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Donegal Roots?

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[Outline]  [D] 1790?Thomas Murray (11 messages)
[Outline]  [D] 1860s Cragy, Letterkenny Marriage (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] 41 Main Street, Donegal (51 messages)
[Outline]  [D] A John O'Gallaher (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] acresdort dongal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Agnew From Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Alcorns of Glenalla (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Alexander McClure (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Alexander Sweeney & Elizabeth Garthlan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] anderson (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Andersons of Lismullaghduff, Castlefin, o. Donegl (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Andrew Bratton of Donegal, 1686 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Ann Cavanagh - Portadown - 1840's (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] anny far and near donegal (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Any information on Magees in Donegal? (22 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Anyone know any Byrne Family (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] ANYONE KNOW CURRAN'S FROM DONEGAL (35 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ashe family of Convoy (20 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Atkinson Family Ballyshannon, Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Barr and Milarkey ( Larky ?) (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Batsford DILL (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] BEST family (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bill Mitchell Mitchells in Castlefinn (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] blown rock, donegal. (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bonar/Boner from Townland of Sessiagh Long (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bonnar / Burgess/ Toppin of Aughygalt Beg (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Boyd (new)
[Outline]  [D] BOYLE and McFADDEN (25 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BOYLE Dungloe (14 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Boyle from Teelin, Donegal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] BRADLEY'S OF MEENBANE, KILLYGORDON (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bradley, Daniel & Domnic, StrawMountain,Letterkenny (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Brennan's so complicated this family research!!! (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Breslin, Boyle, Nesbit (49 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Breslin, William (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Breslins of Carndonagh (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bridget Fielding and John Clark (new)
[Outline]  [D] briget gallagher (new)
[Outline]  [D] BROGAN Labbadish,Manorcunningham,Raymoghey,Corkey (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BROWN / McGURK (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] brown/ewing/porter/tait/stewart -donegal (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Burns(maybe sp. Byrnes originally) family from Donegal (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Byers / Byres John (new)
[Outline]  [D] Byrne Family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CAFFERTY/MCCAFFERTY (27 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CAFFERTY/MCCAFFERTY (15 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CALDERBANKS (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Caldwells? (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Caldwells? (new)
[Outline]  [D] Calhoun, Nobles, Ewing near Raphoe, Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] callan/collins (new)
[Outline]  [D] Callan/McAdams of Fortstewart (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CAMPBELL , ELLEN b. 1876 Donegal emigrated to USA abt 1881 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Campbell/Grove (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Carey-Lowery-Lynch (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CAROLAN OF DONEGAL (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Carr Family from Pettigo (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Carr/Karr/Kerr Family Old Town Letterkenny (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cathleen Cassidy (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Catholic Clery 1840's (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Charles Greer, Dunfannaghy, Donegal, born ?1795-1806 (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Charles Mooney - Co Donegal (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Coburn Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] COLHOUNS From Cullen Boy, Barnesmore (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] collins/callan (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] colquhoun family (29 messages, 1 new)
[Outline]  [D] CONAGHAN (15 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CONAGHAN, Hugh married Grace McCLAFFERTY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] CONBOY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Connolly's of Raphoe (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cornelius Mahaffey, Donegal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Coventry in Donegal? (new)
[Outline]  [D] coyle/friel/brannan/ramelton/donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Coyles from Falcarragh (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cunningham (new)
[Outline]  [D] curnelius bonnar o' reilly (new)
[Outline]  [D] curran (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Daniel C. O'Donnell (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Daniel McGarvey (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] David Johnston (1768-1841) (new)
[Outline]  [D] davies (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Deeney (Deeny) who married Dohertys (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DEVENNY Family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Devine (new)
[Outline]  [D] Devitt, McDevitt, McDavitt (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DINSMORE of COUNTY DONEGAL (11 messages)
[Outline]  [D] diver (19 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Divers In Clonleigh Parish/Lifford Raphoe (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Doherty/Docherty (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Doherty/Docherty-------Gallacher /Gallocher (38 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DOHERTYS (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DOHERTYS MULLIERS (21 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donegal Family Names (299 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donegal Showbands 1920s/30 (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donegal, Clonmany--Gortfad (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donnelly (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] DORIAN/DORIEN (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dowgrays/ Dougrays of Donegal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Downing Family, Donegal, Ireland 1784 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Duffys from Letterkenny (16 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dunleavys of Ardara (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dunn or Dunne Ancestors (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dunnion and Duffy from Clondavaddog Parish (new)
[Outline]  [D] DYMPNA MCDONALD (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Edward Collins and Annie Kelley or Kelly****Donegal area**** (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Elliott, Bernard (Barnabus) (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Falconbridge family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Farrens (new)
[Outline]  [D] FAULKNER, COOLEY, MOVILLE, CO. DONEGAL (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fawcett/Faucett (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ferguson Family of Dunfanaghy (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Ferguson Family Ture Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ferrell (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ferry, Magee, Craig, Doherty in Londonderry? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Finn Valley area (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Flax Grower Arthur Carney - Flax Trader l796 (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fort Stewart (new)
[Outline]  [D] Friar/Frier/Fryer Co Donegal (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Friel line (69 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fullerton's of Ramelton (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Furey family Info needed (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gahagan, Thomas b. 1715 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher - Savage
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher / McGrice (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher Family Lefinn Dungloe (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher, Gerrity (34 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher, Mary (Magy) Donegal Relief Fund 1859 (from 'Cloneely') (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GALLAGHER-(also ref. O’Neill, McSweeney, Hegarty, Smyth, Kelly, Gurman, McDaid, Hone, Cassidy, McCon (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Gallagher/O'Hara (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gallaghers from Ardfarn, Bundoran (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gardiner, Andrew (new)
[Outline]  [D] GARRETT MAGEE (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gill, James (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gillespie, Joseph Emanuel (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gillespie, Patrick and Mary Campbell (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gills from Gortad,Clonmany, Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gilmore (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gilvarry which is the same as Gilvary (Bundoran) (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Glackin Family (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gleason or Gleeson Family History (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Gorman, Hugh (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GORMAN, Thomas & McGILL, Mary (new)
[Outline]  [D] Graham Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Greer/Grier, Patterson: Dunfanaghy, Renclevin, Clondahorky (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gurley, Thomas family (new)
[Outline]  [D] HAMILL (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Hanlons of Dungloe Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Haper/Farren (new)
[Outline]  [D] Harkin family/ in Donegal 1840-1880 (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Harron's in donegal (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Herrell , Hirrell , Herrald, DNA (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Herrity/ Heraghty (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hirrel - Ruddy Family (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Holmes of Holmes's Town (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] HOOD'S FROM DONEGAL CO (new)
[Outline]  [D] Houston, Alexander son of Michael & Mary Sweeney Houston (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] HUGHES, BROWN (new)
[Outline]  [D] Huston, Houston, Haston, Dever (new)
[Outline]  [D] Hutchinson (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] I am looking for people with the Bonner Surname in and around Burtonport, CO Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Irish Orphan Girls (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Jackie - Looking for the name of Mcelhinney (14 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Jackie asks. How can I track down a Baptism certificate? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] jackson family (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James and Mary Loughrey / Michael son Bridget mother (new)
[Outline]  [D] James and Mary O'Donnell (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Brogan Schoolmaster by Michael Brogan (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James E Hagerty (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Ewing (1785-1869) of Drumgumberland, Mageracorran, or Convoy (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] james isaac silvester o'donnell (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James Kelly (circa 1838) (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James McNanamy (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Quinn Ballyshannon (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Scanlin/Scanlon/Scanlan & Mary Byrne (s) Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Jeremiah Kennedy Regan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Jeremiah Kennedy Regan (new)
[Outline]  [D] JESSE SCOTT (NEE STODDART) (new)
[Outline]  [D] JIM MCCARRON BALLEYBOFEY BORN 23/12/1895 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] joesph and matilda kirkpatrick (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] John Armstrong, Dromore. (new)
[Outline]  [D] John McFadden (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] John McGlynn & Grace Gallager - Letterbrick Kilteevoge (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] John McLachlan
[Outline]  [D] John McLaughlin/Ann Given (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] John McMearty (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] JOHN MURPHY ELLEN MURPHY NO:228 BUNDORAN 1911 (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Noble from Donegal (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Johnston of Tullybrook, County Donegal (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] joyce hart (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kathleen Margaret Gillespie (new)
[Outline]  [D] KAVANAGH/DOHERTY (new)
[Outline]  [D] Keatley/Keatly (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Kelly Family Search from Clonmany, Donegal (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kennedy Clan (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kernan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kerr's & Budd's (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kiernan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] killymard (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] KINNEY or Kenny, Brigit (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lafferty (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lahert family ties (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Leckey, Lecky Thomas (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Letterkenny (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] logue (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Logue Michael (new)
[Outline]  [D] longs of churchill (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOOKING FOR "KEYES" FAMILY MEMBERS. (10 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking For (FOX) Family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for a ? MCGINNESS(SP?) married to MARY ELLEN O'ROURKE of Drumkeeran. (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Bridget Dougherty (sp?) from Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Gallen & Kearns family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Gilmartins (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Grace Langan m. Hugh Gallagher/Gallacher (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Info on James Knox (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for james william meehan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for mary McIver who married John Meechan, I think they were from Bundoran and Donegal or Sli (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for McCorriston (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Mooneys from Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking For The Patterson From Letterkenny (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Lookinng for relatives Devitt, McDevitt, McDavitt (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOST MCGEE'S PRIOR TO AND BEYOND 1845 (11 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOUGHREY (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOUGHREY, MURDOCK (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Lovick Newton MaGuire/McGuire (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lucas - George and Margt (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lynch / O'Donnell (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Lyons Family/ Rathmelton Late 1700's Early 1800's (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] MacGahee, McGahee, mostly MAGAHA in old records (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Madden Family - Ramelton, Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] Maguire/McGuire in Donegal (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Malloys from Clonca? (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Maraghy or Maraghey of Donegal 1860 - 1870s (new)
[Outline]  [D] Maria Dever to Canada 1854 (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Coane.1860-1917 (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Jane Clarke from Ballintra (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Veronica Brown (new)
[Outline]  [D] Matthew Ferguson (new)
[Outline]  [D] Maureen Aitken (new)
[Outline]  [D] mc aleny (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] mc cafferty of ballybofey
[Outline]  [D] Mc Connigly's of Legboy (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mc Dermott (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mc Donagh (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] mc monagles of killygortin donegal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McAna in Mount-Charles (new)
[Outline]  [D] McAninley/ Bonner (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McAteer/McIntyre Family Stranorlar, Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McBay (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McBrearty (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McBrearty's from Stragar, Killybegs (new)
[Outline]  [D] McBrides in Donegal (16 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCafferty/ Begley (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mccafferty/Breslin/Meehan/Doherty (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCaffrey, Edward born County Donegal Jan 1838 (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McCallion (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] mccarren (mccarron) (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCarrick/Browne - Convoy, Castlefin (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McCarron, Jordan, Carr, Mcgroary families in Ramelton Co. Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCauley family from County Donegal (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McClafferty (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McColl and McGlynn (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCollum-Grant (new)
[Outline]  [D] McConeghy (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McConnell/Gallagher (10 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McConochie (new)
[Outline]  [D] McCool (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCorkell (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCormick (McCormack) Family Castlefin, Donegal. (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCoy, John 1764 (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCreary's of Castlefin, Co. Donegal, Eire (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McCutcheons from Donegal (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McDade some were in raphoe district and surrounding areas (new)
[Outline]  [D] McDavitt (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McDevitt (new)
[Outline]  [D] McDonagh in Claudy, Derry; Carey in Moville, Donegal (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McDyre (new)
[Outline]  [D] McDyre (new)
[Outline]  [D] McElroy's and O'Donnell's in Donegal (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McElwee, Andrew 1835-1893 from Ardara Donegal (new)
[Outline]  [D] McFadden (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McFadden Family Tree (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McFaddens of Donegal (53 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McFadyens, McCallums and Campbells, 1794-1840s (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] mcgaughrin...do you know this name? (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mcgillen (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McGinley Family (29 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGinnes Sarah (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mcginty & Devine (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McGlenchy, James and Ellen (new)
[Outline]  [D] McGONAGLE - Doaghmore, Figart, Isle Of Doagh, Clonmany, Inishowen, Co.Donegal, Ulster, Ireland (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McGonagle/McConagle (23 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGough (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] MCGRANAHAN / varients- Doobellogh (new)
[Outline]  [D] McGroarty (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGrory/McRorys in Buncrana/Donegal? (11 messages)

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