Tipperary Roots?

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carmel dwyer - 04:55am Mar 16, 1997 Irish

We are currently trying to find the records of my great-grandfather's forebears. His name was John Dwyer and he was baptised in the Catholic churh at Cashell on 9/7/1832. His father's name was also John and his mother's maiden name was Catherine Tierney. John grew up to become a groom in the house of Lord Haywood. He eloped to Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land )with the housekeeper's daughter on 1/2/1854. We would dearly love to hear from anyone who is able to carry out a search for us or who may have some information about the family-maybe some living relatives. The e-mail address is - sdwyer @ tassie.net.au

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Pam Hodge - 02:32pm Feb 20, 2005 Irish (#41 of 127)

I am looking for Andrew DWYER and Mary McManus in Ireland, (?Tipperary) Had son John who left Ireland in ?1860's for Scotland and settled in Dundee, Scotland. A Thomas DWYER was named as a witness on John's wedding certificate ?brothers. What happened to Thomas as he didn't stay long in Scotland. Do any of the above names look familiar. Family forenames include Andrew, Peter,Charles, John, Thomas, Ann, Catherine, Mary, Margaret. ANY help would be grateful - have been searching for years!


Robyn Roylance Manfield - 02:32pm Feb 24, 2005 Irish (#42 of 127)

I am researching the life and times of Johanna (0) Dwyer who was born in Nods Town, Boherlahan about 1830. She was married to James Patrick Demspey on 10 June, 1855. Her parents were William and Mary (0) Dwyer nee Flanagan. Their children were Johanna, Mary-Anne, William, Thomas, Anne, John, Margaret, Patrick. Are there any O'Dwyers in Boherlahan that maybe connected? Regards Robyn Roylance Manfield


French-Irish - 10:09am Feb 25, 2005 Irish (#43 of 127)


Good evening,

Thank you for your answer, it is the first one I have about the O'Dwyers family. I tried to answer back but I didn't managed to send you the message. Everytime I tried I had an error message. I actually have my family tree from John O'Dwyers to myself and I read a lot about the wild geese, why they came to France and what they did here. I am of course looking for more information about my ancesters. My great aunt gave me some pieces of the army registers in which John O'Dwyers is described. What would you like to know about them ? In what way could I help you ?

Sincerely, Eva P.


Bettina Thorp - 01:37pm Feb 26, 2005 Irish (#44 of 127)

Hi, I am looking for any information about Edward Dwyer of Tipperary. He was married to Mary Ryan. Their son Edward Patrick Dwyer emmigrated about 1857 to Australia and was married to an Ellen (evelyn) Kearney (Carney) of Co. Thurles. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


alexsandra stewart - 03:23am Mar 1, 2005 Irish (#45 of 127)

Looking for Ireland connections to Michael Dwyer (b. 1800) m Mary Winnifred Cahill (b1799) abt 1826 to 1828 in Kilfeackle,Tipp. Michael was the son of William Dwyer and Ellen Allen. Mary Winnifred was the daughter of William Carey & Mary Carey. Michael & Winnifred left Ireland abt 1847 to 1849 with 4 children: Timothy, Ellen, John, Mary and relocated to Ontario, Canada. If you have any information about relatives who stayed in Ireland, would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks,


dalearnold - 03:29am Mar 21, 2005 Irish (#46 of 127)

I am looking for any information on Edmund (Edmond) Dwyer and his wife Nannie (Jennie). They lived in Sherman,Texas in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Pssibly settling here in the 1880's, Edmond was a bookkeeper and nannie was a housekeeper. Edmond also owned a Flouring mill with a man named Elisha Worrell. He was a sucessful and prominent businessman and worked for many influential firms. He died around 1914 and Nannie lived here until her death some 25 years later. They built a house at 304 N. Grand Ave. which may have been addressed on E. Pecan St. at that time as this was considered to be out of the city limits until 1909. If you have any information, or if this sounds like a long lost relative, I may have some information for you! We can be contacted at melandale@msn.com. Corrected information from my previous post. Thanks! Dale and Melissa Arnold


Donald Dwyer - 03:32am May 2, 2005 Irish (#47 of 127)

I am looking for some information on my great grandfather. I believ his name was John Dwyer, though I am not sure. I believe he was born in Ireland ( Co. Tipperary). HE emigrated to NYC around 1880 or so. He and his wife had about four children ( Rose, William - who is my grandfather and several other siblings) Those children ended up in a orphanage in New JErsey. My grand father - William Dwyer married Mary Richardson ( whose family emigrated from Clonmel) and settled in Brooklyn. My grandfather worked for the railroad. They had one child,my father ,also William Dwyer in 1926.My great aunt Rose ended up in Virginia at the end of her life. My father William Dwyer married Catherine Johnsen in 1952 in Brooklyn. They had 9 children ( Donald -thats me born in 1953, Kevin,Kathleen, Colleen,Erin,Kerry, Terence Maura,Shaune)..We moved from Brooklyn to Long Island to NewJersey, Pa, Virginia and then to Amherst NY (suburb of Buffalo) in 1971. My father passed away 7 years ago. I am Donald Dwyer married to Teresa Higgins also living in Amherst NY with our five children. Any info would be appreciated..my email is ddwyer@adelphia.net

Donald Dwyer


Helen Stapleton - 07:23am May 15, 2005 Irish (#48 of 127)

Hi, mylate husband had parents from Ireland and Iwould like to find out as much as possible for a family tree. I particularly would like any information about Edmond Dwyer who was married about 1828 at Carhue(?) and wife's name is unknown.They had 6 children;(Sarah who married a Ryan, Alice who also married a Ryan, Emily who married an English, Norah who married a Dargan, and at least two other siblings.Sarah(Dwyer)Ryan is my husband's g.g.g. grandmother which means Edmond Dwyer was his g.g.g.g. grandfather??? Other married names of the family were O'Reilly,O'Mahoney,Kelly,Slatter Treacy. My husband's mother was Elizabeth Kelly who married Michael Stapleton. They came to Australia from Cobh,Cork in the early 1920's. Alice(Dwyer)Ryan was the mother of Hannah Agnes Ryan who married Joseph Kevin Bracken. They had 4 children: Peter,Nancy(Annie?), Brendan and Kevin. Brendan Bracken went on to become Winston Churchill's right-hand man. There is quite a bit of information to be found about him on the internet. If anyone can give me any information about Edmond Dwyer and his forefathers or anything on the Stapleton side I would be very grateful. My husband's parents (Kelly and Stapleton) both came from large families, some of who migrated to the USA (Lawrence Stapleton being one) plus twins,both nuns,who went to Arizona. My email is helenstapo@yahoo.com.au


Bridget Morgan - 10:02pm Jun 3, 2005 Irish (#49 of 127)

Hello! I am hoping for some information about my great-great grandfather, Timothy Dwyer of Bantry Bay, Cork, Ireland. He lived in Bantry Bay with his wife and their four(?) children until he sent my g-g grandmother and their kids to Quebec, Canada in the latter part of the 1800's. As far as I know, Timothy stayed in Ireland and never immigrated to North America. Thank you in advance for any info.

Appreciatively, Bridget Morgan (tn-waltz@myway.com)


maureen k fowler - 12:48am Jun 18, 2005 Irish (#50 of 127)

My g-g gf Michael Dwyer was born in 1816, ? town in Ireland. He married Bridget,? last name, born 1830 in Ireland, they had a son John, b. 1856. He married Catherine Byron and lived in Somerville, Mass. Anyone know of them? Thank you, Maureen


tonya osterberg - 02:28pm Jun 22, 2005 Irish (#51 of 127)

Maureen, did your Dwyers ever move to Wisconsin. I have my ggg grandfather Michael Dwyer born 1818 in Ireland marrying Bridget born 1830 in Ireland they did have a son named John as well as: James, Andrew P., Michael, William Joseph, Mary, Denis and Catherine. If this is familiar please contact me: rtosterberg@sbcglobal.net thank you.


Helen Stapleton - 08:41am Jun 28, 2005 Irish (#52 of 127)

INformation wanted on my ancestors from Lancashire Wanting to know the parents' names of Peter Simmins born in Lancashire in 1819 and who came to Australia (Tasmania) in 1843. Do not know any more about the parents. Can anyone look up birth certificate or an early census...perhaps early 1800s? I would be extremely grateful. email : helenstapo@yahoo.com.au


Framcis Ward - 01:05pm Jul 13, 2005 Irish (#53 of 127)

Hello, My grandfather was Mark Dwyer, from Boyle, Co. Roscommon. He was born around 1880. His Sons were Mark, Michael, James, and Francis. His daughters were Bridget, Elizabeth (Lilly), Molly, and Catherine. Other surnames involved are Geelan, Nephin, Spellman, and Ward.

If anything rings a bell my e mail is frannyward@yahoo.com


Padda Spaans - 06:45am Jul 22, 2005 Irish (#54 of 127)

Hi!, My great grandmother, Anne Dwyer, was christened in Boherlahan 13 Jan 1829. She married Michael Ryan also christened Boherlahan, 16 oct 1830. They married 30 Jan 1869. Anne's parents were Patrick Dwyer and Judith Keating. Michael's parents were Michael Ryan and Mary O'Brien. My email is: irish_unicorn6@hotmail.com. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might be related. Carmel your Dwyer could be my Anne's brother. I am living in Victoria, Australia. Many thanks,



Michael James Howard - 09:08pm Sep 9, 2005 Irish (#55 of 127)

Michael Dwyer and Kitty O'Dwyer

I am trying to find more information about my Grandparents who were brnd and lived in Fetherd. They lived at 1 St Patricks Place and had May,Rita,John,Willy,Monica,Bernardette and my Mother Theresa. My grandfather died in Ireland in April 1969 and my grandmother in England 1994 if anyone can give me any information about my Irish side on me I would be most gratful. contact me a mikehoward1969@yahoo.co.uk

Kind regards



LINDSEY MARGARET CLARK - 10:15pm Oct 26, 2005 Irish (#56 of 127)

Lindsey Margaret Clark My grandmother was Margaret (O)Dwyer. Her parents were Patrick and Bridget (MacNicholas) O'Dwyer. Her sister in Ireland was Mrs. Durkin. Her brothers were Mayor William O'Dwyer of New York, Paul O'Dwyer, and a family of 11 (1 died earlier.) Natives of County Mayo, Margaret was also called Maggie Dwyer, lived in Missouri and Illinois (Chicago). Met my gr.father from Mississippi and married around turn of century." I would appreciate any leads as I am also trying to find Palus Clark, My grandfather, her husband who died on 02/22/1939. If you can shed light, please E-mail me at lindseymargaret@yahoo.com - MUCH OBLIGED Best wishes, Lindsey Margaret


Trish Buick - 12:34am Oct 29, 2005 Irish (#57 of 127)

Searching for any descendants of Nialalley Dwyer & Ellen Maher. Possibly lived at Annacarty, Ct Tipperary, Ireland. They had one daughter I know of, Ellen Dwyer-B ABT 1825 Ct Tipperary, Ireland. Ellen married in 1846 or [1850/51 on death cert],to Timothy Dwyer-B ABT 1816/17 Ct.Tipperary Ireland. Ellen & Timothy emigrated to New Zealand. Any info would be appreciated.


Sharon Carlisle - 08:05am Nov 2, 2005 Irish (#58 of 127)

I am looking for my father's family. He was born in Tipperary c.1920. He went to England and married my mother Gwendoline Kibble in Halstead, Essex in 1945. They divorced in 1950 and I have not seen him since. His mother's name was Mary! He was a truck/jcb driver. I know this is a vain hope but if anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful. Please email sharon-@fish.co.uk


Debbie Keogh - 09:28pm Jan 24, 2006 Irish (#59 of 127)

I am looking for information on my relatives Michael and Margaret Dwyer seen off to Australia as free imigrants by father Mathew County Cork,Margaret and Michael had 11 children in Austalia one an Authour James Francis Dwyer,they worked for the McCarthurs Camden Park Merino Stud,any info would be greatly apreciated of parents of Michael and Margaret in Ireland. Please email crownk@hotkey.net.au


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