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Galway Roots?

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[Outline]  [D] 09 Culkin Katie Turloughmore (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] 09 Dempsey Norah Turloughmore (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] 1 Anglicized Conversion (Hansberry/O'hAinmhire) ??? (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] 1843 - Thomas Walsh (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] 1901 census? (24 messages)
[Outline]  [D] ?Killicare, Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] A FISHING VILLAGE ON THE RIVER SUCK (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Abraham, Glynn, Quinaltagh Dunmore (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] AHERN & FOY Family Search (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] am I in the right place?? (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Anna Staunton nee Knight (new)
[Outline]  [D] Baker Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Barkins or Culkeen (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] barrett family (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bartley O'DONNELL, Carna (Moyrus) parish (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Batholomew McDonough & Celia Sullivan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Berry/Lacey-c.abt.1850 (new)
[Outline]  [D] birth mum (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BLUNDELL, Margaret Loughrey (new)
[Outline]  [D] BODKINS (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BOYLE (new)
[Outline]  [D] Bradley or Bridgeman? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Brady (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BRENNAN of Oranmore, Co. Galway (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Brennan, Harty, Burns of Oranbeg/Oranmore (new)
[Outline]  [D] Bridget Doorey, born 1832 (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bridget Pender born 1829 in galway county (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] BRODER or BRODERICK and DYNAN or DIGNAN (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BURKE, CORNELIUS--IRISH born (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] burns family (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cady/Keady (18 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Caffery Ellen/Helen (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Cahalan Families (new)
[Outline]  [D] cain caine cane kain kaine kane (35 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Callanan Family in Galway (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Can anyone help me? (new)
[Outline]  [D] CANAVAN Families (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CANNON FAMILY (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Carna, Roundstone, Clifden, Galway (25 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Carney family (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Carney/Kearney Edward (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Carr Family (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Catherine Clarke (new)
[Outline]  [D] Catherine Clarke and Patrick Cavanagh/Kavanagh of Ballinasloe (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cavanaugh of Woodford, Loughrae, Ireland (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Churches in Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Churchill - Murphy Families from Galway (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Clancys' of Galway (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Clark(e) and Connor (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Clarke from Ballygar/Killeroran/Killian (new)
[Outline]  [D] Clarke,Maria (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] clisham/chisholm/davis (new)
[Outline]  [D] cloonee castlerer road is this a street name (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Coan Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Coen's (18 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Coleman Folan (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] COLLERAN? (30 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Collins of Galway (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Collins, Carney, Mitchell, Mannion (new)
[Outline]  [D] Comerford/Flaherty/McDonagh in Lettermullen (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] comers (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] comers (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Conan Its your Dad, contact me (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] CONBOY (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Concannon Family (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Connair (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Connaughton (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CONNEELY FAMILY IN GALWAY CITY (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CONNELL _ CUNOLE (new)
[Outline]  [D] CONNELLY of Cloonfayne, Dunmore Parish (25 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Connolly/Connelly (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CONNOLLY/CONNELLY/CONNEELY (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CONNOLLYS 1870s & before... (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] COOHILL (new)
[Outline]  [D] COOKE, John B. b. abt 1841 (new)
[Outline]  [D] COOKE, John, Kilkieran, Connemara, Co. Galway (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Copperwhite (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CORBETT, 1800-Present, Clifden, Co. Galway (20 messages)
[Outline]  [D] COSTELLO family IRE->ENG->US (NJ NY) (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] County Galway Help Offered (147 messages)
[Outline]  [D] COY & McMAHON (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Coyne and Foley Families from Culleen, Galway Area (new)
[Outline]  [D] Coyne/Geraghty Descendents in Rocmuc area? (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Coyne/Loftus Galway Mayo (new)
[Outline]  [D] Coynes/Connors from Galway (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Creavens or Cravens in Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Cullen / McCormick Familes - Ahascragh C1820 > (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CUMMINS from Galway (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] cunniffe (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cunniffe, Elizabeth Agnes (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CURLEY (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Curran and Ruane (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cusack in Ballygar (new)
[Outline]  [D] Daley? (new)
[Outline]  [D] Daly of Kilglass House (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Daniel Connolly (new)
[Outline]  [D] Darcey or Darcy (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Delamore/Delmore in Corofin, Co. Galway, Ireland-What Records Available (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Devany/O'Shaughnessy of Gort (new)
[Outline]  [D] devine (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dolan and Kelly (new)
[Outline]  [D] DOLANS ESKER GLENAMADDY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] DONNELLY, FARRELL, FINNEGAN. (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dooley - John Patrick/Robbins - Mary (new)
[Outline]  [D] Douglas Women (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Duffy - Curran - Herward (Clonbur, Galway, Ireland) (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Elizabeth Margaret Lyons (new)
[Outline]  [D] Ellen (Connor) Brennan? of Oughterard & San Francisco (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Ellis / Dolan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Enquiry - Thomas and Bridget Egan (nee Ahern) (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Everall (new)
[Outline]  [D] FAHEY (27 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fahy, Farrell (30 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fallon from Polkeen (new)
[Outline]  [D] Farrells of Beagh (new)
[Outline]  [D] FEENEY of Galway (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Feeney- Spiddal to Maryland USA 1866 (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] finding current family members (53 messages)
[Outline]  [D] FINERON (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Finneran Family of Ballinisloe (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fitzpatrick (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Flaherty/Mullen/O'Donnell families of Inishmore, Aran (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Flaherty/O'Connor (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] FLANAGAN, Patrick married Ellen Quin 1830s? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Fleming (or Flemming) (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] FOLAN, Pat of Moyrus, Connemara, Co. Galway (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Foley and Coyne from Culleen, Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Forde/Carroll Tuam (18 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Francis Family (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] freaney surname (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] fuery (O'Fiura) (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] FUREY Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gallaghers of Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gallaghers of Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Galley, Maud Mary (new)
[Outline]  [D] Galway hospital (new)
[Outline]  [D] Galway O'Connor / Lally relatives (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gannan's/Gannon's (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gantley - Patrick? (new)
[Outline]  [D] GARRETT MAGEE (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gavin & Whyte In MountBellew (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] GEARY, John B (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GEOGHEGAN, GEOGHAN, GAOGHAGAN, GARGAN et al (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GEORGE GLOSTER (new)
[Outline]  [D] GEORGE PRICE (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Geraghty Family of Woodford, Loughrae, Ireland (new)
[Outline]  [D] Geraghty/Curran/Hough (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gilday/Corcoran (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gillespie, 1887 born. Ballina (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gills of Inishmore (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GILMOUR, John of Oranmore, Co. Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Glynn-Dougherty /Reddington-Hosty (Mullins, Connelly,Mullarky,Lynch,Ruane) (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Greeley/Greely Corrandulla, Annaghdown, Galway (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Griffin or Noone ancestors or relatives (new)
[Outline]  [D] Hamilton Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] hanify's from galway? (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hanley (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] HANLEY/LALLY (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hansberry (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hardiman,Ahascragh,Ballybaun. (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hart, John (died 1906) and Julia (died 1905) in Ballinasloe? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hassetts of Toomevara/Brien O'Callaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Haverty/Hafferty of County Galway (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Havican (new)
[Outline]  [D] Healy info (new)
[Outline]  [D] Help needed Please !!!! (new)
[Outline]  [D] Help Offered: Galway Town areas, Claddagh, Headford & Connemara (94 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Help Please finding Annie. (new)
[Outline]  [D] Henry, Michael, Death record? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Higgins family from Kilcornan, Co Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] HOSTY of Cloonfane, Dunmore Parish (new)
[Outline]  [D] Houlihan/Houlighan Relatives from the Aran Islands and/or Galway?? (new)
[Outline]  [D] HOWE (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] HOWLEY MARGARET / MARTIN (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Hynes/McLean/McEvoy/Kenny (15 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Im looking for ancestors and decndants of Michael osullivan and mary mccue / mchugh (new)
[Outline]  [D] Information on Glassillaum (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Information on Peter Gallagher - Galway? (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Clancey & wife Sabina Holleran /Co.Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] james morrison in ballymacward (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Donohue (Donohoe, donoghue), Catherine Mitchell (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Hercules Finnigan 1787 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] John Lambert 1834
[Outline]  [D] John Malley & Magaret Coyne (new)
[Outline]  [D] John McDonnell & Mary Hynes 1800's Ballinasloe (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] JORDAN, Sabina or Oranmore, Co. Galway (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Josh Blake (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Joyce Ancestors (82 messages)
[Outline]  [D] JOYCE, LEONARD, MCDONOUGH (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Joyce, Martin, Lynch, Gibbons, Nee, etc. (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kane (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] KEANE BULLAUN (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Keans of Castle Ffrench Killosolan (new)
[Outline]  [D] keaveney (new)
[Outline]  [D] Keenan Family (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kelly Relatives in Galway (47 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kelly/McInerney (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Kemmy, Patrick (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kennedy, Burke Roots (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kenney or Kinney (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kerigans (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kerr's & Budd's (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kilcommins - HELP! (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kilcommons of Galway (16 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kilcooley's from Carrabane, Peters'Well (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Kilgariff (12 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Killcommins Family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Killeenadeema, County Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Killeens of Galway (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Killererin (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kilmartin Family from Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] KING . FEENEY , GALWAY IRELAND (24 messages)
[Outline]  [D] KING, Winnie of Moyrus, Connemara, Co. Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Kinsella from Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] LANGLEY family from Loughrea (new)
[Outline]  [D] laundry in Galway c1910 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Laurencetown, Galway Folan, Taaffe, Martin (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] LAWLESS- Galway to NJ and NY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Lawrence Lohan
[Outline]  [D] Layden/Blake info? (new)
[Outline]  [D] LEE family: Where have they all gone to? (11 messages)
[Outline]  [D] leonard (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] location of Ballyduggan (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Edward Mullarkey relatives (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking For (FOX) Family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for any Garrity's in Galway (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for barry davis
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Concannon (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Glynn's Co Galway (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Hasty's in Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for info on Dennis Daniel Lynch b 12/13/1838 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for info on Martin Kerin (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for info on McTiegue O'killia b. 1619 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Malachy Clinton and Kate Noon (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Mary Green-Tuam-Glaway (new)
[Outline]  [D] LOOKING FOR MICHAEL CONNOLLY (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for o'Halloran (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Taylors (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Treacys (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Winnie Vahey (1872 - Belmont, Galway) relatives (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lorne of Galway, Keenan, Mckeon,Webb (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lorne of Galway, Keenan, Mckeon,Webb (new)
[Outline]  [D] Loughney in Taum (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOUGHREY, Margaret (new)
[Outline]  [D] LUKE or JUDITH HACKETT, McGRATH, Galway Bay (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lyden from Clifden (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Lydon's/O'malley's from Galway (17 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Madden (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mahon (new)
[Outline]  [D] MAHON/MCMAHON (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mahon/Mcmahon (new)
[Outline]  [D] Malachy Francis Byrne, born 1825 in Co. Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Malone - Ballinasloe (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Malone, Patrick (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Manning & Ryan Families of Ballanakill, Co Galway (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] MANNING John (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mannion (Manion) John (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mannion's - Cloonabricka Co. Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mannions from Galway (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Margaret Murphy b. 1904/5 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Maria Moran and Patrick McGuinness/McGinnis (new)
[Outline]  [D] MARISA SALTHILL GALWAY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Martin family of Curraghmore, Co Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Martin Gallagher, Peterswell (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Martin Holland from Loughrea (new)
[Outline]  [D] MARTIN QUINN (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Ellen O'Donnell Davis (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Flaherty/ Reilly born 1899 (new)
[Outline]  [D] mary gibbons (new)
[Outline]  [D] mary gibbons (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Ruane (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Shanahan br 1834 Co Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] MASTERSON (new)
[Outline]  [D] Matthew Healey + Mary Mullins (new)
[Outline]  [D] Matthew Michael O'Shaughnessy (new)
[Outline]  [D] MATTHEWS
[Outline]  [D] Mawbey/Slater in Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] McCashen, Neil (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCoy James Andrew born 1873 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McDermott, James - Galway - b. 04 JUL 1804 (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McDermott, Woodford and Ballarat (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McDonald/MacDonnell Spiddal, Galway - Quinn, Cady/Keady, Lettermore any relatives out there (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGinley / O'Donnell (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] MCGINTY (new)
[Outline]  [D] McGraths in Galway City 1860s (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] MCHUGH FAMILY (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] MCKEON / MOONEY (new)
[Outline]  [D] McLaughlin and Kelleher (new)
[Outline]  [D] mclaughlin callahan family (new)
[Outline]  [D] McLaughlin Margaret descendant of John and Catherine (new)
[Outline]  [D] McLaughlin/McLoughlin (new)
[Outline]  [D] MCNELIS (new)
[Outline]  [D] McTighe, William Elwood (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McVea Family from Galway (new)
[Outline]  [D] Meelick (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] MEELICK CO, GALWAY/MANION/MANNING (3 messages)

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