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O'Neill family from ?

Nelwyn Babineaux - 04:19am Jun 2, 2004 Irish

Am researching my gggrandparents, John O'Neill who married a Susannah ? Have located them in KY & IN, USA. But need help with getting them back to Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Nelwyn Babineaux

Kellie Keen - 04:27am Feb 26, 2005 Irish (#1 of 8)

I am researching my husband's O'NEIL family. Edward O'NEILL married a lady by the name of Charlotte O'BRIEN, I have NO other information on them except that they had a son named Charles O'NEILL b 1830 Tasmania, Australia. Charles O'NEILL married a young Irish immigrant by the name of Mary BUTLER b 1840, Tipperary. Ireland. They were married in 1858 at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney. Australia. They had many children I've been told, though I have only the one name, who is Charles Edward O'NEIL b 5 sept 1862, Little Plain, NSW. Australia and died 4 May 1950. Charles Edward married a lady by the name of Isabella Ada Althea PYE b 12 Sep 1870 and died 31 Jan 1951. In total Isabella and Charles had 17 children, though only 15 survived. My husband's great grandmother was child number 12...Ruby Ester O'NEIL. I've been told from a source that NO information on Edward O'NEILL can be found in Tasmania, Australia or over in Ireland, which makes us to believe that maybe he changed his name to O'NEILL (for what ever reason). If you have ANY information at all regarding this I would really love to hear from you. Thanks! Kellie


Sonya Fryer - 03:55am Apr 3, 2006 Irish (#2 of 8)

I am researching an GGGGgrandparent called Bridget O'Neill. She is sometimes also listed as Margaret. All I know so far is that she was born in 1821 and was in a County Cork Orphanage until 1833 when Lady De Bathe organised or was involved in an emmigration scheme for young ladies to work abroad. Bridget was sent via Liverpool on the Edward Colston in June 1833 to Tasmania. She married James Brown in Tasmania in 1839 and moved to Victoria, Australia. She may also have a brother called Michael. If you have any info at all that might be relevant I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Sonya. email: andyfryer@iprimus.com.au


Tom O'Neil - 12:44am Oct 25, 2006 Irish (#3 of 8)

I am looking for my gggrandparents origin in Ireland. James O'Neill (father John/mother Martha) married Mary Keenan (father Arthur/mother Jane) about 1846. 2 children born in Ireland- son John (b.1847) and a daughter Anna (.1848)before leaving for Rye, New York about 1849. Then children Mary (b.1850), Jane (b.1856), Thomas (b.1862), and Julia (b.1864) all born in Rye, New York. Thanks, Tom O'Neil ( we.five@verizon.net )


Kristine - 03:04am Oct 8, 2007 Irish (#4 of 8)

I am looking for James O'Neill who married Joanna Fitzpatrick sometime before 1840. I would like to know what county in Ireland James was from. Joanna was from Wexford County, Ireland. They settled in Southern Indiana, USA.


cullisfamily - 03:35am Oct 31, 2010 Irish (#5 of 8)

I am looking for information on a Thomas or John O'Neill who married Catherine Hayes, they had a daughter Bridget who married Matthew Nunan in Australia,


Rita Hill - 08:39pm Jan 15, 2011 Irish (#6 of 8)

My great grandfather, Patrick O'Neill came from Northern Ireland. He first went to Australia with two brothers (possibly John, Hugh, James or Joseph)not sure if they were convicts. When they left Australia, Patrick came to America and settled in Berkeley, California were he married Julia Curran from Quebec, Canada. His brothers supposedly went back to Ireland. Any information on this family would be appreciated.


Leslie Neal - 06:05pm Mar 13, 2011 Irish (#7 of 8)

Looking for information on William Neal from Ulster Ireland born approximately 1736. In records from US census the name was spelled Niell and family folklore says that the O was dropped. William was married to Mary Catherine Reynolds born approx. 1735 also from Ulster Ireland, father was John Reynolds. Any information on eithers County of origin in Ireland would be appreciated. larue_1969@yahoo.com


catherine Jordan - 05:59pm Nov 20, 2013 Irish (#8 of 8)

I am looking for my eldest brother Edward o'neill ,son of Edward McGarvey and Janet Burns McArthur,Jeffrey ,o'neill of Glasgow now deceased.edward had a son called Micheal Edward and was last heard of in Livingston west lothian.We believe he could now be living in Ireland ,there have been many changes within the family and need to contact Edward asap.i am desperate for information and due to time passed already he needs to know more about existing family members any information please direct to CathsKatz@hotmail.co.uk

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