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tracing ancestors

Trudy Wookey - 05:16pm Oct 12, 2006 Irish

trying to trace my family tree. Looking for a Richard Grills from Louth and an Eliza Wilson from Wicklow. They married (in England i think) in 1876 and can be found on the english census from 1881 onwards. cannot find them before this date so assume they were still in Ireland then.Any advice on how to trace them and their parents (Anthony Wilson and Sarah Thornton I think were their names )greatly received.

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Heather Murdocu-Hall - 12:16am Mar 4, 2008 Irish (#18 of 55)

Seeking descendants of Margaret BINGHAM née McELWAIN, Eliza Ann TIPPIN(G) née McELWAIN, Elizabeth STAFFORD née McELWAIN, all daughters of Richard McELWAIN & Mary McDOWELL. They were born early 1800's. Richard farmed at KILLIN, Co Louth. 3 sons, George, John & Walter Richard came to New Zealand between 1840 and 1857 where they married & settled. Fourth son Henry stayed on family farm Killin where descendants continued to live. One G.G.granson still in area. I am a g.granddaughter of Henry above & writing family history & tree.


Susan Danylik - 04:14pm Jun 9, 2008 Irish (#19 of 55)

Look for relatives of James Patrick Duffy. He was born in October 1842 in County Louth, Ireland in Parish Killsarn, near Castlebellingham. He came to the USA in 1871. Our great grandmother - Mary Ann Lynch Duffy was born in New Hampshire. but her parents Dennis Lynch and Mary Sullivan Lynch were born in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. He was born in 1831, she was born in 1825. I don't know when they immigrated to the USA. The only reason I know any of this is because my Dad and Aunt Fran's first cousin, Philip Duffy and his family, did some digging.



m.robinson - 08:25am Jul 13, 2008 Irish (#20 of 55)

Margaret Robinson I am looking for any connection to my grandmother Margaret M Hanratty b Dowdallshill Dundalk 1889 - she went to America via Boston to join her aunt Sarah Kelly in Pawtucket Rhde Island in 1905[8]. Said to have married Henry Avery . retorned to the north east of England aroud 1912/13 a widow .married again 1915 Peter Murphy.Her father was Owen Hanratty mother Mary Anne Kelly of Forkhill.If you can help I would be grateful. Thanks M. Robinson


Elayne - 07:11am Jul 25, 2008 Irish (#21 of 55)

I am aware that many pieces of information were destroyed quite so years ago but on the off-chance would anyone have any details on Partrick Drumgool (or any variation of that surname), his wife Ellen, maiden name unknown and/or their daughter Ellen. This surname is being queried in Louth as it is believed it originated from that county.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Elayne Broadmeadows Historical Society Inc. Broadmeadows Victoria Australia



Bill Reid - 01:54am Aug 18, 2008 Irish (#22 of 55)

I am searching for information on Charles Grills born probably between 1750 - 1770. He married Frances Mountford. They had a daughter named Frances who was born in 1793. Frances married James Reid, who was quite a bit younger than her, & was born in 1810. Both Frances & James left Ireland to live in Glasgow, Scotland. He was a hand loom weaver & she a seamstress. It is from Frances' Death Certificate that I have the record of who her parents were, & that her father Charles was the Captain of a sailing ship. Frances died aged 68 years in Glasgow in 1861. James died in 1874 aged 64 years. His parents are shown to have been Joseph Reid & Martha Larmer. I hope that this information is of use to fellow researchers. Best wishes. Bill Reid. Western Australia.


Pauline Fayne - 05:09am Oct 18, 2008 Irish (#23 of 55)

Looking for information on my great grandmother Theresa Duffy from co Louth , She married Thomas Lally ,an RIC sergeant. Her father was a publican in co Louth . I would be grateful for any possible leads .


eliz lambe - 06:45pm Oct 22, 2008 Irish (#24 of 55)

looking for info on margaret mckew/mccue born ireland about 1842 married patrick hollywood about 1863 children maryann 1863 michael 1866 ellen 1867 james 1869 sarah 1875 eliza 1878 pat 1880 they lived in keady near armagh would be grateful for any leads


Jean M. Ross - 08:38pm Nov 21, 2008 Irish (#25 of 55)

Looking for information on my great great great grandfather Simon Ross of Ireland. He emigrated to the USA, perhaps in 1769. His first wife was one Elizabeth Martin, believed to be born about 1740. Simon is believed to have been born about 1736. I found one Brig George, which sailed from Belfast, Ireland to Pennsylvania. It was a newsletter dated 22 Aug 1769 and stated there were 59 persons on board the ship. Two of the 59 passengers were listed as Simon Ross and his wife Eliza. Ross. I feel this Mrs. Ross could have had the maiden name of Martin. In the USA 1790 census, there were 2 Simon Ross listed, one in Pennsylvania and the other in Massachusetts. The one from Massachusetts, with the information found, was not the Simon Ross I am after. The one from Pennsylvania seems to match. I am interested in finding all that I can on both these individuals, as to what part of Ireland they came from and parents names and dates of birth of both as well as all information possible on both families. They ended up in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Simon Ross later married. It is a mystery what happend to Elizabeth Martin as to the date and place of her death. His second wife died in Washington County, Pennsylvania, but it seems that Simon Ross was buried in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and died a number of years earlier than his 2nd wife. Thank you in advance for any help provided.


kilian clarke - 01:31pm Feb 21, 2009 Irish (#26 of 55)

Looking for relatives of Patrick Francis Clarke Born Nov 4th 1902 in Dundalk Co Louth. Emigrated to Canada 1923 via Cork.

Father: John William Clarke / mother Annie Mc Keoud or Mckeoup or Mckeoun, living in 1924 at 1 Lussdoo Dundalk.

Please contact: kilian.clarke@gmail.com


kate daly - 05:37pm Mar 3, 2009 Irish (#27 of 55)

I am looking for any people called mcGinnis or McGuinness from Blackrock

kate Daly


Pauline Fayne - 04:39am Mar 17, 2009 Irish (#28 of 55)

Looking for information on peter duffy , a publican in county louth. His daughter Theresa married Thomas Lally around 1890


Joseph Bradley - 07:43pm Jul 8, 2009 Irish (#29 of 55)

Seeking any information on the Bradley or Maguire families of County Louth and County Meath (Ardee, Smarmore, Ballapousta, Mandistown, Lobbinstown) in Late 1800s. My G/Grandfather, John Bradley, operated a mill in Ardee. He died in 1896 and was buried at Ballapousta cemetery. He married Marianne Maguire who emigrated with several kids to the USA in the early 1900's. John's mother may have been a Newman. Marianne's father was a prosperous farmer in Mandistown.


Ann Boland - 06:29pm Jul 13, 2009 Irish (#30 of 55)

Hello, I am trying to find a lady who was a Miss Maura/ Mary Drumm and who was living in Dulwich, London/ Surrey in 1947/8. She was Irish, a childrens nurse and would be in her 80's now. I would be so grateful for any info. Thank you. Ann Boland.


LC1986 - 06:19pm Jul 15, 2009 Irish (#31 of 55)










Martha Warner - 01:47am Sep 18, 2009 Irish (#32 of 55)

Thomas Rooney 1810 of Carlingford Parish, County Louth, Ireland and wife Rose 1811. Their daughter Bridget (my Second GrandAunt)born 1837. Wanting to find more on the family line. Has taken me many years to get this far. Did Thomas & Rose have more children? All three (that I know of so far) came to the USA and stayed in Romulus, Seneca, NY. Bridget married John Sturges (born England) and they had five children: Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Ella, Thomas, Jennie (Jane). Mary Ann married John Bannan in NY. John's family also of Ireland. So far I do not know where. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kind reguards, Martha


Helen Mulligan Miller - 06:48pm Nov 21, 2009 Irish (#33 of 55)

Searching for Patrick Mulligan and his wife Judith (Gallaghy) - this is all I know from his son Francis' marriage reg. Francis arrived in Canada approx. 1860. The marriage reg. states he was from County Louth, Ireland and he Francis was born in 1835. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


barbara homan - 10:40pm Nov 24, 2009 Irish (#34 of 55)

mary smith born carlingord ireland 1861 anuyone related


Suzy Mcdermott - 08:46am Dec 3, 2009 Irish (#35 of 55)

Hello everyone.

I am looking more info on my great great granfather Laurence Mcdermott 1847 born Dundalk Louth, He married Margaret O'keeffee. He has a brother call George born 1845 Dundalk. Laurence Moved to Jersey and had 7 children. I will like more info on his Parents and brothers and sisters. Would like more info on Margaret too she was born 1864 waterford. Would be great if someone can help.


Suzy Mcdermott


briancdobson - 05:10pm Jan 30, 2010 Irish (#36 of 55)

My wife was born Brigid Mary Baylon (a surname spelt many different ways) in 1937 in Ardee Co. Louth, but was known there as Maisie. She is trying to trace information on her father John Baylon, born 4th January 1901. He was last heard of working in Norwich, England in 1944. Can anyone please help?



Robert Montgomery - 01:53pm Feb 16, 2010 Irish (#37 of 55)

My grandfather John James Montgomery was born in Hackballscross in 1847, his mother's maiden name being Maria Burriskeel. John's father was Hugh Montgomery, a police sergeant, born in about 1818, died youngish in the early 1860s. John was sent away to join the Royal Navy, aged 14. His widowed mother Maria may have gone to Carlingford. Does anyone know the ancestors of Maria Burriskeel, or Hugh Montgomery?


Heather M. Murdoch-Hall - 10:42pm Mar 25, 2010 Irish (#38 of 55)

Am trying to find descendants of Richard McELWAIN who married Mary Ann HUGHES of Killin, Jenkinstown Co Louth about 1800. Three McELWAIN sons George, John & Walter all came to NZ. I have this family information. Henry stayed in Ireland & the McELWAIN daughters possibly stayed in Ireland also.Help with these families would be appreciated. All born between 1800 and 1822. Mary Anne married James Lomax, Margaret married Robert? BINGHAM, Eliza Ann married ? TIPPING, Elizabeth married ? STAFFORD. Records at Ballymascanlan Church of Ireland give some details. I originally posted this request some years ago but have since found some errors, so am trying again.


mary mccoy - 03:51pm May 15, 2010 Irish (#39 of 55)

Hello I am looking for any information on James McCoy. He was born in Ardee county Louth Ireland in 1868. His father was bernard mccoy and his mother was catherine matthews. He went to America and we have been trying to trace his decendants now for a while. Any information would be great.


Blake Dickie - 01:01pm May 18, 2010 Irish (#40 of 55)

I am looking for information on Joseph Devine. B. about 1800 in Ardee area. Married Ann Nulty and moved to Canada in 1827-28


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