OLLIVER on 7 Sept. 1870 in Christchurch, NZ. They had 6 children, the history of whom I've been able to trace. The children's names mainly appeared to come from the OLLIVER family. Neither Walter nor Margaret Jane are recorded as leaving NZ and both died in NZ. My name is Jan CARR and my email address is jacknjan@clear.net.nz and I'd be most grateful for any assistance to find my early ancestors.


BREANNE BEAUREGARD - 06:00pm May 22, 2013 Irish (#499 of 522)

I was able to get as far as Marie Anne Donnelly for my 4th great grandmother born in Antrim, Northern Ireland. I would love to see if I could find out information on her and even get further information on her parents and so on....


Jerry McCauley - 05:22pm Oct 4, 2013 Irish (#500 of 522)

I am looking for Samuel Robert McCauley b: 1833 Antrim, emigrated to Pennsylvania USA 1850. d: 1912 in Iowa. Married Anna Betz b: 1844, Prussia. Died Iowa 1930.


Bob Flanigan - 06:35pm Oct 29, 2013 Irish (#501 of 522)

I am looking for information on James Flanigan born abt.1860/1870 in Antrim. Went to England and then either came home and migrated to the Us or migrated direct from England. Ended up in San Francisco Married Rose Fox and had eight children who lived.I also understand he had a twim brother who remained in Antrim. Any information would be helpful.


Don Olson - 04:40pm Nov 18, 2013 Irish (#502 of 522)

I am looking for Julie Watts Weir, from Belfast. As a little girl was part of Sara Hughes holiday for children and came to the US for six weeks. Julie stayed with us and made this trip three years, 1975, 1976, and 1977. Her Mother Sally came along the last year. Would dearly love to make contact with Julie again.

Barb and Don


andrew g s wood - 07:39pm Nov 30, 2013 Irish (#503 of 522)

There's a suggestion that Thomas Lowery (father and son of same name born abt 1820 and 1854) hails from Ballymena. The son ended up in Liverpool marrying an Ann Redmond from Wexford in 1876. Does anyone know of this family please?


Julie Waters - 01:11am Jan 29, 2014 Irish (#504 of 522)

I'm searching for my 4th great-grandfather, Archibald Waters. He was born 1782 in County Antrim, Ireland, came to America in 1816 and married Ruth Hathaway in 1817. I have the names of his 9 children, but have been unable to find the names of his parents or siblings. If you have any information, you can reach me at jwaters.acestry.search@gmail.com. - Julie Waters


Don McAllister - 03:53pm Mar 19, 2014 Irish (#505 of 522)

I am looking for info on William McAlister's roots in Ireland. William was born to John & Grace McAlister in Antrim 1790.William came to Canada 1815 -1820 and may have a brother John.


Christine Lapierre - 01:35am Mar 20, 2014 Irish (#506 of 522)

Looking for Catherine Waters from Antrim.

At her wedding with Charles Gough, she specified her parents were John and Mary (?).

The family Legend says Catherine came with her father John, but I can't trace him in the Quebec' census.

Catherine appears first in the 1851 census of Ste. Catherines of Portneuf near Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. She was listed as 15 years old and from Antrim, Ireland. She was born approximately in 1836.

Not sure her mother embarqued with them to Canada.

Does anyone has a John Waters and Mary (?) in their line, with a child named Catherine between 1835 and 1851 ?


Nancy Moore bullock - 01:36am Mar 25, 2014 Irish (#507 of 522)

I have traced my grandfather to County Antrim. It says he was born in Millrow Presbyterian church in 1655. He immigrated at some point because he died in Pennsylvania USA. His name was Thomas Moore with possibly a middle initial of L. For Lee because that was his son's name too.

It says his wife was Esther but this is all. Not sure where to look next. I presume since he was born in this part of Ireland and in a Presbyterian church, he was perhaps Ulster Irish? Any help on where to go next would be much appreciated. I am trying to find the ship he immigrated on to America, even though I'm sure this may be a daunting feat!


Debbie O'Bryan Burow - 11:20pm Apr 14, 2014 Irish (#508 of 522)

Looking for any Info on My Family. George O'Bryan b. 1890-1965 from Dervock, His Mother was Sarah Ann Daley b. 1853-1966. My Grandfather married Mary Ann Mitchell b. 1899-1978, Her Father was Alexander Mitchell b.1868 he married Agnes Christie b. 1867. They all lived in and around Ballymoney, Stranocum Ireland. Any Help would be Great my email is: swimnut2003@rogers.com Thank-You Debbie O'Bryan Burow


John Whitesr - 05:38am Apr 25, 2014 Irish (#509 of 522)

I am looking for information on my 6th Great Grandfather and Grandmother. Mathew McKenney or McKinney b. around 1712 Mary Brooks b. around 1715 They were married around 1728 and came to New England USA around 1729 As far as I can determine they lived in or around Ballymoney. Also searching for a Jean/Jenne McKinney/McKenney who may be a relative to the above. My email address is Westholm@myfairpoint.net Thank You


David Dray - 07:56pm Apr 27, 2014 Irish (#510 of 522)

I'm currently trying to trace my ancestry and have been able to trace it back to Edward Dray born in Antrim, Ireland on November 3, 1741. I believe his father was Edward Drake, but can find no further information. Any assistance is appreciated. Please send any information to: djdray@hotmail.com


J Gale - 08:52pm May 16, 2014 Irish (#511 of 522)

Does anyone have William Gibson in their family tree? The information I have is that he was born in 1748 in Broasham (Broughshane)Antrim and moved to the Bristol area. He married Nancy Cater in 1769 in Stapleton, Bristol. I am particularly interested in his Irish roots. My email address is jillpgale@hotmail.com Thank you.


Chris Hughes - 08:44pm May 20, 2014 Irish (#512 of 522)


Looking for family of Hugh McLelland married Agnes in 1833 at Carnmoney. Had at least two children, John and Margaret Jane. lso another son William born around 1853 and moved to England in late 1870s.

Many thanks,

Chris Hughes


Linda Knutsson - 04:02am Jun 9, 2014 Irish (#513 of 522)


I'm trying to trace my ancestry. James Cunningham was born in Ireland in 1827 and his father's name was David Cunningham. James was my great-great grandfather--settled in Kent, England as a young man. He married Ellen Brown in 1861, also from Ireland. They always lived in Deptford, Kent. An old census had Mary Brown (Ellen's mother) living with them. James Cunningham was a dockworker and he also was a painter. His daughter Margaret Cunningham died in 1881. James Cunningham died in 1899 in Greenwich, Kent. My email address: knutsson42@shaw.ca Thank you


Paula Paquette - 12:45am Jun 12, 2014 Irish (#514 of 522)

I'm looking for info on James McKiernan born around 1820 in Antrim Co. And moved to Canada.


Dave Holland - 12:24am Aug 11, 2014 Irish (#515 of 522)

MCALLISTER Antrim. My gfather John Mcallister born 1901 emigrated to NZ. I have as his father John Mcallister b. 1850s m. Agnes Jenkins?? His father was George Mcallister 1830s m Jane Templeton?? I am having a really hard time tracking them down and linking up with other Mcallisters. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks! kiwibookhunter@inbox.com


Jerry Hinesley - 04:59am Sep 3, 2014 Irish (#516 of 522)

I am trying to find the birthplace of my 3rd great grandfather, William Reddick who was born in 1760, also looking for his parents' names. I believe he was in Northern Ireland and possibly Antrim. As a young boy,he was bound to an older brother in the weavers' trade. He left Ireland with his parents when he was 11 years for America. Any ideas as to how I might go about my search would be greatly appreciated. hinesley123@centurylink.net Thank you, Jerry Hinesley


Cheryle Freedman - 04:24pm Oct 7, 2014 Irish (#517 of 522)

Connell-I am looking for relatives that were located in Belfast at the birth of their daughter in 1869. The daughter's name was Margaret M. Connell and the parents were Mary Corbett Connell and Owen Connell. Mary's statistics are: born: 1837 and died in 1908 in the US. I have tried searching PRONI and am not finding anything. Mary and Owen also had children named, Bertha, Nellie, Minnie and Hugh. I would welcome any ideas. Thank you! cherylefreedman@me.com


kerri tamm - 04:29pm Nov 17, 2014 Irish (#518 of 522)

I am looking for any information on the McAfee family from Antrim and or Londonderry, my great great grandfather was John McAfee b. 1817 in Ireland and married Matilda Begley in Ireland and immigrated to Quebec, Canada. Anyone please!! Kerri


janine hobson - 02:39am Nov 30, 2014 Irish (#519 of 522)

I am looking for information for my great grandfather Patrick Burke SHAW born abt 1859 Co Antrim,immigrated to South Australia from Plymouth aboard the "Airlie" in 1877aged 18 years with his brother? William SHAW aged 16 years. Patricks South Australian marriage certificate gives his father as James SHAW. Any information would be very helpful, thankyou Janine (South Australia).


Robin Gauthier - 07:30pm Dec 15, 2014 Irish (#520 of 522)

Looking for family of Dorothea Hull of Lisbern, Antrim. Parents, grandparents, etc. I have already written to the library in Antrim, and they have no records.I think the only way to find their family is by identifying grave markers, and I need someone living in Lisbern, Antrim, to do that search. A LOT of people would appreciate it very much if her family were found.


Robin Gauthier - 07:32pm Dec 15, 2014 Irish (#521 of 522)

Looking for the family of Jane Hamilton Rooney born 1704 in Antrim county. Her husband, William Thomas Rodgers, was the grandson of Dorothea Hull. Any information about her parents or grandparents would be greatly appreciated. I have already contacted the library in Lisburn, and they have no records.


John Michael Holmes - 01:32am Dec 21, 2014 Irish (#522 of 522)

John M Holmes.

Looking for the birth record of Martha Jane Connor Born: 1857 in Antrim (also shown as Amargh in English census)

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