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Monaghan Roots?

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[Outline]  [D] Aghadreenan Townland, Donaghmoyne Parish - Walsh/Welsh and McArdle families (16 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ancestors Patrick Mccabe and Mary Duffy (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Andrew and/or John Lytle Ballybay info (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Annie and Patrick McKetterick of Carrickmacross (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Aughnamullen / Lough Egish, Co. Monaghan (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Barnwell/ McKenna Families (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bartholomew Hartnett (new)
[Outline]  [D] Bell, Elizabeth; b.~1811 Clones (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Blayneys of Castleblayney (13 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Bowes Family (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BOYD, MCCRUDDEN, WOODS, WRIGHT (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Boylan's from Carrickmacross (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Boyles Keaskin McGovern Doora Shantonagh Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Bradley from Monaghan (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] BRANNAGANS FROM BALLYBAY (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Brannigan (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Brennan Lemgare (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Briggs & Kirkwood Roots (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Bros. Patrick and John Bernard Smith, Carrickmacross (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Budd's & Kerr's, info needed (new)
[Outline]  [D] BYRNE-GALLAGHER (new)
[Outline]  [D] Byrne/Feely (22 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Callan family in Carrickmacross (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Can anyone help us with James Clerkin. (new)
[Outline]  [D] Carey / Keary family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Carolan's of Monaghan & Louth (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Carrick/Karrick from Ireland to Rappahanic VA USA in 1600's (new)
[Outline]  [D] Carroll/Kirk (new)
[Outline]  [D] carrolls of ballybay (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] CASEY ....BOYLE (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CASSIDY, JOHN OR CATHARINE (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] catherine mullen of clones1814 (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] catherine mullen and isacc presho or prussia, (new)
[Outline]  [D] Catherine Murphy of Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Caulfield / Carr or Kerr Families of Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Chambers, James and Elizabeth (nee ???) (new)
[Outline]  [D] CLARK (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Clerkin & McCabe married 1881............. (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cole, Bell, Brown, Heatherington, Boyd, Coates, Cathcart, Martoine, Moore, Rae (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Collins from Clontibret (new)
[Outline]  [D] Colton (new)
[Outline]  [D] Connolly (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Connolly (47 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Connolly Ann & John Evans (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] CONNOLLY....COOK (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Cooper (new)
[Outline]  [D] CORBETT, Ballybay, Co.Monaghan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Corrigan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Coulter - Monaghan - Diamond (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Craig Family
[Outline]  [D] Crawford/Bethal with Monaghan Roots (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Crone of County Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] crosby of carrickmacross (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] CUMMISKEY ...CARR (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cundelan or Cundelon (new)
[Outline]  [D] Curlew/Rowley (new)
[Outline]  [D] Curley family. (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Cush-Curran (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DALY, Catherine born around 1853 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DALY, CAULFIELD, McNALLY, COLLINS (15 messages)
[Outline]  [D] DEERY - Clones (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Dignam's of Castleblaney (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donagh (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Donnelly/Keegan- Emigrated 1850 (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Dowdall from Castleblayney (new)
[Outline]  [D] Drum family,24 Market Street,Co.Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Duffy (new)
[Outline]  [D] DUFFY John Thomas (new)
[Outline]  [D] Duffy, Mary Ann/McSkeane, James (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Duffy/Gregory (27 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Durnan / Durnin Thomas m. Anne McPhillips 1880 Edergole Co. Monaghan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] ECCLES / MCCLUSKEY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Edgars in Castleblayney and NI border area. (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Edward Flanigan of CO Monaghan married a Donnelly (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Edward McCabe b.1767, emig. to USA bef. 1797 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Elliott's (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Evans John & Ann Connolly (new)
[Outline]  [D] FAGAN/HANRATTY (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Family of James Hughes & Margaret McShane (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Family of Patrick McCabe.....Carn,Co Monaghan..............1850.........Family of Mr ? Clerkin Corma (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Fanning, Catherine (new)
[Outline]  [D] Faulkner - (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Faux's of Clones (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Felix McCABE (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Felix McCabe Dawson Grove (new)
[Outline]  [D] Felix Nugent in Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Finn, Bernard and Michael - County Mohaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Finnegan/Fee from Carrickmacross (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] FINNEGANS OF BALLYBAY MONAGHAN (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] FLEMING (new)
[Outline]  [D] Fleming - Alice Eva (new)
[Outline]  [D] FLEMMING Family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Floody ????? (new)
[Outline]  [D] FOX Clan-Clontibret, Co. Monaghan (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Francis McCabe & Margaret Martin (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GARRETT MAGEE (new)
[Outline]  [D] GARTLAN FAMILY - (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Geo. Stewart to Canada early 1800s (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Gibson family 1901 and 1911 census (new)
[Outline]  [D] GILLESPIE/SODEN/LOVE- Connie Gillespie conniegillespie@yahoo.com (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gillespies of Stonebridge, Clones (new)
[Outline]  [D] gilliland (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gilliland, Gillelan (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] GILLILAND...MAXWELL (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gilmore's of Castleblaney County, Monaghan (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Gleason or Gleeson Family History (new)
[Outline]  [D] Granville (new)
[Outline]  [D] GREENAN / BAXTER / McHRAYN (new)
[Outline]  [D] Greer married turner (new)
[Outline]  [D] Grogan and Duffy (new)
[Outline]  [D] Gunn family in Co Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Gwendolen Muriel Bright (new)
[Outline]  [D] HAMILTON, Henry Lindsay (c.1839-1915) (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Hammond. George - Drumavaddy and Corrinshigo (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] HAND family from Castleblaney (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hand, Collins, Delaney, families of Co. Monaghan and Tyrone? (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hazlett / Henry Brackley Castleblayney (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Hegan, James, Martha Jane, Fergus, Arthur, Susan, Maggie Jane, James (new)
[Outline]  [D] HILL, JOHN and family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Holden's & Presino of Aghnamallagh (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] HOLMES...DINGWALL (new)
[Outline]  [D] HUGHES Family of Castleblaney (11 messages)
[Outline]  [D] I'm looking for ?Cavanagh?? family or similar..
[Outline]  [D] Irwin or Erwin (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James Brogan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] James Clerkin Of County Monaghan. (new)
[Outline]  [D] James Connolly Family tree 1916 (14 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James Flanagan son of Peter Flanagan from Monaghan (9 messages)
[Outline]  [D] James Gillespie, Farmer; son Richard Gillespie (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] James Jinks
[Outline]  [D] James Mills of Monoghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Jane McDonnell Darby, b 1862, died 1942 (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Campbell, Monaghan Ireland to North Monaghan, Ontario, Canada (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Edward Gardiner (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Gaitens/Getins (new)
[Outline]  [D] JOHN LAPPIN...TULLYLEAN (new)
[Outline]  [D] John M. Cosgrove (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Martin born Castleblayney (new)
[Outline]  [D] John McElney, Married 1869 Tyholland, Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] John Wiley Immigrated to US c.1842 (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Jones of Carrickmacross (new)
[Outline]  [D] Keelans of Carrickmacross (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kelly's of Monaghan (19 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Kennedy's of County Monaghan (22 messages)
[Outline]  [D] KEOGHAN of Monaghan 1830's (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Keough/Keogh's of Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Killeevan Cty Monaghan - Ward/McAree (new)
[Outline]  [D] King, Alexander b.1830, Monaghan, father is John (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lady Maria Bell of County Monaghan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LAMB of County Monaghan. (new)
[Outline]  [D] Larkin (new)
[Outline]  [D] Latimer (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Lavelles Ballymacforan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lee Family County Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lee of Tonystackan (23 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Lenaghan, Terrence born 1847 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Lisnafeddaly (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Locations of County Monaghan Records. (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Logan Carrickmacross (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking For (FOX) Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] looking for brown family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for Dermot Coyle (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for info regarding the "sheridan" family in castleblayney (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for relatives. Kirkes (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] looking for the family of William and Mary Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Looking for the Wales Family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Lough Families Clones and Cavan areas (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] LOUGHRAN/LOUGHREN & variants and BARKER (new)
[Outline]  [D] LYONS, MARGARET from CastleBlaney (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] maginn/mcginn (new)
[Outline]  [D] Magrath family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Maguire Family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] MAHON/CARR (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Margaret O'Loughlin or McLoughlin (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Markey in Castleblayney area (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Marrin family of Carrickmacross (6 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Casley (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Monaghan/Owen Trainor of Tedavnet (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mary Sheridan/Monaghan County (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mayclim from Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] MCANALLY (new)
[Outline]  [D] mcauley,robert alexandra leccy. (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] MCAVENNEY/MCAVEENY/MCAVINNEY (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCagues of Tedavnet County Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] McCall Family (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] mccann and mccaffer(t)y families (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mccarney-Cormeen/Dawsongrove/Currin. (new)
[Outline]  [D] mcchesney--william and sarah (new)
[Outline]  [D] McCleary (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McCormick Magee (7 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McCOY - Carrickmacross (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McCoy Classlough (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McDonnell (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McEniff--Connelly (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] McGeogh, Carrickmacross, 1810 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGonnell (new)
[Outline]  [D] MCGOUGH of Castleblaney, County Monaghan (22 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGuire's of Clonoony
[Outline]  [D] McGuirk, Terrence & Ellen, 1851 to America (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McGUIRKs from ANNAGALLY, KILLYLOUGH, (new)
[Outline]  [D] McKENNA FAMILY (79 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McMahon, Daily/Daly, McGroder & Gartlan from Co. Monaghan (37 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McManus from Ballybay (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mcmath Castleblaney (new)
[Outline]  [D] McNally from Ballybay (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McNeny (McNeney or McNaney), Raymond Philip (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McNulty Family (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McPhillips, Francis 1808 (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McQuade Co Monaghan (28 messages)
[Outline]  [D] McSkean, McSkeane and McSkehan familes from Parish of Clontibret, Monaghan. Any info appreciated. (new)
[Outline]  [D] Meegan, looking for any connection (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Miles Ward (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mollan in Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Monaghan and Morris, Armagh (new)
[Outline]  [D] Monaghan and Morris, Armagh (new)
[Outline]  [D] Monaghan family from Monaghan (possibly Glasslough) (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Monath County ??? (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mooney of Monaghan co. Monaghan (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Mooney's from Glaslough (new)
[Outline]  [D] MOONEY, JOHN & EDWARD (new)
[Outline]  [D] Mullan-Ward (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] MULLIGAN (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Mullin/Mullen (new)
[Outline]  [D] Munighan's of County Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] MURPHY (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] NELSON of Clones (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] O"Clerkin name. (new)
[Outline]  [D] O'Callaghan/O'Callahan/Callaghan/Callahan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] O'Neills and Marrons of Carrickmacross (new)
[Outline]  [D] O. Bernard Sreenan of Monaghan (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Owen McGlone Co Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Patrick Joseph Quinn (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Patrick McCabe of Co. Monaghan (15 messages)
[Outline]  [D] patrick rooney born monaghan 1869
[Outline]  [D] PatsyQuinn looking for Collins in Monaghan around 1800 (new)
[Outline]  [D] Patterson from Monaghan County (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Peel Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] Peter Caldwell's hometown/Joan Curtin (new)
[Outline]  [D] Peter Clarken and Ellen Connolly (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Peter Woods & Bridget Lamb (Born circa 1800) (new)
[Outline]  [D] Philip Mooney b.1861+/- (new)
[Outline]  [D] Pollock/Mahon (sp) Kilevan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Power's of Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Powers in Castleblany and "Co Monnahan" (new)
[Outline]  [D] Quigley, McCabe & Smith, Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Reburn's/Reyburn's Roots (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Reilly & Connally in Brahar, Co Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] REILLY/O'REILLY/RILEY IN MONAGHAN? (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Rennie (new)
[Outline]  [D] Rev S Currie (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] RICE FAMILY MONAGHAN (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Ridell/Ridel/Riddle (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Rodden (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] RODGERS JOSEPH P. (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Ross family of Castleblaney (new)
[Outline]  [D] Samuel Lamb and Family in or around Tydavnet (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Sanderson / Wright (new)
[Outline]  [D] Sanderson / Wright (new)
[Outline]  [D] Sarah Farrell (new)
[Outline]  [D] Sarah Young (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] SEAMUS COLTON FROM EMYVALE (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for ancestors of Jane Markey (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for Clark's/Clarkin's in Co. Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for Cosgrove or Cosgrave (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for family roots - McQuade. (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for James or Hugh MacMahon circa 1768-80 (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Searching for parents of Patrick J. Whelan, born app. 1817 in Ballybay, Monaghan (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] semples of castleblayney (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] SHANNON, Catherine (new)
[Outline]  [D] Shefflin / Shufflin / Shevlin / Shefland (5 messages)
[Outline]  [D] sheridans lough egish (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Short / Healey - Co Monaghan (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Slavins from Co.Monaghan (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Slowey in Cavan? (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Slowey in Monaghan? (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] SMYTH (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Spanish girl wants to have friends from Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] STEEN, John (new)
[Outline]  [D] Stewarts of Clones early 1800's (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Stringer Family (new)
[Outline]  [D] STRONG family of Ballybay, Aughnamullen (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] STUTT, James and son John of Emyvalle (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Surnames CHRISTIE and DAILLY (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Sylvia Smith (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Taggart and Bothwell (new)
[Outline]  [D] Terrance Clark or Clarke (3 messages)
[Outline]  [D] The Family History From Ireland On Clerkin.......... (new)
[Outline]  [D] The McCracken's of Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] the presho prussia family (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Thomas or Mary Mc Eneaney of Castleblaney (2 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Thomas Smith (4 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Townsland Tully (1 message)
[Outline]  [D] Treanor/McKenna of Emyvale/Derahillon (8 messages)
[Outline]  [D] Tully townland Co Monaghan (new)
[Outline]  [D] Twibill in Castleblany (new)
[Outline]  [D] Vicki Dwyer (new)

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